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10 Amazing Ways You Can Make Money on YouTube as a YouTuber in Nigeria

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How much do you think an average Nigerian with quality content can earn per month on YouTube?

Well, I am not going to give you an exact figures. However, if you can stick with me for the next 3 to 5 minutes, I am going to come up with some reliable metrics you and I can use to work the average amount of money an average Nigerian YouTuber make per month. Meaning, we will review 10 different methods Nigerian YouTuber use to make their money. And how you can too.

Did you just read how you can too?

Well, it is pretty simple. I have a lot of friends in the YouTube business. Some are super successful, while some are just coming up. And there are a few that have given up on it. Among the successful ones is Dr. Malik. So the information I am about to share with you on this page is somewhat connected to him. And not only him in person, but I will also wow you with some popular Nigerian YouTuber like Toke Makinwa, Mark Angel, Sisiyemi, and several others.

So, if you are also into the YouTube business and you need means to monetize your YouTube channel, this article is created for you. With this article, you will learn different practical methods you can use to make money on YouTube as a Nigerian, even if your subscriber is not unto 1,000.

Also, if you are just delving into the YouTube business. Either for the passion or because you want to earn some extra cool cash online, this article will be a great insight for you too. With this article, you will get a fast overview of how much money is on the table for you as a YouTuber in Nigeria.

And guess what? It is a lot of money. A 7-figure to be precise. So stick with me till the end of this article.

The Ten Methods To make money on YouTube

#1. YouTube Partnership Program

Make money on youtube via partnership progran

Obviously the most popular methods of generating money on YouTube. You know those 3 seconds ads video YouTube forces you to watch anytime you want to watch your favourite skit on YouTube? Well, not all the money YouTube earn from those ads belong to YouTube. In fact, YouTube doesn’t get the highest percentage from the money self. The highest percentage, which is 55% goes to the owner of the YouTube channel. Interesting right?Well, the process is not that simple. You will need a particular number of subscribers on your YouTube channel before you can join the YouTube Partnership program. Don’t worry, I have something for you in this course that will help you boost your YouTube subscribers easily. So let’s explore other means you can use to make money on YouTube as a Nigerian even if you don’t have up to 1,000 subscribers.

#2.  Promote Affiliates Product

As a YouTuber, you will have close to thousands and millions of people watching your videos on YouTube. So far your niche is interesting and your YouTube page is well optimized. Those who enjoy your kind content will find you one way or the other to access it.

A great way to make money off these people is by recommending affiliate products to them. With this, you get a commission for every sale the owner of the businesses recorded through you.

#3.  Accept Sponsored ads

Yeah. Accepting sponsored Adverts on your YouTube channel works amazingly. In fact, it is one of the most effective and easy ways to monetize your YouTube channel in Nigeria. Even if your channel is pretty new and you do not a lot of subscribers.

Some people will still want to advertise on your YouTube channel at a pocket-friendly fee. And by the time you multiply this money, it will be worth it to keep you on your YouTube monetization journey with the hope that one day, you will start getting a higher return.

#4.  Get donation from your fans

make mony on youtube via donate

Well, we Nigerians are a very interesting set of people. People who gift Erica a free mansion at Ikoyi just because she appears in the BB Naija house. You see, Nigerians can be oddly nice to anyone. So far you have a nice fanbase, your audience will be willing to donate some money for you to keep you going in your YouTube business. I can name countless Nigerian YouTubers who earn millions of Naira through donation and crowdfunding from their followers.

#5.  Use A Paid Membership Program

Well, this is not very popular. However, believe me, if I tell you it works like Magic. Do you know John Obidi, one of the most influential youths in Nigeria has a YouTube channel? He does, and believe me, it is grand. Many of his content is only open to his paid members. Also, the prerecording of HeadStart Africa Monetize Submit is always available for sale after the program. Here on this same YouTube. The program course sells for N15,000 per head. You can work out how much they will be making if they see just 100 subscribers. Mind you, these people have sold this program to up to 500 people already.

#6.  Get Sponsors

Getting sponsors and posting sponsors as on your YouTube channel may sound similar, however, they are different. Getting sponsors is when you have companies that partners with you to finance your YouTube program for a particular period of time. These companies often serve as your sponsor partners and they also get either free promotion or shout out from every video you do.

While sponsored ads is just a one time or a couple of time advertisement. As a startup YouTuber with great and amazing content, sponsor may pay you as  much as 2 Million Naira to partner with you on your YouTube channel.

#7.  Sell Online Courses (And Other Informational Products…)

sell courses on youtube

Another sweet way of making money on YouTube is selling your personal digital course or webinar. If are the type who have been dishing out amazing content for free on your YouTube channel, it is high time your audience appreciated your knowledge by subscribing to your paid course or webinar. I watch a lot of YouTube videos on language learning. And most time these people pitch me their courses which covers everything I have been willing to learn. And guess what?

This method works excellently. You know why? Because the people are well-targeted towards the course or webinar you are introducing to them. Also, since they are your subscribers, they must have trusted you already. Which makes selling product to their work. With only this method, you are on the path to make million of Naira every month.

#8.  License Your Videos To Media Houses

Another sweet ways you can make money on YouTube as a Nigerian is by licensing your videos to media houses. This is more like selling royalty of your video to be shown on a third-party platform.

For example, if you have a program on your YouTube channel that is doing awesomely well, some TV station on DSTV, like Africa Magic can purchase the license to be showing your program their station while they pay you a huge amount of money. Sweet, I guess.

#9.  Do Product review for businesses

Here is another method you can make money as a YouTuber. You can offer to do product review video for businesses and they will pay you bountifully in return. 

So far your niche is related to their products or businesses, you shouldn’t have much problem before you record success in this method of generating money on YouTube.  You can pitch to a big supermarket or Spa in Nigeria that you want to do a video review for their business on YouTube and let they know the cost. Before you reach like 10 to 20, you would be surprised about 5 of them have shown interest and ready to pay you. 

#10.  Become an influencer

Most businesses like using famous people as the face of their advert. You can also become an ambassador of a big brand if you make your YouTube channel blow. Famous Nigerian comedian and YouTuber like Toke Makinwa, Jackie Annia, Sisiyemisie, Mark Angel etc, make lots of money by becoming an ambassador for the business and they cash out amazingly. And guess what? They all start from YouTube.

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