7 Tips on How to Stop Procrastinating and Achieve Your Goals Daily

How to Beat Procastination and Achieve Your Goals Daily

by Daniel Yakubu
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Many people like you and I desire to achieve our goals and be productive in today’s world. The challenge that comes with being productive for most people is the struggle to stop procrastinating. 

Procrastination has sabotaged the dreams of many people all over the globe. Before we delve into learning how to stop procrastinating, I want to clearly define what procrastination is.

What is Procrastination

Stop procastinating 1

Relaxed man sitting with his legs on the desk with computer, launch paper airplane instead of working under tasks.

Procrastination is simply the act of postponing or delaying something that you should do until the last minute or deadline.

Having defined what procrastination is, you will agree with me that procrastination is an enemy of productivity, and it reduces the possibility of individuals achieving their goals. 

In this article, I will share tips on stopping procrastinating and achieving your goals daily.

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Seven (7) Tips on How to Stop Procrastinating and Achieve Your Goals Daily

  1. Be disciplined in sticking to your plans

Be disciplined in sticking to your plans

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To effectively stop procrastinating, you must become disciplined in sticking to your plans. Learn the art of planning your day before it begins and be disciplined enough to stick to it. 

You may keep procrastinating if you don’t plan your day. Get a notepad or diary and plan each day. The truth is, many people plan their day, but very few people stick to the plans they’ve made. 

Sticking to your plans for each day is the concrete that will hold the pillar of every plan you have made. Discipline is doing what you need to do irrespective of any situation that may arise during the day. 

To stop procrastinating and achieve your goals, you must become disciplined in sticking to your plans, and doing that will boost your productivity in no small way.

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  1. Cut off distractions

cut of distractions

Procrastinating slows him down.

One of the reasons why people find it hard to stop procrastinating is because of distractions.

You must make a deliberate decision to cut off every distraction that hinders your productivity to achieve your goals.

Distractions can be defined as anything that derails you from carrying out the tasks that you ought to do.

To be successful in cutting off every distraction, you must be honest with yourself and locate the things that distract you and cut them off. 

Cutting off distractions for some people may not be easy, but it will surely be beneficial to them. The reason I said so is that some people enjoy being distracted either directly or indirectly. 

Distractions have played a major role in stopping many people from actualizing their dreams. 

Sometimes you need to keep your phone away to get some tasks done; other times, you may need to turn off the TV to carry out some tasks. 

One of the lessons I have learned personally in dealing with my distractions is that I don’t keep around me anything that can distract me when working; this has helped me a lot to cut off distractions.

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  1. Break every big task into bits

To stop procrastinating, it is expedient that you break enormous tasks into bits; some tasks or assignments may become overwhelming when you want to achieve them in a moment. 

When you encounter such tasks or assignments that are too enormous to achieve at a go, you will need to break them into bits or fractions to enable you to achieve them effectively and efficiently. 

Learning to break enormous tasks into bits is a very good strategy to help you stop procrastinating. In breaking your tasks into bits, you must ensure that you keep your deadline in mind. The beautiful thing about breaking your task into bits is that it will allow you to multitask at the same time.

  1. Work on your time management

time management

Hour glass and calendar concept for time slipping away for important appointment date, schedule and deadline

In learning how to stop procrastinating and achieve your goals, working on time management can not be overemphasized. You will need to carefully allocate time to each task and ensure that you keep to it. 

Time is the unit of life, and you need to know that time that is wasted cannot be recovered again. 

To achieve your goals and beat procrastination, you must be time conscious in carrying out any tasks. First, identify the time wasters in your life and cut them off. 

Some people can spend the entire day gossiping with friends on frivolous topics; if you are that kind of a person, it will be difficult for you to stop procrastinating. Second, prioritize what you spend your time on. 

Don’t leave a task undone when you have all the time in your hand. Some people will wait till the very last minute before carrying out their tasks; the danger in doing so is that you might make errors or mistakes. 

Rushing to deliver or complete a task can be very tiring and demoralizing. Make good use of your time and create formalities that will help you to manage your time wisely.

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  1. Have an accountability partner

accountability partner

accountability partner

Having someone who keeps you in check is an effective way to stop procrastinating. If you notice that it is difficult to stop procrastinating, you should get someone who will keep you in check at all times. 

In choosing your accountability partner, you should choose someone who you know has the ability and capability to talk you into getting your tasks done. 

Anybody cannot be your accountability partner. For someone to be an accountability partner to you, the person must be action-oriented and should have a strong drive for productivity. 

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  1. Refrain from giving excuses

I have noticed over time that people who give excuses tend to procrastinate a lot. To stop procrastinating, you must learn to take responsibility for your actions and refrain from giving excuses. 

You may have started crawling into the canopy of laziness whenever you give excuses on why you can’t carry out a task or assignment. 

If you don’t come out of that canopy quickly, you will be hindering your productivity which will, in turn, make procrastination become a habit for you. 

Make a deliberate decision to stop giving excuses no matter what, and you will be surprised at your level of productivity. 

  1. Employ the use of alarms and reminders

Employ the use of alarms and reminders

Early to bed, early to rise

Technology has made a lot of things easier and less stressful. No matter how much you put into trying to remember everything you plan to do in a day. 

Sometimes you may forget because you are human, and it is natural to do so. Employing the use of alarms and reminders will go a long way in helping you beat procrastination.

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Wrap It Up

In conclusion, I believe if you follow and practice these tips keenly, you will be amazed at how you will boost your productivity. 

Anytime you feel tempted to procrastinate, remember that procrastination has made many people lose time and opportunities. Therefore, always strive to achieve your goals and avoid procrastinating at all costs.

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