Top 20 Business Blogs for Entrepreneurs in Nigeria

by Taiwo Sotikare
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top 20 business blogs in Nigeria

What are the top Business Blogs in Nigeria, and why should you care?

Dear fellow Nigerian entrepreneurs, we all know how lonely and frustrating the business journey can get. Starting from getting a unique business idea to executing it. And from there, you begin to encounter various entrepreneurship challenges like the country’s unstable economy, government and CBN policies, profit and loss management, and upkeep management of staff. The entrepreneurship journey can, truthfully, be depressing at times.

However, quite fortunately for us, many business bloggers have taken it upon themselves to be excellent companions. Providing us with a roadmap to success on our entrepreneurship journey and making the burden light.

Among the hundreds of business blogs that exist in Nigeria. Here are the top 20 business blogs I have found very resourceful, and deem fit to share with you. Some of these blogs are niche-related.  Meaning they may not cover your own business area. While some are quite general – meaning they got every Nigerian entrepreneur covered.

Ladies, gentlemen, below is a list of the top 20 business blogs for entrepreneurs in Nigeria.

Meet the top 20 Business Blogs in Nigeria

  2. Nairametrics
  3. TO be updated soon
  4. Venture Africa
  5. Small Business Digest
  6. The Total Entrepreneurs
  8. Startuptipsdaily
  9. Dayo Adetiloye
  10. BusinessPlanNigeria
  15. AgriIncome
  16. Ideaslane
  17. SME Digest
  20. BusinessWorld.Africa

The Top 20 Business Blogs for Entrepreneurs in Nigeria

  1. is a one-stop destination for all entrepreneurs in Nigeria and Africa. This business blog offers unique business insights and entrepreneurial guides on building and running successful business enterprises in Nigeria. Perhaps you are a budding entrepreneur seeking experts’ knowledge on how to grow your business or an established entrepreneur seeking insights to keep your business running. is an ultimate business companion you shouldn’t joke with.

Insight also has a YouTube channel that is dedicated to helping entrepreneurs grow. Subscribe to insightpreneur to enjoy this.

  1.  Nairametrics

Nairametrics is all about Business News, Ideas, and Updates for small businesses and large enterprises in Nigeria. We all know the importance of news when it comes to running a business company in Nigeria. A small change in government policy or swing in the economy can make or ruin an entrepreneur. This fact is another reason why entrepreneurs in Nigeria should always consult a business news blog like Nairametrics.

  1. To be Updated soon

___ is a business blog I find very useful and resourceful for all entrepreneurs in Nigeria. This list will never be complete without mentioning it. Here is a blog that dedicates all its existence to the growth of entrepreneurs in Nigeria. ____is one of the surest go-to business blogs for anyone seeking business ideas – both small- or large-scale business. You can find expert tips on how to grow a business to success. One can confidently say this is the in Nigeria.

  1. Venture Africa

Venture Africa is another famous business blog in Nigeria that analyzes and discusses African business models and innovations. Through her team of business and economic experts, Ventures Africa gives a comprehensive account of the different successful business enterprises in Nigeria and abroad. Plus some excellent tips Nigerian Entrepreneurs can learn about them. Venture Africa virtually caters to both the needs of small and large businesses.

  1. Small Business Digest

If you are a person that regularly consults Google for business ideas or marketing tips in Nigeria, I am sure Small Business Digest will not be new to you at all. Small Business Digest, also known as invoice blog, is a product of that exists primarily to give free business resources and insights to Nigerian entrepreneurs. Particularly those who run small businesses. It practically covers areas like small business management, marketing and as well and customers relation.

  1. The Total Entrepreneurs

The Total Entrepreneurs, also known as (TTE) is an amazing business blog founded by Francis Nwokike on December 10, 2014. His ultimate goal was to create an amazing business blog that will serve as a guide for every Nigerian entrepreneur on how to start their business and develop it into a real success. He believes having a comprehensive guide to running and starting a business in Nigeria will make the entrepreneurial journey much easy.

  1. is another great resourceful business blog for entrepreneurs in Nigeria. This business blog originally started as a daily business newspaper before extending its content to internet users. covers virtually anything pertaining to business in Nigeria and the diaspora. Business news, innovation, entrepreneur, women in tech, and economy. For anything business-related, got you covered.

  1. Startuptipsdaily

Startuptipsdaily is another engaging business blog for entrepreneurs in Nigeria, especially startups. As I like to call it, Business Starters Companion creates content on all forms of feasible business ideas in Nigeria, varying from online businesses like blogging and freelancing to offline enterprises with examples such as “how to start a waste collection business in Nigeria”.

