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8 Peculiar Things about Road Trips in Nigeria

by Sulaiman Halima

 People embark on road trips in Nigeria for different reasons. It is an opportunity to relax and abstract from everyday busy life or the purpose of learning, education, or business for some. Regardless, it is the kind of activity that almost all people love.

There are several methods of road trips in Nigeria, but the most affordable means of getting around in Nigeria is by road.

Undoubtedly, a road trip is one of the best ways to feel relaxed and fresh. Everyone deserves a chance to get a break from work and the need to spend time with close ones and get close to nature.

Road trips in Nigeria are not as bad as we all think. On the contrary, it is more fun-filled than other means of transport in Nigeria, provided that the necessary items are put in place, and the safety measures and rules are all followed.

Things to Consider While on a Road Trip in Nigeria

road trips in Nigeria

Road trips in Nigeria require a significant amount of planning. However, it will help if you put certain things into consideration to experience a fun-filled road trip. Below are the tips to be followed to enjoy your road trip in Nigeria.

  • Avoid high speed: Do not drive at a very high speed to avoid an accident; always maintain an adequate average speed.
  • Ensure that the condition of your car is roadworthy: The vehicle should be Nigerian-road-worthy. When embarking on road trips in Nigeria, a spare tire should be taken along to avoid any delay if one of the main tires gets faulty during the journey.
  • You must have a complete vehicle and driving document: Your driving documents should be in order and kept safe in your pigeonhole to avoid any form of harassment on the road by the Nigerian federal road safety corps
  • Study the climatic condition: To avoid any form of inconvenience during the journey, it is important to take note of the climate. For example, in the rainy season where you will have to pack certain things like an umbrella, raincoats, etc., to save yourself from getting wet and prevent yourself from getting sick during the trip.
  • Pack the necessary items: While going on a road trip in Nigeria, a mobile charger, power bank, a torchlight, necessary or general drugs, and most importantly, a bottle or even bottles of water in case of emergency are the must things to have when embarking on a road trip in Nigeria

8 Peculiar Things about Road Trips in Nigeria

After considering all these essential needs, ensure that your road trip will be fun-filled. Then, you will have the chance to experience the outstanding facts about a road trip in Nigeria compared to other means of traveling. Below are the peculiar things about road trips in Nigeria.

  1. Road trips are Affordable

road trips in Nigeria

Going on road trips in Nigeria can save money, especially traveling in a group. Traveling in a group by road is usually less expensive than buying a trip airplane or train tickets; you might even get to split costs and expenses.

Going on a road trip also allows you to eat out; road trips give you the chance to look out for affordable eateries that go easy on the pockets, unlike the other means of traveling where you will only buy what is available.

  1. There are no Luggage Restrictions 

road trips in Nigeria

Unlike the airplane, where it is impossible to take everything with you, going on road trips in Nigeria costs much lower than other means of transport. Also, there is no limitation to the quantity of luggage as far as it can fit in.

  1. You get to Explore New Places

road trips in Nigeria

Taking part in new adventures, visiting new places, and interacting with new people all help develop personal growth. It gives new exciting experiences. Road trips in Nigeria take a person through anonymous alleys that often lead to beautiful hidden or unknown places.

As a traveler, you explore new and unknown places when you venture on a road trip. You are bound to experience new adventures along a road trip. You will experience what it is like to live in a particular area or amidst certain people; a road trip also gives you real pictures of places or things you have heard of.

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  1. It Allows You to be Flexible 

road trips in Nigeria

The biggest perk of road trips in Nigeria is flexibility and freedom. You are in charge of your entire movement; you take control of your departure time and arrival time.

You also have the freedom to stop along the way if you need anything or see something interesting you want to look at on the road, unlike the train and airplane which are the exact opposite. You will have to pay attention to the schedules as you plan your trip when going by airplane or train.

  1. It is good for Relaxation

road trips in Nigeria

Going on road trips helps you learn about yourself, how you react in different situations, adjust to changing altitudes, and even relate to people when you are not stressed. Embarking on long road trips in Nigeria can enhance your cognitive flexibility and inner creativity, improving your problem-solving skills and productivity as you are less stressed and more relaxed.

  1. It gives lasting memories

road trips in Nigeria

When you embark on road trips, you gain tons of experiences through the beautiful sights or places you visit. These beautiful experiences turn out to be the best memories of your life. The enjoyment you had during the trip can be the perfect road trip account.

  1. It increases the ability to handle stress

road trips in Nigeria

Situations like traffic, car breakdown, destinations, or even closed roads are all parts of unexpected challenges that one could face when embarking on road trips in Nigeria.

Once a person can deal with situations like these, it becomes easy for the person to solve problems efficiently in life and become even calmer; the person’s ability to handle stress will improve automatically.

Embarking on road trips in Nigeria is an excellent way to keep your brain active. It improves your mood, reduces your stress level, and restores the body-mind connection.

  1. You get to your Exact Destination

road trips in Nigeria

The greatest advantage of embarking on a road trip compared to other means is its door-to-door services, from source to destination. It is something no other means of transportation has been able to achieve.

So only road trips offer door-to-door service as all other means depend on the road to get to destinations; it has the largest outreach to areas inaccessible by other means of transport.

Road trips are special; they are a fun way to explore places. Good luck on your next road trip. You will come back with several memories you shall cherish forever!

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