Complete Guide on Jumia Affiliate Marketing Program in Nigeria

by Ominigbo Ovie Jeffery

As each day passes, the need for and desire to make passive income increases. With this increase comes the search for ways to actualize their desire to be financially independent.

Would you like to be financially independent?  Would you like to make passive income by simply informing, showing, and selling other people’s products?

You could try Jumia affiliate marketing program in Nigeria. This program allows individuals or businesses to earn commissions by promoting Jumia products on their websites, social media accounts, or other online platforms.

There is certainly more to this, and you’ll have to continue reading to fully grasp what it’s about.

What is Jumia Affiliate Marketing Program?

It’s important to understand what the Jumia Affiliate Marketing Program is about, as it can help you know how it works. Jumia Affiliate Marketing is a program offered by the African e-commerce platform, Jumia.

It allows individuals or organizations to promote Jumia products on their website or social media channels and earn a commission on any sales. It works by providing affiliates with unique links or banners that they can use to direct visitors to the Jumia website and tracking any purchases made by those visitors.

The affiliate earns a commission on those purchases. It’s a form of performance-based marketing whereby a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought about by the affiliate’s marketing efforts.

Who is an Affiliate Marketer?

An affiliate marketer promotes products or services a business or merchant offers in exchange for a commission on sales. As an affiliate marketer, you can use various marketing tactics, such as a website, social media channels, email marketing, or paid advertising, to drive traffic to your merchant’s website.

Who is a Jumia Affiliate Marketer?

Now you’re caught up with who an affiliate marketer is. You’ll have to know how it pertains to Jumia. A Jumia affiliate marketer promotes products offered by Jumia, the African e-commerce platform, in exchange for a commission on any resulting sales.

Why should you consider becoming a Jumia affiliate marketer?

Being a part of the Jumia Affiliate Marketing Program permits you to promote Jumia products on your website or social media channels by providing you with unique links or banners.

As an affiliate marketer, you can use these links or banners to direct visitors to the Jumia website. The Jumia Affiliate Marketing program tracks any purchase made by those visitors. You earn a commission on any resulting sales.

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How Does the Jumia Affiliate Program Work?

The Jumia Affiliate Program, like every other affiliate program, gives its affiliates links to use when promoting accessible products to their online audience. Jumia will pay you, an affiliate, a commission of about 9% on each sale as long as a customer purchases after clicking the link within 30 days of doing so.

Using a tracking code, Jumia keeps track of every sale generated by an affiliate link. The link you receive from Jumia does, however, contain a tracking code. A cookie that lasts for 30 days is stored on the user’s device when the link is clicked, registering on Jumia’s server.

When a customer buys that item through the link provided to you within 30 days, Jumia credits that purchase to you. You should also note that Jumia’s payout system works on a 5,000-naira minimum payout at the end of each month. As an affiliate of Jumia, you can only receive your affiliate remuneration at the end of the month when your earnings are 5,000 naira and above.

Less than this amount would be rolled over to the next month until your total affiliate earnings meet Jumia’s minimum payouts. Your remuneration is deposited directly into your account.

How do I Become A Jumia Affiliate Marketer?

If you’ve come this far reading this article, you must be interested in becoming a Jumia affiliate marketer. To become one of Jumia affiliates, there are step-by-step processes you can follow. These steps include:

  • Go to the Jumia website and look for the “Affiliates” or “Partners” link, typically located in the footer or the top menu.
  • Click on the link and read through the information provided about the affiliate program.
  • Click the “Join now” or “Sign up” button to start the registration process.
  • Fill out the required information, including your contact details and website URL (if you have one).
  • Submit your application and wait for Jumia to approve it. Once your application is approved, you will receive a unique link that you can use to promote Jumia products on your website or social media channels.
  • Share the link and earn commission on any sales.

It’s important to note that every company, including Jumia, has its terms and conditions, so it’s best to read them carefully before signing up.

Benefits of Becoming A Jumia Affiliate Marketer

Since affiliate marketing is and can be a “side hustle,” or a means of having passive income. There are other great benefits you can have when you decide to become a Jumia affiliate marketer. These include:

  1. Earnings potential

As a Jumia affiliate marketer in Nigeria, you can earn a commission for each sale made through your unique referral link or code. The earning potential is determined by the commission rate offered by Jumia and the number of sales you can generate through your marketing efforts.

