12 Best Romantic Restaurants for Your First Date in Nigeria

by Marvellous Onyekponwane
romantic restaurant

First dates can be nerve-racking and exciting, but one thing is sure to make your first date memorable and fun, the ambience of your chosen location.

There are so many restaurants in Nigeria, but we can partially classify them as romantic restaurants.

This article will look at the best romantic restaurants you can pick for your first date in Nigeria. Before we explore further, let’s find out, what makes a restaurant romantic, and what things to consider before going on your first date.

What Makes A Restaurant Romantic?

There are many suggestions on what makes for an excellent romantic restaurant. However, romantic restaurants are intentionally planned. Romantic restaurants need to have just the right amount of lighting, not too dark or bright, to give the couple privacy and boldness to express themselves without being shy.

The spacing between tables also has to be adequate to allow for more privacy, soft music in the background, and minimal and classy decorations. All these are the little ingredients that make a restaurant romantic. 

What You Should Consider Before Going on Your First Date

So you met this guy, and you are going on your first date as a lady, or maybe you are the guy, and you met this hot girl you can’t wait to go out with. You should check some things before going on your first date together.

First of all, what do you both enjoy eating? This would determine the kind of restaurant you pick. If you love Chinese, you don’t need to go to a local buka.

Another thing to consider is your budget. What’s your spending limit? Answers to these money questions would influence your choice of a romantic restaurant for your first date. It is also wise to discuss beforehand whether the bills would be split. Trust me, you don’t want surprises and embarrassment.

Best Romantic Restaurants for Your First Date

  1. Shiro Lagos


Inside Shiro Lagos

Shiro is one of the best romantic restaurants in the country. It is a Japanese-themed restaurant with a touch of modern architecture—high ceilings with an outdoor lounge overlooking the ocean.

Placing orders is digital. You have to scan the QR code, and you have their menu and prices on your phone. These and many more gives the restaurant a romantic appeal.

They offer Japanese, Korean, Thai, and Mediterranean cuisines, and I hear they serve the best dumplings in Lagos. Although I must warn you, meals here are expensive, so have a high budget for your first date if you want to enjoy yourself. But, overall, it’s a beautiful restaurant located at Block XVI 3 & 4 Victoria Island Oniru Estate, Eti-Osa, Lagos.

  1. R.S.V.P. Lagos


R.S.V.P Lagos

As the name implies, you are encouraged to make a reservation before visiting this romantic restaurant. However, this does not mean you cannot walk in and enjoy a romantic dinner. It is located at number 9 Eletu Ogabi St, Victoria Island Lagos.

This romantic restaurant was built with luxury in mind, modelled after top-class restaurants in New York, with nice background music playing continuously and glamorous designs which give it a more romantic ambience.

One thing that makes this place stand out is the food. The food here is always freshly prepared and deliciously made to suit you, which is a plus for your first date. I also love the variety of dishes served here. In addition, the restaurant offers meals for vegetarians and non-alike. Whatever your taste in food, you are sure to find something you love here.  

There is a poolside behind the restaurant with an open outdoor bar and lounge, offering a more relaxed atmosphere for your date. Diners can enjoy good music, great privacy and delicious food all at the same time. Meals here are averagely affordable, so depending on your budget, it is a great romantic restaurant for your first date.

Remember to make a reservation so you don’t meet a full house with no extra tables that would disappoint you and your date.

  1. Orchid Bistro

Mainlanders are not left out, and there are some romantic restaurants for your first date on the mainland. My fave is Orchid Bistro, they have branches at Victoria Island, Apapa and Ikeja, but for the sake of this article, I will focus on the branch at Ikeja Gra. It is located at 1B Oduduwa Way, off Isaac John street, GRA Ikeja.  

The food is excellent, the staffs are great, and there is a garden just outside, which gives the restaurant a romantic feel. Imagine walking outside to pluck a beautiful flower for your date. I am swooning just thinking about it. Anyway, it’s a beautiful place to be, and the decor is amazing, with a feel of nature. In addition, it’s a great place for a budget-friendly date, as meals here are not so expensive. 

  1. The Sky Restaurant

Inside The Sky Restaurant

Inside The Sky Restaurant

This romantic restaurant is situated at the tallest Penthouse of the Eko Hotel. It is the highest restaurant in Lagos and has a picturesque view of the city and the Atlantic Ocean. The ambience here is simply romantic and classy, but I must warn you, it’s quite pricey, so make sure you have a fat budget before going there for your first date. 

Regardless of the price, it is a must if you want to experience the best, from the lights to the soft music and the fresh ocean breeze that would make your date want to sit closer to you for warmth. This restaurant is not just romantic, it is exquisite, and I love everything about it.

The food is delicious, but the meal size would leave you wanting more. It is delicious regardless and a must-have. They offer a variety of African and Asian dishes. If you love to explore food, you should try this out. It’s the perfect location for a romantic first date. 

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  1. Hard Rock Cafe

hard rock

Hard Rock Cafe

This Restaurant is located at the heart of Oniru Victoria Island Lagos. It has a lovely and cosy decor with live music to keep you, and your date entertained. It is a great place for a first date, especially if you enjoy music. This romantic restaurant gives you an overall fine dining experience, from the lighting to the space between tables.

