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Getting A Part-Time Job As A Nigerian University Student 

by Aminat Adejumo

Schoolwork can be killing, test after test, assignments are even unending.  To add a job to these, can I even survive?

I can understand where you are coming from. Trust me, I have been in your shoes, and I can feel the burden and mixed feelings you might have right now. But what can we do? We are Nigerians, after all.

There is always a solution. There are part-time jobs you can do to keep soul and body, and even learn from. It isn’t difficult to get these jobs, you just have to follow some steps. Getting a part-time job is not only about the money but also the experience you will gain.

Read this article to know why you need a part-time job and how it can be an added advantage for you as a student among your peers. 

What is a Part-Time Job?

A part-time job is a kind of job that enables flexibility in working hours. It usually means working a few hours per week. 

There are different types of part-time jobs are available for students, among which are: 

  • part-time tutors (basic, high, or University level) 
  • online tutoring.
  • virtual assistance
  • freelancing
  • social media manager 
  • bookseller
  • thesis /project writer 
  • digital direct sales agent
  • paid internship 
  • sales person for stores and shops
  • project/bookbinding 
  • make-up artists
  • fashion house attendants and lots more 

Why You Should Get a Part-time Job as a Nigerian Student?

  1. Gaining professional experience

Gaining professional experience in your field of study is an opportunity that gives you a high chance of employment than your colleagues. The fact that you have worked in line with what you are encountering now gives you authority and confidence even as a recruit.

There are employers whose requirement is usually certain years of working experience. Now tell me, as a fresh graduate, where were you expected to get that? People who worked part-time jobs do not have this problem because they gained the experience while schooling.

  1. To earn your own money 

Having to call home for handout money and tomorrow for a particular textbook money can be frustrating. You know those times when you call and at the same time pray to hear something pleasing to your demand?

If you fall into this category, your situation is better, but you can work on it. There are some sets of students who are sponsoring their education. Earning money for this latter category is essential, and one of the ways this is done is by working part-time. This is also a way for you to learn to become financially independent.

  1. Time management skill 

To excel academically, time management skills are essential in a student’s life.

Do you know that no one accomplishes more than the busy man? We all believe that we can do many things in our free time. But believe me, and it doesn’t work that way. One of the ways you can develop time management skills is when you have other things you do alongside your studying.

Things like working part-time and engaging in extracurricular activities. Knowing that you have 24 hours like everyone else and cannot let your work affect your studying and vice-versa trains you to always have a map-out routine for your activities. Knowing that you don’t have much time, you need to grab your little time. 

Why do you think you have the zeal to study more when the exam is approaching than when there is no exam? That’s because you have something pushing you. You have a driving force. A part-time job can drive the productivity you need as a student through perfect time management.

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  1. Budgeting and management skill

When you don’t work hard to get something, you may not know the value of such a thing. Students who see education as a scam don’t give what’s required of them as a student, and for that, they don’t know the value of education. 

Similarly, when it comes to money and budgeting, when you work so hard, deprive yourself of some pastime to work and earn money. Then, the skills to budget and manage well automatically become ingrained. As a student, no matter what condition you find yourself in, you find it easy to manage and scale through. 

  1. Interpersonal skill 

One of the whys to getting a part-time job as a student is to develop interpersonal skills like self-confidence, a positive attitude, communication, team player critical thinking, motivation, and so on. 

  1. Professional networking

The major mistake that most graduates make is that they wait till they graduate from college before thinking of what to do, the kind of job to take, where to work, and making the necessary connections to that. 

It is like waiting to get to the river bank before thinking of how to cross it. Eventually, those who thought and made plans before getting to the riverbank won’t have a hard time crossing when they get to the riverbank.

Working part-time as a student can give you an insight into where you think you can perform best in any sector of Industry, an organization, or even being your boss will work for you. Knowing this earlier can allow you to network with people in your chosen field while being a student. 

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How to Get a Part-time Job?

 You should remember that in every idea you have, to every goal, there is always a challenge waiting for you just around the corner. To strike a balance between work and academics. You should obtain a part-time job that is conducive to you. That is why before getting the job;

  • know your purpose: why should you work part-time? A lot of whys have been listed above. Let your purpose be your driving force.
  • What are you good at doing? Don’t take any job because you need to work. It might later become toxic for you
  1. Do your research

Once you have discovered where your potential lies or what you don’t have, you are ready to work hard to develop. Do your research. A lot of sites are available on the internet that can be a guide for you. Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram shouldn’t be just for chatting and uploading pictures. You now have a way to make good use of them. And don’t get tired. Information online can be overwhelming.

  1. Have a brilliant CV/Resume

A CV? Yes, you should always have one In handy. You can construct your CV yourself in minutes. Canva, visual CV, Kick resume, free Cv builder, and Resume genius are examples of sites where you can construct your CV. You can also hire an expert to do so for you. In fact, you need to get a CV before graduation.

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  1. Review your details

Always check your resume/CV when sending it out to an employer. Ensure it contains the appropriate details. In case you acquire a new skill, try to update the resume. In a quest to have a fascinating CV, don’t include what you cannot offer. The paper represents you. 

  1. Keep your attitude in check 

As an applicant, you need to be enthusiastic about the job you want, even when you tell people about it. Your enthusiasm for it won’t make you lose hope when you are rejected, or your research is not giving you a positive outcome. 

  1. Network

As a student, you might be schooling in an environment you are not familiar with. Reach out to people who can help with that. Students union government, level advisers, and classmates can be of help 

  1. Search for opening jobs

You can ask around, asking for vacancies in workplaces. Walking into schools, stores, offices, etc., to check for the availability of vacancies. You can search for jobs online, you can get physical jobs around your vicinity. Check sites such as, Jobberman, LinkedIn, Indeed, Upwork, Flexjobs and so on.


However, not everyone can attend school at the same time and work part-time, whereas some can do this perfectly. You can work online, and you can also work offline. You can decide to work during your holidays. So you have to work on your person and know what works best for you.  

Among the many things you learned in school as a student are best understood when you have practical experience. You can gain that while working part-time.

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