8 Peculiar Things You Don’t Know About Nigerian Identical Twins

by Sulaiman Halima
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Identical twins

The topic of identical twins has been a fascinating one among humans for centuries. Almost everyone has an affection for twins, and I bet you do too. Even if you do not want to give birth to them yourself (because they are too much trouble, as some people think), the sight of them alone is such a wonder that you would want to have them as friends or keep them close however you can. 

As beautiful as they are, identical twins can be all things; from funny to weird to stubborn and to annoying. Anyone who has had a close relationship with them can testify to this. Keep reading to find out some other peculiar things you may not have known about Nigerian Identical Twins.

What are Identical Twins?

One fertilized egg that divides into two embryos gives birth to identical twins. They are also referred to as monozygotic twins. Most times, monozygotic twins are always of the same gender. These sets of twins can enjoy a unique connection that goes beyond the ordinary sibling bond. They always have comparable physical traits, mental characteristics, and a considerable deal of genetic material in common.

Also, identical twins are more likely to sustain the same medical issues, like allergies or autoimmune disorders. Despite their similarities, they might differ in experiences and individual development.

Identical twins are unique humans, and in this article, you will get to know some interesting and extraordinary facts about them.

Peculiar Things You Should Know About Identical Twins

The following are a few peculiarities of most identical twins;

  1. Identical twins have a special bond

Identical twins usually share a unique bond that distinguishes them from other siblings, and this bond often lasts throughout their lifetime. Often referred to as a “twin connection,” this connection can occur when two people bear each other’s pains, feel each other’s suffering, or have identical nightmares.

This is because they have shared a wide range of experiences since infancy, and frequently have a deep understanding of one another. You may realize that identical twins have their own language, communicate nonverbally, or even finish each other’s sentences if you live with them. 

Twins can invent their language and interact covertly with one another in front of others who are oblivious to what they are saying. Observing people’s reactions as they attempt to understand what is being said can be amusing. Please don’t be jealous when you are in their midst because, most times, they will tend to oppress you with their bond. 

  1. They tend to pull pranks on people

Twins identical to one another are well known for their mischievous gesticulations. Sometimes, they use their similar appearances to pull jokes or prank people. Identical twins are capable of switching places to trick others. For instance, if one twin is a student in a class, they can exchange places halfway through the lesson, with the other twin assuming the role of the first twin.

For everyone, this can be amusing, perplexing, and startling. This makes me remember my once-upon-a-time neighbor that took his identical twins to different schools for reasons best known to him. I guess it was because of their pranks. 

However, they are typically excited by people’s reactions when they discover they have been fooled through the difficulty to distinguish one from another.

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  1. They have a competitive spirit

They often compete with one another because they have similar skills and qualities. Most identical twins frequently have a competitive mentality because they are naturally intelligent. They exhibit a competitive mentality, especially if their upbringing fosters it. 

However, parents must promote a positive competitive aura that supports the value of teamwork for their identical twins. It’s important to recognize and value the distinct talents of each twin. They often compete with one another because they have similar skills and qualities. Stronger relationships and more incredible determination to succeed may result from this competition.

  1. They can lose their sense of self

Identical twins are still individuals with distinct personalities even though they share similar genes. People frequently associate them together and consider them as similar in all aspects. Thus they could have trouble establishing their unique identities. This may lead to some self-identity issues, especially in adolescence.

  1. They may have distinct personalities over time

Even though they have the same DNA, identical twins might have different personalities. This results from the fact that a mix of genetic and environmental factors, including upbringing and life events, affect their personalities. Identical twins could have different personalities over time, depending on their surroundings. If you live with identical twins, you might discover they have different personalities and hobbies. 

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  1. They may go through emotional anguish when separated

Twins frequently have a close link, and they may go through emotional distress when separated. They could continue to experience a sense of loss or emptiness even as adults when separated from their twin. Their inability to establish intimate relationships with others may result from this.

  1. They frequently dress alike

When one twin dresses up like the other, it might confuse others to tell who is who, especially when they are young. This results from the possibility that their parents may have been dressing them similarly to give prominence to their similarities. Even while they begin to establish their sense of style as they age, they may still continue to dress alike. They can go out in public and observe how others act as they pass them by.

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  1. They share the same genetic material

Identical twins share the same genetic material, which can be confirmed through DNA testing on each twin and examining their genetic information. The most accurate test is a blood test with blood grouping. Since identical twins have the same genetic makeup, the same genetic markers can be distinguished.

On the other hand, non-identical twins might differ significantly from one another, much like any other siblings who share the same parents. They have around 50% of the same genetic makeup and characteristics.


Identical twins are sweet humans and having them around can give a fascinating and distinctive experience. They usually have a close relationship and engage in friendly competition. Even if they may have similar looks, they are still distinct people with individual personalities, interests, and hobbies. Respecting their differences while recognizing their similarities is very important. 

Oluwanifemi Akintomide edited this piece.

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