6 Simple Tips to Make the Most of University in Nigeria

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make the most of university

As an undergraduate, life is as enjoyable as it is boring. It all depends on how you make the most of university. University should be about getting out of your cocoon and doing several things. It is usually the first environment most people attain independence from their parents and guardians.

Hence, most people go to university with a high sense of optimism and enthusiasm, hoping to try new and exciting stuff.

To make the most of your university life, you need to participate in activities other than academics.

Yes, you’ve come to university to study and graduate with flying colours. That should be your ultimate goal. It should, however, not be the only objective.

Universities, especially in Nigeria, have a lot to offer besides academics. You have to get involved in various projects, platforms, and extracurricular activities to make the most of your university life.

Nevertheless, some students complain about the workload from lectures, assignments, seminars, and presentations peculiar to Nigerian universities. All these, of course, make universities what they are. But, hey! You can take your academics seriously and still make time to have some fun. Yes, it’s very much possible.


Don’t worry. You’ll find some valuable tips on how to make the most of university in Nigeria.

6 Tips on How to Make the Most of University in Nigeria 

  1. Observe and then make friends 

This is the first thing you should do when you get to campus – observe and make friends. University is not a place you can survive in solitary. You need to get acquainted with other people, build new friendships, and expand your network.

When campus life becomes heated and overwhelming, you will need someone or people to talk to and confide in. Or people to make you a better version of yourself or push you towards your career objectives and other goals.

However, it is essential to note the keyword here – “observe .” The type of friends you keep will heavily influence your life and character. Don’t just make friends with someone without knowing who that person moves with or what drives that person. You wouldn’t want to be friends with someone who will drag you down, dim your light, and bring out the worst in you in a bid to make the most of your university life.

  1. Engage in fun activities

Although the university is a place to acquire knowledge and excel, it shouldn’t deter you from engaging in fun ventures.

Make the most of university by participating in campus extracurricular activities such as concerts, drama, and some social functions. Also, identify with and register in your tribe’s meetings and functions. Make plans to visit cinemas, malls, and art galleries within the town. Participate in exercises and sports like swimming, running, jogging, or football.

Sports competition is for you if you are an athlete or have an athletic zeal. Do not miss out on the opportunity to project yourself out there; your luck will shine one day.

Not a sports fan? There are various fun activities you can also engage in to make the most of university in Nigeria. All you need to do is search and discover those things and participate as much as possible.

Don’t just sit and gloom over the days. Remember that your university experience is what you take with you for the rest of your life.

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  1. Take your studies seriously

Making the most of university in Nigeria also involves your studies and how seriously you take them.

Do not be carried away with activities that affect your academic excellence. Strike a balance between your study and extracurricular activities.

You may be the type that doesn’t find studying interesting. You can form or be an active member of a study group with your friends. Also, keep an eye out for extra classes that your departmental executives organize. You can even approach your fellow coursemates for help or attend seminars and presentations related to specific topics.

All these will make studying easier and more fun for you.

  1. Make some money

Part of making the most of university in Nigeria entails making cool cash as a student. Yes, it’s possible. Many Nigerian students are their own sponsors.

To achieve this is not rocket science. Many business ideas are floating around campus. Try to harness one or two that sound promising. Provide solutions to a problem and start making your money.

Some business ideas to explore in the university include:

  • Private tutorials.
  • Writing term papers.
  • Making and selling snacks.
  • Opening a fast-food joint.

Also, hair making, becoming a make-up or gele vendor, and selling commodities can fetch you some cash.

In all, make sure that the business doesn’t disrupt your academics.

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  1. Develop some skills

University is the last stage of basic study before total exposure to the world. It is therefore paramount to build some skills before that happens.

Make the most of university life by improving on or learning one or two skills that will help you later in life.

Life outside school isn’t as you believe it to be. There are cut-throat competitions in the labour market and life in general. Getting the dream job is not a piece of cake. Therefore, to survive in the labour market as a graduate, have the necessary transferable skills.

Some skills to acquire in university are writing, tutoring, collaboration, vocational skills, and computer literacy.

  1. Build on your personality/character

Part of making the most of your university life is character building. University life in Nigeria is rough, but that’s not a reason to stop building your personality.

Remember that life after school does not only need your CV; it requires your personality also. So, do not concentrate only on making your CV appear pleasing to the eye at the expense of your character.

Some activities to take part in to improve yourself are volunteering, joining religious and ideal clubs and societies, and student associations. These will go a long way in building and shaping your personality.

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In conclusion, university years should be the best years of your life as it offers you unlimited life experiences and awareness.

The experience you take out of your campus life will impact heavily on your future, your career, and your perception of life in general.

Therefore, to make the most of university, keep the above tips in mind and enjoy every moment of your university life.

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