  1. Dayo Adetiloye

Dayo Adetiloye is one of the most innovative young entrepreneurs in Nigeria. And his blog is one of the best go-to business blogs in Nigeria. Do you need information on grants, startup tips, or business insights on growing and structuring your business idea? DayoAdetiloye is one of your surest plugs for that.

  1. BusinessPlanNigeria

As we all know, Business Plan is something no serious entrepreneur in Nigeria should joke with. It is one of the ultimate keys to building and managing a successful business enterprise in Nigeria. While every standard business blog can teach you the process of writing a business plan, the truth is that they can’t cover all the nooks and crannies as most businesses are unique in their own sense, and you will need more than just general content. That is what BusinessPlanNigeria exists for. Solely to help Nigerian entrepreneurs build excellent business plans that are tailored to their respective niches.

  1. is a business management and consultancy firm that strives to help entrepreneurs build their businesses through effective marketing and techniques. Through her numerous business experts, this business blog offers business owners in Nigeria knowledge on how to build a successful business enterprise in Nigeria. Are you into online or offline business in Nigeria? There is no doubt that some experts are awaiting you to share their ideas with you.

  1. Profitable Venture

Profitable Venture is a great business companion for every Nigerian entrepreneur. This business blog helps entrepreneurs solve intricate business problems and eliminate fundamental business barriers faced by entrepreneurs daily. Profitable Venture is one of the best online business resources for both startups and established entrepreneurs in Nigeria.

  1. Digital Marketing Skill

Digitalmarketingskill is another excellent resource for Nigerian entrepreneurs, especially those interested in leveraging digital marketing to promote their businesses. It was founded by Tobi Asehinde, another innovative young Nigerian entrepreneur. The Digital Marketing Skills blog is tailored towards giving entrepreneurs unique insights on how to start an online business plus comprehensive resources to help develop the business.


Entrepreneurshipsecret is another cool business companion for entrepreneurs who need awareness and understanding of business, economics, and factors that contribute to entrepreneurial ventures. The business blog focuses on helping entrepreneurs attain self-awareness and also offers professional advice on how to run and structure their business organization.

  1. AgriIncome is a fantastic business blog exclusively created for entrepreneurs in the agriculture industry. The blog boasts of hundreds of articles on how to start different kinds of agricultural affiliated businesses in Nigeria. It also covers updates on business opportunities and funding in the agricultural sector. If you are a Nigerian entrepreneur with an interest in agriculture, AgriIncome definitely comes in handy for you.

  1. Ideaslane is a unique business blog that strives to breed entrepreneurship into Nigerian students, even while they are still in the university. In an era where one out of every 10 Nigerian students is into one business or another, Ideaslane has made it her responsibility to guide students on how to juggle business with academics.

  1. SME Digest

Do you need ideas on how to grow or manage your small business? SME Digest comes in handy. Small and Medium Enterprise Digest, as I would prefer to call it, is an excellent SME -friendly blog with a unique user interface. This website gives regular business updates like business news, grants, partnership opportunities, and business conferences. It is an essential business resource for serious-minded entrepreneurs who value the importance of updates to be utilized in boosting their entrepreneurship journey.


Utibeetim is a business blog owned and managed by the famous Utibe Etim. This blog offers entrepreneurs regular updates on business opportunities and funding like government and private grants. It also creates comprehensive content on tips you can use to promote your business, manage your workers and boost your returns on investment (ROI).


Milvestor, also known as Millenials Investment Club, is a great business and finance blog designed for young Nigerians to learn and understand how to make money, invest it and generate a high return on investment (ROI). The Millenials Investment Club is essentially building the Warren Buffet(s) of Nigeria and will greatly help youths between the ages of 25 and 40.

  1. BusinessWorld.Africa

As a big fan of business news, I always encourage all African entrepreneurs to visit BusinessWorld.Africa daily. Or perhaps once in two weeks. BusinessWorld.Africa, as the name entices, primarily publishes verified business news across the African continent. This news cut across Startup news, Government regulation, investment, and occasionally innovative ideas from African business experts. It is my number 1 business blog regarding African business news and regulation.


Fellow entrepreneurs, now that you understand my intent for engaging you with the article “top 20 business blog in Nigeria”. I can only hope you are delighted with what you read. In return, it will be my pleasure to see you share your thoughts and perhaps recommend some other great resources for other Nigeria Entrepreneurs as well. Hopefully, in my next edit, I can include them in this list.

Sincerely yours,

Taiwo Sotikare, a fellow budding entrepreneur in Nigeria.

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