Full Gist of Going to a Nightclub in Nigeria

Why Nightclubbing is So Much Fun!

by Chioma Akorah

Guys, guess what? I have hot spicy gist for you. One that is definitely worth your time, trust me. Have you ever been to a nightclub? Whether it’s a yes or no, just keep reading.

Relax and grab a comfy seat while I dish out every single detail of going to a nightclub in Nigeria. For those who haven’t been to a nightclub before, my story might come in handy. However, if you’re a club frequenter, you’ll surely relate to my story.

What Spurred My Night Club Experience

My nightclub experience.

My nightclub experience.

It was one of those cool Friday nights in school and my hostel roommates all had their plans. Everyone was either going for a birthday dinner or going to an Owambe party. That day, I wasn’t in the mood to go anywhere but as fate would have it, my plans changed. 

My cousin who recently came back to Nigeria was in town. She was looking for something exciting to do that night and decided to attend a nightclub in Nigeria. She wanted to see what it was like and compare it to the clubs she visited back in the United States.  

As one of her closest pals, she told me about her intentions. Being the first time she’ll ask me for a favour of that kind, I was happy to help her. So I gathered a couple of my friends in school, both guys and ladies. We decided on the nightclub to go to and just like that, a peaceful Friday night became a TGIF party night. The weekend began with a bang!

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The Three-Hour Preparation for the Night Party

Before we got to the club, we took a lot of time preparing. One fact about girls is that we always take our time to get our makeup done.  It took me and my two friends two hours, then one extra hour for my cousin whom we picked up along the way. 

The guys going with us were truly fed up but couldn’t blame us. We had to make sure we looked gorgeous before going to a nightclub in Nigeria, especially here in Lagos. You could get rejected at the door if you aren’t dressed up to the club’s standard. 

We needed to make sure nothing like that happens. At the same time, we wanted to look good while having fun! 

Stage Set for the TGIF Nightclub: My Best Experience Ever

It’s time for the main gist and I hope you’re still here with me. Trust me; you won’t be dropping your phone anytime soon. 

Finally, everyone was ready for the mini-party. We chose a Quilox club located on Victoria Island in Lagos. Quilox was one of the best clubs on the island. It wasn’t my first time at a club, but that night was one of my best yet strangest experiences in a nightclub. 

Unlike the other times I had been there, the club was packed to the brim. I couldn’t help but wonder why the two bulky-looking bouncers outside let that many people in. My cousin was blown away. It was her first time going to a nightclub in her home country and seeing that crowd in the club shocked her. 

Now, here’s a tip for you if you ever want to go to a nightclub in Nigeria; especially if you’re not a celebrity or a billionaire. Make sure you know one of the club staff or go with someone who knows one of the staff. Just so you know, that’s your secret ticket to getting the best seats in the house and of course, drinks. After all, what’s a party without drinks? 

Luckily for me, one of my friends was acquainted with one of the club bouncers. So we were led to the VIP section and our Friday night began. It started great. We were partying like confirmed ballers, vibing to the hottest amapiano and afro beats. It was a blast! 

We even made friends with the ladies right next to our table. My guys were taking turns showing off their dancing skills, the TGIF was happening at our table. Everything was perfect until this weird guy arrived.

One of the cons of going to a nightclub in Nigeria is the creepy characters you might meet. And trust me when I say this particular guy was the weirdest of them all. I was dancing with my cousin to an amapiano song I particularly loved at that time, “Nkao Tempela,” when a young girl tapped me from behind. 

Amid the noisy background, I lowered my ear to hear her speak. Her boss, whom she accompanied to the club, fancied me and wanted my digits. She stretched out her hand trying to hand me a pen and paper to write down my phone number. At that point, I was speechless. 

Can you imagine? So wayward men now send their assistants to toast women? No be Juju be that? Dem don abandon dating websites? Besides, is a club the ideal place to meet people? We are all there to have fun. So meeting a partner at such a gathering is a no-no for me. Plus I found the man’s manner of approach atrocious.

I was speechless for way too long so the girl continued to pressure me to provide my phone number. In her attempt to persuade me, she pointed to her boss, standing at their table, waiting impatiently. My cousin who had been watching the whole drama helped me to decline the offer.  

To this day, I must confess that my experience at the club was the strangest I ever had. It was a scenario I and my friends still laugh about any time we remember it. Overall, despite the weird man, we had a fun-filled night. One my cousin couldn’t stop talking about for months. 

She enjoyed going to a nightclub in Nigeria. According to her, she can’t wait to go again. She claimed that her experience in a nightclub in Nigeria is a thousand times better than any she has ever had abroad. I also can’t wait to witness another party night again and with even more friends. The more friends you have while partying, the merrier the party will be. 

Most importantly, your best friends will always have your back when strange men or women try to ruin your night.

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Going to a nightclub is a nice way to end the week especially when going with friends. It gives you a chance to release the tension and stress of the previous week. Moreover, you get the chance to meet some interesting characters. 

Nightclubbing also adds an anecdote to your conversations with friends. In general, it’s just plain fun!

Edited by Priscilla Ajayi.

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