An Insightful Guide on How to Advertise a Product (Digital and Physical)

by Blessing Chinaza

Advertising is the blood of every business.

If done properly, it is what brings your product or service to the eyes of a lot of people, both offline and online.

The best way to promote your brand is to make your presence known and felt everywhere.

Doing this not only brings visibility to your brand but also helps to generate more revenue.

Advertising is never enough, no matter the size of your business or the resources you have.

You should always show your business right in front of those who need them the most.

This is why in this article, I will be sharing with you how to advertise a product, both online and offline, and get massive results.

Ready? Let’s go.

How to Advertise a Product Online

The world is changing and you’ve got to ensure that your brand is not left behind.

The best way to reach lots of customers who need your products or services is to make your presence as a brand felt over the web.

And there is no better way to do this than by leveraging online advertising.

Here’s how to get started.

  1. Make use of Influencer marketing

This is a powerful tool to leverage online especially if you don’t have the budget to run a full advertising campaign. 

Influencer marketing is an aspect of marketing or advertising that uses an online personality with a large number of followers, to promote or sell goods or services.

  1. Paid advertising

Paid advertising, such as Google ads,  Facebook ads, Instagram ads, and LinkedIn ads can be used to reach a wider audience and drive more conversions and sales. 

This type of advertising can be used to target the exact audience you want to reach to get massive results.

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  1. Organic traffic generation

This is the type of audience that identifies with your brand for free.

You do not have to pay an influencer or run ads to get them to know, like, and trust your brand.

But, you would have to put in efforts to draw this type of audience to your brand. 

The methods you can use to get traffic/ customers for free include:

✓ offering free ebooks that offer a solution to the problem that your prospective client might be facing.

✓Organize free classes online on a major problem that your audience is facing. 

This will build loyalty, and desire and will make them reach out to you on how to get solutions to their problems.

✓post free content on WhatsApp status and Facebook account.

✓Utilize Facebook groups.

✓Make use of free giveaways and referrals

  1. Create a video marketing strategy

Use of videos is an extremely powerful medium for advertising any product.

Create videos that showcase the features and benefits of your product.

Leverage video platforms like YouTube, TikTok, Vimeo, and Instagram to reach your target audience.

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How to Advertise a Product Physically

In as much as there is so much noise about online advertising, physical advertising is still very much important as well.

Here’s how to advertise your products physically;

  1. Invest in outdoor advertising

This type of advertising involves using traditional methods such as television, billboards, printed ads, and radio. 

You can utilize these channels to create engaging content that will draw the attention of the masses to your products

  1. Leverage “word of mouth” advertising

Word of mouth can be an incredibly effective way to advertise products.

Encourage your customers to share their experiences with your product and create referral programs where they can get bonuses for each referral.

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  1. Event marketing

Event marketing can include sponsorships, conferences, trade shows, and other events that showcase your products to lots of audiences physically

  1. Give free products or services in exchange for bulk buying

This strategy works like magic. For a pack of products or several items purchased, you can attach a gift to it.

As a bonus, here’s how to advertise a product on Facebook or WhatsApp effectively.

How to Advertise a Product on Whatsapp

  1. Post relevant content regularly on your status

WhatsApp status is the new oil well. Lots of people are glued to WhatsApp status daily and you can leverage this by posting relatable content frequently.

  1. Run ads using Whatsapp TVs

Some individuals have large WhatsApp audiences with a status view of 1000 and above. 

You can advertise your products/services using their platforms.

  1. Make use of WhatsApp broadcast messages

You can use a broadcast message to inform your audience about new products, trends, or a discount you are currently running on your product or service.

Do not misuse this as your audience might see your message as annoying and might block you.

Also, make sure to get the permission of your audience before adding them to a broadcast list, and do not be too salesy.

Do not always post content that is always screaming “buy, buy, buy”.  Sometimes send out content that is educational and provides solutions and answers to the problem that they are facing.

  1. Referral content

This is one way to re-activate non-active audiences on your WhatsApp list, get new audiences, and have more visibility for your brand.

You can do this by making a post on your status, notifying your audience about it, and attaching gifts to enable them to engage massively.

Ask them to send in their names or reply with the status to know who is participating.

You can also create a customized link for each participant to keep track of the number of referrals gotten from each participant.

Sponsor your business on to have a wider reach of your target audience. 

How to Advertise a Product on Facebook

  1. Create a Facebook page for your product and post engaging content that promotes your product. 
  1. Use Facebook Ads to target specific audiences and drive more traffic to your product page.
  1. Leverage Facebook influencers with a good following that has your target audience.
  1. Showcase your products on the Facebook marketplace.
  1. Create video content relating to your products and make Facebook reels.


The benefits of advertising for your business can never be overemphasized.

Whether online or offline, advertising remains relevant if you desire more growth, more revenue, and more visibility.

Which advertising strategy will you be trying out for your brand today?

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