Effective Ways To Overcome Procrastination

by Michael Dawodu
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how to overcome procrastination

If you are trying to overcome procrastination you should be familiar with the following lies;

“I work more efficiently under pressure”

“I’m super busy, I have a lot to work on”

“I could do this later”

“I don’t have much on my schedule besides the job isn’t due soon”,

“I have a lot of time”

And the list continues…

Postponement, delay, deferral, and prolongation, if any of these words constitute an attribute of your habitual life, you’re at risk of causing yourself harm.

If you’re reading this article in search of a solution, I think we can both agree on the fact that procrastination is a potent disease. In operation, it manipulates both mental and physical activities and finally births ugly outcomes.

The procrastination formula explains that,

Our likelihood of resisting procrastination on a given task will be equal to the product of our self-efficacy and the value of the task divided by the product of how impulsive we are and the amount of delay between taking on a task and its due date.

Odds of Overcoming Procrastination= Self-Efficacy X Value / Impulsiveness X Delay.

This goes on to prove that there may be some effective tips and tricks that can help deal with procrastination. The formula helps individuals to customize personal strategies that will eventually become solutions.

In the rest of this article, you’ll discover how procrastination exists in people and practicable solutions.

What Are the Forms of Procrastination and How to Overcome Them?

  1. The illusion of working best under pressure

The reason why some people maintain their habit of procrastination is the fact that they still get the job done by the deadline. They work by reducing the time the available time they have to work on a project, this act jolts their minds into generating solutions to a task quickly. The disillusion is that you can never guarantee flawlessness for such jobs. Putting yourself under pressure would reduce your chances of efficacy.


It is all about timing, set aside dates, and duration for tasks. Dedicate enough time to take on tasks and review for errors. Asides from helping you achieve efficacy, it will help keep you organized with a feeling of fulfillment.

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  1. The illusion of being super busy

Some procrastinators frolic under the umbrella of being super busy. Busyness can be relative as it is a matter of priority. One can be busy and still meet up with expectations but being too busy to the point of disappointment interprets the forgone task as unimportant or your attitude towards the task as lackadaisical, two scenarios that an employee shouldn’t be in.

The irony is that you may not have a lot to do but the fact that you are unconsciously a procrastination addict makes you so careless that drafting a schedule to keep yourself organized is a problem. It is what gets many people worked up so often that they feel that they have so much on their schedule.


Orderliness is the problem here because it in turn sparks misplaced priorities. Tackle the problem by setting priorities, create to-do lists arranging them in order of relevance and urgency.

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  1. The illusion of hard work or creativity

Creativity and hard work are qualities every recruiter and hiring manager would want to see in workers but not these people. The problem with these hard workers is that when they make significant progress on their tasks they dwell on it. They would rather let the progress mesmerize them than letting it springboard them into completing given tasks efficiently. The problem is staying focused.

Likewise creatives, they come up with the finest of ideas but lose motivation shortly. They are characterized by inconsistency, starting a project, and not being able to see it through.


Take it slowly, one at a time. Follow your to-do list, it will help you remain focused and maximize your commitments. Make sure you complete tasks before taking on new ones. Doing too many at a time would only wear you out and leave you unaccomplished.

You can even start by relaxing, worrying over your procrastination habit will only trigger anxiety and you can’t fight procrastination with anxiety. Go have fun with your hobby and revisit the task with a clear mind.

  1. The illusion of having time on your side

People often misuse the privilege of having a comfortable time-frame. Comfortable time-frames and deadlines are necessary to ensure maximum productivity from tasks. Unfortunately, some procrastinators see this opportunity as surplus and advance to mismanage it. They permit lack of motivation in and consequently nonchalance.


To regain motivation and focus design a strict accountability system for yourself, one that you cannot manipulate. You may need external help in achieving this, for example, I fine myself 500 NGN for every working hour I waste to distraction. Having to account for time spent will help eliminate every form of unseriousness and force you to be focused.

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Procrastination is such a complicated phenomenon that it manipulates people to act negatively unknowingly by creating illusions. In fact, study shows that we procrastinate to repair our moods. However, we need to overcome procrastination to avoid the following consequences:

  • Lack of motivation
  • Depression
  • Low productivity
  • Inability to focus
  • Low productivity
  • Chronic stress

Although, sometimes you can hit a dead end while working due to cluelessness, you may finally give way to procrastination.

From the solutions procured to the various forms of procrastination, the most common remedy is keeping oneself organized. Disorganization comes with adverse consequences and could grow worse if left unattended. The ultimate approach to overcome procrastination is knowing how susceptible you are to procrastination and tackling it by designing possible solutions to fit your susceptibilities.

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