How to make WhatsApp stickers and annoy your friends

by Chidinma Enujioke
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How to make WhatsApp stickers and annoy your friends

Whatsapp is known to be the easiest app to use for messaging friends. Not only is it the easiest, but almost everyone’s favorite because it’s fun to use.

What features make WhatsApp a fun app to use? Well, we have voice notes, video calls, Gifs, emojis, and the best of them, WhatsApp Stickers. WhatsApp stickers are a great way to be creative and suggestive while chatting.

Personalize and increase the fun of whatsapp chatting by using Whatsapp stickers. You can also use Whatsapp stickers to annoy your friends, tease them, and pull various pranks on them.

In this article, you’ll learn how to make what’s app stickers, along with some amusing ways to annoy your friends with them.

What are WhatsApp Stickers?

So, sometimes you know how words don’t cut it, and you need to express your emotions and ideas excitingly? Well, that’s where WhatsApp stickers come in! They’re digital images and animations you can send to your friends in chats. They’re way more relaxed than emojis because they convey more emotions and can be personalized.

The best thing about stickers, especially WhatsApp stickers, is that you can download them or make your own. Whatsapp stickers are used to make conversations more fun and lively.

How to make Whatsapp Stickers

  1. Get a sticker-making app

To make your WhatsApp stickers, You must download a sticker maker to create your annoying Whatsapp stickers, such as Sticker creator studio, Stickify, Sticko, Stickery, Sticker maker, and Sticker. Iy,, etc. You can install your desired sticker-making app when you’re done downloading it.

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  1. Choose an image you can use to annoy your friends

After installing the app, you can choose the image you’d love to use, in this case, an image that can annoy your friends(in an amusing way). Upload your chosen image, which could be an image from your gallery or downloaded from the internet, whichever works best for you. Just have it in mind that you’re creating an annoying WhatsApp sticker.

  1. Get rid of the image background

This is the stage where you modify or eliminate the image’s background. You can do this using tools already available in most WhatsApp sticker-making apps. You might be wondering why you need to remove the image background. This is to ensure that you get a better result.

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  1. Tweak it to your style

After removing the background of your selected image, you can add your annoying text, font, emojis, dialogues, etc. You can make it animation or just static. You can change colors and image sizes. You can make any changes that best suit your mission to annoy your friends.

  1. Save the Sticker

When you’re done styling your Whatsapp sticker, the next step is to save the Sticker in a high-resolution (quality) PNG file format. Note: the PNG file must be saved in a transparent background.

Send the annoying stickers to your friends

Now your Sticker is ready. You can now have that “sticker fight” with your friends.

How to use Annoying Whatsapp Stickers

Annoying your friends with WhatsApp stickers is all fun and games but remember to always do it in good humor and with respect for your friends. Here are the various kinds of annoying Whatsapp stickers. 

  1. A sticker reading “Sorry, I Can’t Hear You

When responding to messages you don’t want to answer, make a sticker that reads “Sorry, I can’t hear you” or anything like that. Although it may first anger your friends, it’s a perfectly acceptable technique to sidestep a topic or a conversation you’re not feeling.

  1. Stop Talking Sticker

Make a sticker that reads “Stop Talking” or “Now Enough,” and use it to humorously request silence from your buddies. This might be a fun approach to let your friends know they’re being chatty while making them chuckle.

  1. The “I’m Busy” Sticker 

The phrase “I’m Busy” or “Busy Doing Nothing” can be created as a sticker that you can use to reply to messages while you’re not working on anything significant. Although it could annoy your pals that you don’t reply right away.

  1. Nope Sticker 

Use a sticker that reads “Nah” or “Not Happening” to mockingly decline your friends’ offers or proposals. In addition to making it apparent that you’re not interested, this might be a fun way to make your friends chuckle.

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  1. Thumbs-Down Sticker 

When responding to communications that you disagree with, make a sticker with the thumbs-down symbol.

  1. Crying Laughing Sticker 

Make a crying laughing emoji sticker to reply to amusing ‘. It’s a perfectly acceptable method to demonstrate your sense of humor and have some fun. 

  1. A sticker reading “Not Impressed” 

Make a sticker that reads “Not Impressed” or “Boring,” and use it to playfully inform your friends that you are not engaged in their talk.

  1. Sarcastic Sticker 

To respond to things you find absurd or infuriating, create a sticker with a caustic or sarcastic phrase. You could also use sarcastic emojis to convey or express your sarcasm. Mind you, there’s a vast thin line between sarcasm and actual insult, so while using a sarcastic sticker, ensure you don’t sound rude or disrespectful

  1. Confused Sticker

Create a sticker that says “Confused” or “I Don’t Get It,” and use it to respond to messages you don’t understand. 

  1. Eye Roll Sticker

Create a sticker with an eye roll image or text and use it to respond to messages that you find annoying or frustrating.

In conclusion, making Whatsapp stickers, incredibly annoying funny ones, is relatively easy. It is something everyone can do and doesn’t require complicated tech skills. Create your Whatsapp stickers with the information provided in this article.

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