Becoming a Tech Sister in Nigeria: Thriving in a Booming Industry

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becoming a tech sister in Nigeria

Nigeria, like most other African countries, is experiencing a tech revolution. From bustling tech hubs in Lagos to innovative startups across the nation, the tech industry sector is booming, offering a wealth of opportunities. But for Nigerian women, this exciting development can also feel daunting. Hence, the “Tech Sister” concept emerged—a woman who embraces technology, carving her path in this dynamic field and empowering others to do the same.

This article serves as your guide to becoming a Tech Sister in Nigeria. We’ll explore the thriving tech industry, identify in-demand skills, outline educational pathways, and provide tips for navigating the professional landscape. We’ll also celebrate the success stories of Nigerian women already making waves in tech, showcasing the power of the Tech Sisterhood.

The Rise of the Nigerian Tech Industry

Nigeria boasts the largest economy in Africa and a rapidly growing tech sector. Fueled by a young, tech-savvy population and a rising internet penetration rate, the industry is brimming with potential. Here are some key drivers of this growth:

  • FinTech

With a large unbanked population, Nigeria has witnessed a surge in innovative financial technology solutions. Mobile money platforms and digital wallets are making financial services more accessible, paving the way for a cashless future.

  • E-commerce

The rise of online shopping platforms is transforming retail in Nigeria. Affordable smartphones and increasing internet access are fueling e-commerce, creating opportunities for entrepreneurs and digital marketing specialists.

  • AgriTech

Recognizing the importance of agriculture in the Nigerian economy, startups are developing solutions to improve agricultural practices. From data-driven farming techniques to digital marketplaces for farmers, AgriTech is a sector ripe for innovation.

  • HealthTech

The Nigerian healthcare system is embracing technology to improve access to quality care. Telemedicine platforms and health-focused mobile apps are transforming how healthcare services are delivered.

Why Tech? The Allure of Innovation

There are countless reasons why tech is a compelling career choice for Nigerian women. Here are a few key motivators:

  • High Demand, High Salaries

The tech industry offers some of the most competitive salaries in Nigeria. With the increasing need for skilled tech professionals, job security is also a significant advantage.

  • Problem-Solving and Innovation

Tech is all about finding solutions to real-world problems. If you’re passionate about making a difference, like shaping the future of performing arts, tech empowers you to use your creativity and analytical skills to drive positive change.

  • Global Exposure and Impact

The tech industry is inherently international. As a Tech Sister, you’ll gain exposure to global trends and have the potential to contribute your skills and ideas to projects that impact millions.

  • Continuous Learning and Growth

The tech landscape is constantly evolving. By entering the field, you commit to continuous learning and upskilling, ensuring a dynamic and stimulating career path.

Finding Your Tech Path: Diverse Opportunities Await

The beauty of the tech industry lies in its vastness. There’s a perfect niche for every skill set and interest. Here’s a glimpse into some exciting possibilities:

  • Software Development

Building the applications and programs that power our daily lives. Roles range from front-end developers who design user interfaces to back-end developers who manage the data behind the scenes.

  • Data Science and Analytics

Unraveling the power of data to extract insights and solve complex problems. This field requires strong analytical thinking and problem-solving skills.

  • Cybersecurity

Protecting sensitive information in a digital world. Cybersecurity professionals are in high demand due to the ever-present threat of cybercrime.

  • Product Management

Transforming ideas into successful products. Product managers define the features, functionalities, and overall direction of a product or service.

  • Tech Entrepreneurship

Building your own tech startup! Nigeria has a thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem, and women are increasingly taking center stage.

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Developing Your Skillset: Building a Tech-Ready Foundation

There are several ways to equip yourself with the necessary skills to become a Tech Sister:

  • Formal Education

Consider pursuing a degree in computer science, information technology, or related fields. Several Nigerian universities offer excellent tech-focused programs.

  • Bootcamps and Online Courses

Intensive bootcamps and online courses provide a faster track to learn in-demand skills. Platforms like Coursera, Udacity, and edX offer various tech-related courses.

  • Self-Learning

With the abundance of free online resources like tutorials, documentation, and coding communities, self-learning is a viable option. Websites like W3Schools and freeCodeCamp offer comprehensive learning materials.

Remember, the best approach often involves a combination of these methods.

Empowering Networks: The Sisterhood of Tech

Nigeria’s tech scene is witnessing the rise of powerful women’s networks and communities. These provide invaluable support and resources for Tech Sisters. Here are some prominent examples:

  • WomenTech Network: Empowering Women in Tech

The tech industry has traditionally been male-dominated, but organizations like WomenTech Network are working to change that. This global community empowers women through leadership development, professional growth, and mentorship programs.

WomenTech Network offers a variety of resources to help women on their tech journeys. Their website provides information on various tech roles, from software engineering to digital marketing. This helps women understand the diverse career paths available within the industry.