The more sales you drive, the more you can earn. Jumia provides a wide range of products and services, allowing you to market various products and increase your earning potential.

  1. Flexibility

Flexibility is a benefit of becoming a Jumia affiliate marketer in Nigeria because it allows you to work on your schedule from anywhere with an internet connection. As an affiliate marketer, you are not tied to a specific location or set schedule, and you can work on your marketing efforts at any time that is convenient for you.

Also, you can choose which products or services you want to promote and how you want to promote them, giving you the freedom to customize your marketing strategy to suit your strengths and preferences. This flexibility allows you to balance work with other responsibilities or interests.

  1. A wide range of products

Bcoming a Jumia affiliate marketer allows you to cater to a diverse audience and increase your earning potential. Jumia offers a variety of products and services, including electronics, fashion, home and kitchen, groceries, and more.

This diversity of products provides you with various options to market to different audiences based on their specific interests and needs. Also, you have the opportunity to diversify your income streams by promoting different products and services, which can help reduce the risk of relying on a single product or service for your income.

Furthermore, having a wide range of products will help you adapt to market trends and changes, allowing you to keep your earning potential high.

  1. Easy to get started

Jumia affiliate program is simple to join and requires no initial investment or special skills. Once you sign up, you will receive a unique referral link or code, which you can use to promote Jumia’s products and services.

Jumia provides a range of marketing materials, such as banners and product links, which you can use to promote their products. This simplifies getting started and allows you to earn commissions from sales made through your referral link or code almost immediately.

There’s no need for inventory or shipping, you can start promoting products immediately. Jumia also provides a user-friendly dashboard that allows you to monitor your progress and adjust your marketing strategy if needed.

  1. Support and resources

Jumia provides support and resources to its affiliate marketers, such as marketing materials, training, and customer support. This is because they can help you succeed in your marketing efforts. These resources can help you learn more about the products and services you’re promoting and better understand how to market them effectively.

Also, Jumia’s customer support team can assist you with any questions or concerns you may have, helping to ensure that you have the information and support you need to succeed. Jumia affiliate program offers a dedicated account manager that will assist you in optimizing your campaigns and increasing your earnings.

  1. Risk-free

Being a Jumia affiliate marketer provides the benefit of being “risk-free” because, as an affiliate, you are not responsible for creating or maintaining a product, handling payments, or dealing with customer service issues. You promote the products or services of Jumia and earn a commission for any resulting sales.

This means you do not have to invest money or resources into the product or service and only earn money if successful sales exist. This eliminates much of the financial risk associated with starting a business.

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Jumia Affiliate Commission Rate

Before you are motivated to register and become a part of the Jumia affiliate marketing program in Nigeria, you must be aware of Jumia affiliate commission rates. Having foreknowledge of this will help you make proper decisions. While it is true that different products in different niches have their commission rates that Jumia offers to its affiliates, This difference in commission rates should guide your choice.

Still, at the same time, it should not discourage you or be a bias when promoting items in any of the niches.

Here is the affiliate commission rate for the niches:

  • Automobiles and motorcycles have 6%
  • Books and stationery have 10%
  • Mobiles and tablets have 5%
  • Health and beauty have 10%
  • Home and living have 7%
  • Kids and babies have 7%
  • Fitness and sports have 10%
  • Fashion has 12%
  • Games and consoles have 4%
  • Cameras and accessories have 6%
  • Computing has 5%
  • TVs, audio, and video have 5% commission rates, respectively

These rates are subject to change by Jumia affiliate marketing program board.

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Getting to this point means you’ve read this article carefully and now have the necessary guide on Jumia affiliate marketing program in Nigeria. By now, you must have grasped the necessary information about the affiliate program, the step-by-step process, and the benefits of becoming an affiliate of Jumia.

You also know how to become a part of the program. With all this information laid bare before you, nothing stops you from earning that extra cash by learning about, and selling Jumia’s products. 

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