10 Brilliant Ways to Interact with Gen Z in the Workspace

by Nick Uzochukwu Igbokwe
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Gen Z-ers are not just known for saying phrases like “period” and “it’s giving.” They are more pragmatic and mature than the generations before them. 

People from Generation Z are usually self-motivated, collaborative, social, and empathetic. They fight for diversity and inclusion, dismiss hierarchical leadership, and embrace flexibility. 

Most importantly, Gen Z-ers are very cautious in choosing their career paths. They aim to avoid difficulties like financial trouble and employment instabilities that plagued baby boomers and Generation X.

With Generation Z gradually taking over the workspace, employers and colleagues have to understand how best to interact with them. This article will examine several ways to interact with Gen Z in the workspace.

Brief History of the Generation Z

Gen Z, also referred to as Generation Z, iGeneration, post-millennials, centennials, or Zoomers, is a term used to describe those born during the late 90s and early 2000s. More specifically, the year range of 1997 to 2012. Gen Z follows the millennial generation, which is also known as Generation Y

Some claim that Gen Z refers to a group of people born when Tony Blaire came into power, and the Spice Girls were at their peak until London hosted the Olympics in 2012. Unlike the people before them, this group has been born into a time of internet advancement, which is why they are called the “digital natives.” 

They are the first actual digital native generation, growing up in the era of the iPhone that gave them the name of iGeneration. Gen Z-ers grew up with cable TV and landlines, having their lives connected digitally, with most of them not remembering life before smartphones.

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10 Brilliant Ways to Interact with Gen Z in the Workspace

Given the environment they were raised in, Generation Z-ers have developed traits specific to their generation. These traits are reflected in their attitude and expectations of jobs. Thus, it is advisable to understand them if you want to get the best out of them. 

Below is a list of brilliant ways you can successfully interact with Gen Z:

  1. Be involved in trends

Interacting with Gen Z calls for you to be updated with trends. Generation Z-ers are highly media savvy. They have a unique sense of humour, ranging from memes to fashion. 

You just find a way to follow fresh trends, be a driver of a topic they care about, or adopt their sense of humour. Doing these things would help you appropriately interact with Generation Z in your workspace.

  1. Promote training and continuous learning opportunities

A typical Gen Z fellow is fueled by new information and loves to learn new skills on the job. Gen Z-ers are self-motivated learners who understand how important it is to level up their skill set. 

Offering them the training needed to evolve would help you better interact with them in your workspace. Engaging in continuous learning will ensure that your workforce will remain engaged, leading to high productivity.

  1. Promote feedback

You would think that Gen Z-ers prefer a more solitary way of interacting and working with co-workers as they are deeply hooked on technology, but that is untrue. Studies show that they prefer offline communication way more than you think, which is why they value regular feedback. 

So, plan regular feedback sessions with room for discussing improvements and new ideas. Doing this will help you keep those Generation Z-ers in your workspace satisfied and engaged. Interacting with them in your workspace will be more upscale if this is done.

  1. Offer reassurance and job security

Gen Z-ers are very cautious when deciding on their career paths. They tend to avoid anything that will lead to financial instability. They value security at work, and cool office perks are not enough to make their workplace “giving” as they would call it.

They need you to prioritize their basic needs like health benefits, opportunities for growth, etc. When they feel secure and comfortable in their workplace, there will be effective communication between them and their colleagues.

  1. Accommodate short attention spans

A study shows that Gen Z has a short attention span of 8 seconds compared to their predecessors’ 12. But you can always say less in a shorter time frame. You can control their attention if you can control their engagement. 

The TikTok generation uses video the same way Generation X used faxes. So you can maximize how you interact with Generation Z in the workspace by using video-based tools like live chat.

  1. Adapt the new influencer model

Gen Z-ers have grown up in the shadow of social media influencers. Many businesses have started to capture their attention through performative professionals. To improve how you interact with this generation, you can be that experienced and prominent leader they will come to for mentorship. 

By being the best in-house leader and becoming your workspace influencer, interacting with Generation Z, will go smoothly.

  1. Treat them as equals

When interacting with Gen Z, seeing them as your equal is imperative. Generation Z advocates equal treatment, so they don’t expect any age gap to result in condescension or disrespect. They want you to respect them when they give their opinions and not mock them.

  1. Adopt the bottom-up approach

This approach is a means of communication that involves the entire staff of an organization in decision-making matters. It ensures that everyone, including Generation Z employees, is a part of the decision-making process. This approach will foster a good relationship and improve your interaction with Gen Z. 

  1. Be honest and transparent

When interacting with this generation, honesty is essential. Having open and transparent conversations will help you win their trust and dedication. That is one of the reasons they prefer face-to-face communication. It makes it easier to tell if someone is being straightforward with them.

Don’t butter them up or try to gloss over things. Tell them things as they are.

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  1. Make use of online communication channels

No matter how much Gen Z-ers value face-to-face communication, digital communication is still a prominent part of their lives. By communicating with them, both in person and digitally, you can create a physical bond with them in person and also bond with them in their digital comfort zone. 

Try to integrate popular tools like Skype, Instagram, or Snapchat when you want to speak with them. 

In a Nutshell

Helping Gen Z-ers find a home in their workspace is the best way to reduce employee turnover. You can achieve this by encouraging healthy communication with them. Understanding the Generation Z-ers well in your workspace will allow you to bring out the best in them.

Remember to treat them as equals, pay close attention to them with feedback, and be honest with them. In that case, their productivity level will justify why they are currently the most sought-after generation to take over the workforce. 

Creating a fantastic work environment for them will also transform your workspace into an ever-growing citadel.

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