One of WomenTech Network’s key strengths is its focus on building a supportive community. Through networking events and mentorship programs, women connect with like-minded professionals. This fosters a sense of belonging and provides a platform for knowledge sharing and inspiration.

The network also hosts the annual WomenTech Conference, the largest virtual tech conference for women in tech. This conference allows attendees to learn from industry leaders, network with potential employers, and discover new technologies.

WomenTech Network’s efforts extend beyond professional development. They actively promote diversity and inclusion within the tech sector. By showcasing the achievements of successful women in tech, they inspire others to pursue careers in this dynamic field.


  • Tech-She Can Nigeria

This organization empowers women in tech by providing training, mentorship, and networking opportunities.

  • Women in Technology Nigeria (WITIN)

WITIN focuses on connecting women at all stages of their tech careers, fostering collaboration and knowledge sharing.

  • For Ladies Who Code Nigeria (FLWC Nigeria)

FLWC is a global community that empowers women with coding skills. Their Nigerian chapter offers workshops, mentorship programs, and meetups.

Connecting with these networks allows you to learn from experienced Tech Sisters, find mentors, and build a supportive network.

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Challenges and Overcoming Them: Breaking Barriers

Despite the exciting opportunities, becoming a Tech Sister in Nigeria comes with its own set of challenges:

  • Gender Bias

The tech industry can be male-dominated, leading to implicit biases in hiring and promotion practices.

  • Access to Resources

Unequal access to quality education and technology infrastructure can create hurdles for some aspiring Tech Sisters.

  • Work-Life Balance

The tech industry can be demanding, requiring long hours and dedication. Developing strong time management skills and seeking flexible work arrangements are crucial.

Here’s how you can navigate these obstacles:

  • Combatting Gender Bias

Develop your confidence and showcase your skills. Networks like those mentioned earlier can empower you to network effectively and build relationships with key decision-makers.

  • Bridging the Resource Gap

Take advantage of free online resources, scholarships, and government initiatives to bridge the digital divide.

  • Balancing Work and Life

Communicate openly with your employer and advocate for flexible work arrangements. Prioritize your well-being and build a support system outside of work.

Beyond the Challenges: The Rewards of Being a Tech Sister

Despite the challenges, the rewards of becoming a Tech Sister in Nigeria are substantial:

  • Financial Independence

The tech industry offers competitive salaries, providing financial stability and the freedom to pursue your goals.

  • Career Growth

Tech is a dynamic field with endless opportunities for learning and development. You can specialize in a particular area, become a leader, or even build your own company.

  • Making a Difference

Tech has the power to tackle social challenges, improve lives, and shape the future. As a Tech Sister, you’ll be a part of this transformative journey.

  • Being a Role Model

Your success can inspire future generations of Nigerian girls to pursue careers in tech, closing the gender gap in the industry.

Celebrating Nigerian Tech Sisters: Role Models and Inspiration

Nigeria boasts a multitude of talented women who are in charge of the tech industry. Let’s meet a few inspiring Tech Sisters who are paving the way for others:

  • Fara Ashiru Jituboh

Co-founder and CTO of Okra, a leading FinTech startup that allows secure exchange of financial information. Fara is a testament to the power of perseverance, having overcome initial scepticism about female leadership in tech.

  • Ada Nduka Oyom

Founder of She Code Africa, a non-profit organization empowering girls and women across Africa with tech skills. Ada exemplifies the spirit of the Tech Sisterhood, actively promoting inclusivity in the tech space.

  • Honey Ogundeyi

Founder and CEO of Edukoya, a revolutionary e-learning platform disrupting the education landscape in Nigeria. Honey’s success story highlights the entrepreneurial spirit thriving within the Nigerian tech scene, particularly among women.

  • Ifedayo Durosinmi-Etti

Founder and CEO of Herconomy, a female-focused financial platform dedicated to empowering women with financial literacy tools. Ifedayo is a champion for financial independence and demonstrates the social impact potential of Nigerian tech.

  • Damilola Olokesusi

Co-founder and COO of Shuttlers, a ride-hailing app that offers safe and convenient transportation solutions. Damilola’s story showcases the ability of Nigerian women to break into traditionally male-dominated sectors like transportation.

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These are just a few examples, and the list of inspiring Tech Sisters continues to grow. Their achievements demonstrate the vast potential of Nigerian women in the tech industry and serve as a beacon for aspiring Tech Sisters everywhere.

Conclusion: Your Journey as a Tech Sister Begins Now

The Nigerian tech industry is brimming with opportunities. By equipping yourself with the right skills, embracing continuous learning, and fostering connections with the Tech Sisterhood, you’re well on your way to carving your unique path in this dynamic field. Remember, the most important ingredient for success is your passion for technology and your drive to make a difference. So, take the first step, embrace the challenges, and join the ever-growing community of Nigerian Tech Sisters. The future of tech is bright, and you have the power to shape it.

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