The food is great, and the whole atmosphere will leave you relaxed. I love the Lights in this restaurant. It’s just the perfect amount to give a sense of privacy. It is also a great place for pictures. You should consider this place for your first date.

  1. Nok by Alara


Nok by Alara

Nok by Alara is the definition of a romantic restaurant. From the location to the decor, both indoors and outdoors, they have one of the most beautiful decorations in Nigeria. The decor is a perfect background for award-winning Instagram-worthy photos.

I love the decor so much that it is all I am writing about. It is neat, clean, and classy, with great ventilation toned with eye-calming wall colours and gorgeous chandeliers.

The light in this romantic restaurant is just right, giving you a warm feeling of privacy and joy, which contrast greatly with the colourful decorations. You would love this place if you are a picture freak, and it would be great for your first date because you would have enough pictorial evidence of how much you enjoyed yourself.

No one walks into Nok and resists the urge to take pictures. It’s that breathtaking. 

nok by alara

Inside Nok

Now let’s talk about the food. Nok always has something new on its menu. They have different menus for lunch, dinner, brunch and garden. The food here is amazing but quite pricey, so it may not be a great place for a first date on a budget.

It’s worth considering if you have the money to splurge. This gorgeous romantic restaurant is located at Alara, 12a Akin Olugbade St. Victoria Island, Lagos and is worth a try.

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  1. Tarragon


Inside Tarragon

Located at number 50 Raymond Njokwu street, this is one of the most romantic restaurants in Lagos. It is a perfect location for your first date, especially if you enjoy cooking. This is because you can easily take a short cooking class at the culinary academy upstairs, which would help you bond better with your date. This restaurant is classy and very cosy.

The ambience has a romantic undertone which will make everyone around fade out until you can only focus on your date. The food is simply delicious, and they have a variety of options. Overall I recommend this restaurant for your first date.

  1. Blucabana Restaurant and Cafe

Blucabana Restaurant and Cafe

Blucabana Restaurant and Cafe

Located in the heart of Abuja at 1322 Shehu Yar’adua Way, Mabushi, Abuja, this restaurant offers a very romantic appeal for your first date as a lady. They offer both indoor and outdoor seating areas for your romantic first date.

You can choose to sit indoors, outside or by the poolside. Whatever you prefer is available to you. They have amazing and affordable dishes. I love that meals are freshly prepared and you don’t have to wait too long to get served.

They offer live entertainment on selected nights, so depending on your preference, you could have a quiet or loud date night.

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  1. Rewind Luxury Place 

rewind luxury

Rewind Luxury

This is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful places in Enugu. It is located at number 10A Igboeze St, Independence Layout, Enugu. This restaurant is gorgeous and screams romantic from the entrance. I love everything from the decor to the sitting arrangements and the general theme of the restaurant.

It has a romantic appeal that gives you enough privacy for your first date. Chairs and tables are well-spaced and comfortable enough to sit for hours without needing to stand up. The lighting is perfect, and the ambience is just right for a romantic first date.  

  1. Otis Lounge  


Otis Lounge

Trust me. When you get to Otis, you would think you are in Ikoyi. It’s simply Eko in Ibadan. This beautiful restaurant is located at No. 19 Aare Avenue, Bodija, Ibadan, Nigeria. It has a club, but I am particularly focused on the restaurant.

This place is not so quiet, but it is very classy, well decorated and you have enough privacy for your date. The food here is simply unique and delicious. After dinner, if you enjoyed your first date and are feeling up to it, you could slip into club mode and still have a great time.

It’s a great place if you and your date enjoy clubbing and are looking for a great meal. Also, you get to kill two birds with one stone. 

  1. Gusto Restaurant


Inside Gusto Restaurant

Located in the great city of Kano at number 17 Lodge Rd, Nassarawa, Kano, this romantic restaurant is breathtaking. You should go there for your first date, and I promise you will get a kiss afterwards.

This restaurant is simply beautiful. It is well organised and classy, from the decor to the lighting to the arrangements of the tables. 

The ambience here gives a very romantic vibe and, of course, enough privacy for all your love talks and show of affection. The view of this restaurant reminds me so much of Paris, the city of love, well we can say Gusto is Paris in Nigeria. 

The food is delicious and very affordable, the staff are polite, and it’s pretty easy to get your pictures taken. It is an absolute must for your first date, don’t forget to take beautiful pictures and post them on the gram because, trust me, you wouldn’t be able to resist doing so. 

  1. The Waterside Restaurant

the waterside

Inside The Waterside Restaurant

The ambience of this place is top-notch. You can sit and enjoy a quiet meal with a perfect view of the pool. If you are a beach lover, you should try this out. The interior decoration is amazing, with artwork and just the right amount of lighting. 

The food is delicious, and the platters are to die for. If you love great food and are looking for a calm and serene environment for your first date, this romantic restaurant tops the list.

It is located at Bozgomero estate 30 Abuloma Road industrial layout, opposite FCMB bank, Port Harcourt.


There are many restaurants in Lagos, but not all give a romantic ambience. These are my recommendations. Let me know in the comment section, which restaurant you would love to try out, which you have visited, and your take on the restaurants generally.   

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