10 Questions to Ask a Guy or Girl Before Marriage

by Nick Uzochukwu Igbokwe
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Questions to ask a guy

Many couples in serious relationship think they know everything there is to know about their significant other. Still, they often need to pay more attention to specific topics until the walk down the aisle is far behind them.

You are starting a brand new journey in marriage, and you will want your partner to be the one with whom you will comfortably begin that journey. How does that happen? The answer is open communication.

Nowadays, couples are too shy to ask the necessary questions to avoid sounding thirsty or looking the most invested in the relationship. Before putting a ring on that finger or answering yes to a guy, try to know everything about your partner by asking them some important questions, as marriage is the joining together of two people with different beliefs, thoughts, ideas, and backgrounds. 

In this article, we will discuss ten questions to ask a guy or girl before getting married. Questions that might uncover dreams and expectations that you hadn’t thought of.

10 Important Questions to Ask a Guy or Girl Before Getting Married

  1. Why are we getting married?

This is a question that most couples overlook. It is one of the crucial questions to ask a guy or girl before getting married. With the option of becoming a baby mama, why do you choose to tie the knot instead? Do you think marriage is going to affect your existing relationship? 

With the way people have a choice to either get married or not in this era, why do you choose to? Before you tie the knot with your significant other, these questions must be answered. You should know that strong feelings should not be the only reason to get married.

  1. What is your idea of a successful union?

This is another one of the questions to ask a guy or girl before getting married. Most couples’ idea of marriage is centered on that of their parents. You need to ask your partner if that is the case for them. If so, why? And if that is not the case, then why is that? You both need to explain what your idea of a successful marriage looks like to you.

  1. Do you want to have kids?

Do you want to have kids? It is one of the ‘must’ questions to ask a guy or girl before getting married to them. Most people dream of having their kids, while some detest the idea. Before walking down the aisle, you need to know if your partner is one of the former or later. If one says I want kids, and the other says no, I don’t want them, then you should know that the marriage will not work.

  1. What if we are not able to have children of our own?

Now, after making sure that you both are on the same page about having kids, you need to ask this question next. How would you deal with fertility issues? What are your thoughts on miscarriages? How do you feel about adopting a child or IVF? All these are questions to ask your partner before marriage.

  1. How will you handle drifting?

This is another of the questions to ask your partner before marriage. You need to know how your significant other will handle drifting in your relationship. A lot of things can cause drifting in marriage. Work, life in general, and the kids will make you forget about the couple part of being a couple. The both of you need to plan how you will reconnect if it happens.

  1. How will you cope with sexual ebbs and flows?

This is one of the questions to ask a guy or girl before marriage. It is more effective than the ‘How often are we having sex?’ question. The frequency of having sex fluctuates over time. You and your partner need to be on the same page when it comes to the sexual part of the relationship.

This question opens the door to other questions like – are you okay with masturbation or pornography? What is your view on consensual non-monogamy? All these are questions to ask a guy or girl before getting married.

  1. Should we have a separate or shared bank account?

This is one of the necessary questions to ask your partner before marriage, as every couple’s financial concurrence is peculiar to their relationship. Ask your partner what they think about having joint assets, and share your views. Let them state their reason for wanting to or not.

  1. Do you have any secrets you haven’t shared yet?

Keeping secrets from your partner leads to future problems. Whether a secret is meant to be revealed is for you and your significant other to decide, but know there is a high risk of them finding out about it later. Asking about secrets is one of the essential questions to ask a guy or girl before getting married to them. You both should start your new life with your true, authentic self.

  1. Should we consider signing prenups?

Your partner might be considering signing prenups before marriage, and it might be something other than what you are comfortable with. It would be best if you talked to your partner about it. Why do you want to sign prenups? I’m not satisfied with it. What can we do? And if you are interested in prenups but your partner isn’t, then you need to ask why they don’t want it. This is part of the questions to ask a guy or lady before marriage.

  1. How should we deal with conflicts?

Every married couple finds themselves in one or two forms of conflict. Marriage isn’t all roses, and sometimes you and your partner will disagree on something. So, you both must resolve disagreements peacefully and respectfully. Should we involve a third party in our arguments? How comfortable are you in seeing a marriage therapist? All these are questions to ask a guy or girl before marriage.

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In a Nutshell

These ten questions are not the only questions that must be asked. There are hundreds of questions to ask a guy or girl before getting married to them. Pre-wedding questions cover various topics- from entertainment, sex, and family to religion and hobbies. None of these questions is Dettol, which can kill 99% of your relationship problems, but they can act as a vaccine to help you prevent unforeseen disasters. Before you say that ‘I do’, please ask the necessary questions.

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