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How to Take Advantage of Facebook Marketplace as a Student

by Boluwatife Adedokun

Julius claimed he bought his pair of new shoes on Facebook Marketplace, and his friend, Charlie, opened his mouth in disbelief.

He wondered how a marketplace would be on a platform like Facebook.

 ‘Julius must be joking,’ he thought.

Although buying and selling have been happening on Facebook in Nigeria for some time now, the majority of Facebook users in Nigeria have not been able to use the marketplace feature effectively, and some, like Charlie, do not even know of its existence. 

However, the reality is that this important feature on Facebook has helped buyers and sellers easily find potential customers in their locality.

For a student or entrepreneur who wants to and does not have enough capital or knowledge to invest in developing their website, the Facebook marketplace is a place to start. It allows you to reduce costs, risks, and time puts you don’t need to put much energy into doing this.

What is Facebook Marketplace?

The Facebook marketplace is a product of the Facebook app and services, referred to as an e-commerce platform or digital garage.

It is a feature on the Facebook platform that allows users to buy and sell items with people in their local community and help them find what they need.

Facebook Marketplace was first introduced in October 2016 as a way for users to buy and sell items with people in their local community. The idea was to provide a more localized and convenient alternative to other online marketplaces, such as Craigslist or eBay. 

Advantages of Using Facebook Marketplace as a Student

  1. Convenience

Facebook Marketplace is easily accessible through the Facebook app or website. It is a convenient place for students to browse and purchase items without leaving the platform they are already using.

  1. Cost-effective

Many students are on a budget, and Facebook Marketplace offers a wide range of products at competitive prices.

  1. Variety

Facebook Marketplace offers a wide variety of products from various sellers, giving students a greater selection to choose from.

  1. Safe and Secure

Facebook Marketplace has built-in features to help ensure the safety of transactions, such as the ability to message sellers directly, view their profiles, and leave feedback.

  1. Easy to sell

If you have items you no longer need, it’s easy to post them for sale on Facebook Marketplace, and it’s a great way for students to make some extra money.

  1. Local

Facebook Marketplace allows you to find items near your location. This could be useful for finding what you need in your area. It helps you find items and sellers that meet their needs and budget.

  1. Extra income

Students can use Facebook Marketplace to sell items they no longer need or use, which can help them earn extra income.

  1. Easy to reach buyers

 With Facebook’s large user base, it’s easy for students to reach a large audience of potential buyers, increasing their chances of making sales.

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Is Facebook Marketplace Free?

One of the best things about Facebook Marketplace is that it’s mostly free to use. It costs nothing to list items for sale on Facebook Marketplace from a personal Facebook account or business page.

Facebook’s parent company Meta, however, has temporarily waived the standard selling fee for all orders marked as shipped through June 30, 2023.

How Does Facebook Marketplace Work?

It is a shop-like feature on Facebook that connects users directly with the product they want to buy.

When a user publishes a product or service, it is segmented based on its category and subsequently shown to users based on keywords. The platform allows you to enter a price, description, title, quantity, and other product or service characteristics. The messages the user receives are via Facebook Messenger, but in the product description, you can add your contact information, such as your WhatsApp Business number or Instagram account.

How Can a Student Use the Facebook Marketplace

To post your item on Facebook Marketplace, head to the ‘Marketplace’ section of Facebook and then click ‘Create New Listing.

  • Once you’ve chosen your listing type, you can enter all relevant details. You’ll need a title for your item, a price you’d like, the condition, and a description. This will include the full name, product specification, colour, and other relevant details.
  • For a successful sale, put yourself in the shoes of a potential buyer and ensure you’ve given all the information you would want if you were buying from a retailer online. This level of detail will make buyers more interested than if you list the product’s name and condition.
  • Once you’ve finished haggling, make sure to close your deal with the buyer on Facebook Messenger, ensuring you’ve agreed on the item’s price and where you’ll be meeting.
  • If you’re buying, always ask or carefully examine if there are defects with the item.
  • Meet with the seller physically before you make payment for any item.
  • Make sure a meeting location is a public place. Never invite a seller or buyer into your home.
  • If you suspect a seller (or a product) is fraudulent, you can report it to Facebook.
  • If you’re having trouble selling, you can also join Facebook selling groups for your area. These make it much easier to find the right person for your item.

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How to Use Facebook Marketplace Effectively

  1. Use clear, high-quality photos

Make sure to take clear, well-lit photos of your selling items. This will make them more attractive to potential buyers and help them better understand what they’re buying.

  1. Be descriptive

Include as much detail as possible in the item description. This will help buyers understand what they’re buying and whether it’s right for them.

  1. Be responsive

Respond to messages and questions promptly. This will help build trust with potential buyers and increase the chances of making a sale.

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  1. Be flexible

Be open to negotiation and willing to work with buyers to find a mutually agreeable price. This will help you make more sales and build a positive reputation on the platform.

  1. Be honest

Be transparent about the item’s condition and any defects or issues. This will help to build trust with buyers.

Ways People Can Reach You on Facebook Marketplace

  1. Contact button

 When someone views your listing, they will see a “Contact” button that they can use to send you a message. This will go directly to your Facebook inbox, and you will receive a notification when you have a new message.


People can also reach you by leaving a comment on your listing. This is a great way for potential buyers to ask any questions about the item.

  1. Phone and Email

If you have added your phone number and email address to your Facebook account, buyers can also reach you through those methods.

  1. WhatsApp

If you have enabled WhatsApp integration on your Facebook account, buyers can reach you directly on WhatsApp.

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  1. Instagram

If you have integrated your Instagram account with your Facebook account, buyers can also reach you through Instagram direct messages.


By using Facebook Marketplace as a student, you can save money, buy and sell items conveniently, and even earn extra income. It can be another way to connect with other students and local community members and build a good reputation as a result.

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