10 Useful WhatsApp Marketing Tips for Online Vendors

by Esther Adeniji
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whatsApp marketing

As a vendor, you decided to use WhatsApp marketing to post about 20 pictures of your products on your WhatsApp status every day, expecting your WhatsApp contact to view and patronize you. Little did you know that they have muted you.

Many WhatsApp vendors have made digital marketing tiring for WhatsApp viewers without realizing it. A common trait of many WhatsApp business owners is bugging their contacts.

As a WhatsApp vendor, you have undergone different online marketing classes and have been convinced by online motivators that you need consistency to grow your brand.

As the attentive listener that you are, you assume that consistency here means posting 50 pictures morning and night for your WhatsApp viewers to see and be convinced that what you sell is the solution they need.

Well, the truth is consistency works, but it is not by posting every day but by building a marketing strategy that will make people think of your brand when they need that product.

Now, how do you create this mental picture in your audience’s mind without posting too much content? The answer is simple; through effective WhatsApp marketing strategy.

What is WhatsApp marketing strategy?

whatsApp marketing

WhatsApp marketing strategy can be defined as those ways, methods, steps, or patterns a WhatsApp vendor follows to attract the target audience to patronize their business.

WhatsApp marketing is important for business owners because it is hard to find a person not using WhatsApp in 2022. I’ll expose you to some useful WhatsApp marketing tips you can apply to your business in this piece. Read on.

10 Useful WhatsApp Marketing Tips for Online Vendors

whatsApp marketing

  1. Think like your target audience

As a business owner, your sole purpose in establishing a business is to create a solution for people that will bring in profit for you. If this isn’t why you started your business, you might find it difficult to be successful in that business.

A product or service is better marketed when the seller understands the user’s mind. For instance, if you are selling a shoe, imagine you are the user trying to look for the best vendor to get a shoe from. What are the possible things you would like to see? When you find the answer to this, you will understand how to give your audience the WhatsApp marketing strategy they need.

  1. Know your target audience

You have to think like your target audience is the same way you have to know them. Understand the product you are selling and the people that need them. For example, do not expect a WhatsApp contact filled with mostly young ladies to buy a product fit for older women.

When you know your target audience, you will understand the proper WhatsApp marketing strategy to use for them.

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  1. Draft a marketing plan

Not drafting a WhatsApp marketing plan is one mistake WhatsApp vendors always make. They often assume that WhatsApp is not a professional tool for marketing, forgetting that the same people that view billboards and watch Facebook adverts are the same people that are also on WhatsApp.

So instead, learn to map out your marketing approach, draft a content calendar, and know the days people are likely to view your status or respond to your messages and the time they often do. Then, collate these data and use them effectively.

  1. Do not bug people

Except someone owes you money, I do not see why you should be sending an advert to a WhatsApp contact every day. It is wrong. You might wake up to see you have been blocked from contacting the person on WhatsApp.

  1. Make use of graphic/video content more

Graphic posts and video content tend to attract people more due to the creative appearance they get. And people tend to not forget them in a hurry. So instead of uploading 50 pictures on your WhatsApp status daily, you can put those pictures in one video slide and post them for all to view conveniently.

  1. Know when to send Broadcast messages

The best time to send a broadcast is to contact us; if you just added them, you have a special promo during holidays and festive seasons. Another tip for sending a WhatsApp broadcast message is to inform the recipient before sending it.

Not all people are okay with receiving broadcast messages. Also, ensure you are not sending a lengthy broadcast message; it is not an article. Keep it short and simple.

  1. Make use of surveys

Online surveys help determine the best way to market a product or service on WhatsApp. You can create a survey using Google form or any free online survey tools and forward it to your contacts to fill.

The survey should contain questions like, “what do you think about my product?” “How often do you view my status?” etc. The answers you get from the survey would help you make better decisions in marketing.

  1. Keep your automated message short and clear

Automated messages are a good way to keep your audience engaged whenever you are unavailable to attend to them. So always keep it short, simple, and informative. An example of a good automated message is, “hello there, welcome to ABC store; we are the number one phone accessories retailer in Nigeria. What kind of gadget accessories would you like to order?”

  1. Ensure your advert always ends with a CTA

Let’s take a look at these drafts;

Draft 1;

“Hello, this is Esther, I sell men’s wear of all sizes. If you are looking for a shoe plug that sells affordable and quality men’s wear, you can reach out to me. Feel free to check out my catalogue for pictures of my store’s new arrivals.”

Draft 2;

“One thing about shoes is that they are the first thing people look at when they meet you. The quality of the shoe you wear matters a lot in creating a good image for you. This is why you should wear good shoes. At my store, we sell quality and affordable men’s shoes. Thank you.”

The two drafts are both advert content that shows that the sender deals with affordable and quality men’s shoes. But draft 1 is likely to get more engagements because it has a call-to-action – “check out my catalogue for pictures of my store’s new arrivals.” Draft 2 is not directing the receiver to take any action.

This is why CTA is very important in WhatsApp marketing. So, ensure you always include a CTA in any advert content you upload on WhatsApp. Examples of popular CTAs include; “send a DM to order,” “book for my service now,” “check out my updated prices,” etc.

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  1. Not all your contacts are your customers

Lastly, this is a very important marketing tip for WhatsApp vendors. Because you have people who are likely to use your product on your contact list does not mean that they must buy from you. People also have their choice to make when they want to buy products. So never force them to buy from you.

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