How to Get Organic Followers for Your Instagram Page

by Rachael Philip

Over time, Instagram has become the backbone of many brands’ social media presence.

Growing on Instagram can get you more traffic, more customers to patronize your brand, and, eventually, turn you into an influencer.

If you are not popular, then you might find it hard to get the huge following that your brand needs on Instagram. You don’t have to worry, though, because these straightforward and easy-to-follow tips have been compiled to help you achieve your goals.

Tips on How to Get Organic Followers for Your Instagram Page

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Your Instagram page can be a marketplace

  1. Optimizing your instagram account

Optimizing your account is one of the most important steps to take if you want to grow your Instagram followers organically. First, work on your bio, and use a proper username, profile image, image caption, etc., because they represent your brand’s identity. They form your brand’s foundation.

Next, make your profile public, use a brand picture like a brand logo, and fill your bio with information about your brand, giving users a reason to follow you.

While trying to grow your audience on Instagram, your bio houses the links to your other social media networks, so use it wisely.

An optimized account helps your audience find your brand easily, especially with a username close to your brand name. See your Instagram bio as the home page of your brand’s account.

  1. Following a consistent content calendar

Post regularly, have a schedule and do not make the mistake of posting aimlessly when trying to get followers on Instagram. Do not give the few people following you a reason to unfollow or forget you.

Always put yourself or your brand in your audience’s face consistently, and you will get their attention. It is advisable to have content ready a few days or weeks before publishing it.

This way, you won’t run out of content, and it will enable you to have a steady supply of content.

A brand shouldn’t post more than a few times a day but even if it’s once or twice a day, let it be timed. Be consistent with posting time.

  1. Post valuable content

Posting content that isn’t valuable to your followers could be your worst mistake. Post content that is not just valuable but also informative and entertaining. Let your content solve a problem.

By posting valuable content on your Instagram page, you will build your authority as an expert in your field, which will help promote your Instagram page. 

  1. Post Content That Appeal to Followers

Know your audience and understand what they want. This will help you post content that appeals to them. Find out what is trending by using Google Trends, Ubersuggest, etc. Pay attention to popular and trending content on Instagram.

Analyze your content strategy and find out what works best for your followers. 

Also, it’s essential to check out your competitors, research the ones with a large audience, and find out what they post that drives traffic to their page. Do not copy them, just take notes and model after them smartly.

  1. Get brand influencers to post your content

When learning how to grow your Instagram followers, it’s important to know that the more organic followers you get, the more customers and buyers you will get.

So placing your brand in the face of as many audiences as possible should be your priority, be ever present before your audience. As they see you always, they get to know you, like and trust you. 

Provide valuable content that will move your followers to repost your content because they already know, like, and trust you.

You can also like popular influencers in your niche, follow their posts and share your content with their audience by providing something of value. You wouldn’t want to appear to be too salesy.

All you need to do is, follow a competitor with a large following, review the content, read through the comment section, and provide solutions/ answers to questions asked by his followers. Make sure the solution is valid. Doing it often enough will get their attention.

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  1. Do not patronize fake Instagram followers

You might be tempted to purchase Instagram followers, but that will do you more harm than good in the long run, so avoid it. Fake followers reduce the credibility of your account because no one will like, comment, or share your post.

Only your organic followers will do these because they followed you for a reason. Either they like the posts or the brand in general. Getting fake followers will be deceiving yourself and your intended followers.

  1. Promote your Instagram page everywhere

How will people find your account if you don’t promote your Instagram? Let people know where to find you if you want to grow your organic followers on Instagram.

Create awareness and visibility by listing your other social media and website links on Instagram.

Promote your brand across your other social media networks by directing users to your Instagram page but make sure the content on your page will be worth it.

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  1. Be communicative and engaging


Getting organic followers requires you to be engaging

Being creative and engaging in your content will help grow your organic followers. Stick to the popular content types. Communicate with your audience through your content on Instagram. 

Use great captions and make your content more shareable. Use appropriate CALL TO ACTION and relevant emojis.

Respond to questions and comments on your page as that will help gain their trust and make them buy.

Users will either ignore or dismiss your content if your content lacks flavour. They won’t engage, so you need to step on the accelerator and level up.

  1. Use hashtags that convert

The use of hashtags is one of the tried-and-true ways to get organic followers on Instagram. Hashtags help to expand your social reach and be discovered by users.

Find hashtags that people are more likely to search for in your space, use them sparingly and be selective.

  1. Adhere to photography and editing best practices

Post/content quality matters greatly on Instagram if you want to grow your organic followers. You don’t need to be an expert in photography, you only need to know the basic photography tips and some editing apps, and you are good to go.

Ensure you always edit your pictures/ videos before posting on Instagram and focus on one topic while creating video content. 

Also, creating an Instagram theme across your feed will give anyone visiting your account for the first time a sense of your brand.

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  1. Join engagement pods

These are groups of the same interests, content, and niche. They follow each other and support each member by reacting to their posts, making them go viral.

As a result, the post reaches a larger audience and receives engagement, making it possible to grow organic followership on Instagram.

  1. Repost viral content

You can repost content that went viral in your niche with the consent of the account owner. Mentioning them will also increase your visibility and audience growth.

  1. Mention/Tag brands

If you use products from popular companies, these companies have large followers, so mentioning them will only help promote your Instagram page, as some of their followers might like your content.

Tag popular brands, followers, and locations whenever necessary. Subtly tagging these brands and followers can also help to grow your audience. 

Tagging locations is also important, especially when you have an on-site event or a physical location.

  1. Do regular giveaways with rules

People like free things for doing almost nothing, so giving out freebies by asking your audience to share your post or complete a particular task and get something will yield a massive return/ output.

  1. Make use of all the Instagram experiences

Make sure to utilize all the Instagram experiences for their different uniqueness. Reach new followers through Instagram Reels, Stories, Instagram videos, Instagram live, etc.

These video feeds have a way of going beyond your followers and reaching new ones, which will add to your growth on Instagram.

  1. Keep your Instagram followers happy

Making your followers happy will lead to the growth of your Instagram page. Make sure to tailor your content to suit your audience’s needs and put smiles on their faces, do not treat your followers like strangers.

Rather, treat them like friends by building customer relationships with them. Give them an all-around unique experience, and they will always return to you.


Gaining followers organically will need you to invest your time. Still, it will also help you save your marketing budget while building the ideal target audience you can convert to real-time buyers.

You should take the opportunity to learn and practice the tips in this article to help grow your brand, product or service. The internet is the future. Seize the moment.

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