10 Tech and Marketing Jobs Arising From The AI Technology Boom

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More than ever, the AI technology boom has ushered in new marketing jobs, reshaping how businesses operate. And Artificial Intelligence has become a must-have tool for modern businesses that want to stay relevant. 

In this article, you’ll discover the transformative role of AI in marketing and tech jobs and the vital skills needed to excel in this dynamic field.

Ready to discover exciting career opportunities driven by advancements in AI? Read on. 

AI’s Impact on Marketing Jobs Today 

As said earlier, AI plays a crucial role in today’s marketing. It’s a high-tech tool that uses fancy math and data analysis to help with marketing. AI simplifies tasks and ensures personalized customer experiences, which makes it essential for businesses to adopt it. 

Through AI, businesses can look at tons of data faster and guess what customers will do next. It works almost like magic! It has changed how most companies do marketing. They can now make effective ads that are well-targeted, use their resources better, and have computers talk to customers.

Because of all these, there are more and more jobs for AI experts in marketing. As a result, companies are now looking for intelligent people who can use AI to make better ads which will lead to more money. 

If you’re searching for new marketing or tech jobs, you should explore the opportunities in an AI-driven world. And that takes us to the next heading. 

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Rising Career Opportunities: Emerging Tech and Marketing Jobs

  1. Data scientist 

In Nigeria, Data Science is a hot new job in technology and marketing. Their job is to analyze data, find important info, make future guesses, and help businesses improve their use of data for marketing. To do this job, you need to be good with data tools, know how to program, and be a whiz at stats.

Many companies are looking for Data Scientists because they want to be more innovative with their data. According to GlassDoor, Data Scientists earn around NGN 1,597,456 monthly in Lagos, with an average salary of NGN 250,000 per month. 

So, if you’re looking for an exciting new marketing or tech job in Nigeria, being a Data Scientist might be a smart choice.

  1. AI engineer 

The role of an AI Engineer is becoming vital in both the tech and marketing fields. These experts use smart AI to make excellent ads, examine and analyze customer info, and ensure effective marketing. 

To excel in this job, you’ll need skills like using machines, understanding data, and coding, especially in Python and TensorFlow. No doubt, there’s a growing demand for AI Engineers because businesses want to use data to make their marketing effort effective.

According to World Salaries, the average pay for an AI Developer in Kaduna is 4,919,600 NGN yearly. Anyways, note that it might vary from state to state. Remember to do your homework if it’s the type of job you want to explore in this AI-powered world. 

  1. AI instructors

As the influence of AI in modern workplaces grow, the need for AI instructors continues to increase. These experts are crucial because they help in crafting effective training programs. 

For instance, a leading tech firm might hire AI instructors to educate employees on using AI-driven analytics for data-based decisions. Such initiatives enable workers to leverage AI’s capabilities, improving productivity and decision-making in different industries, including marketing.

  1. AI marketing specialist

Another job making waves in the tech and marketing world is AI marketing specialist. This specialist uses AI algorithms to create sound marketing strategies for businesses. Also, he studies customers’ behavior and then uses it to make better marketing campaigns. 

To excel in this role, being adept in AI is essential. Also, the ability to do data analysis and keep up with the latest marketing trends is required. In other words, AI marketing specialists help companies find fresh and clever ways to reach their customers using AI. 

  1. Conversational AI developer 

There’s a growing need for Conversational AI Developers in Nigeria’s tech and marketing industry. These developers are responsible for the creation of chat-bots and virtual assistants. They do this to make customer interactions better and provide support. 

You need to have some skills to do great in this job. These include knowledge of Python, natural language processing, and AI programs.

According to Salary Explorer, the average monthly salary of AI Developers is NGN403,000 (4,840,000 NGN yearly). And from the latest trends in AI, it’s safe to say artificial intelligence has come to stay, meaning more jobs for AI developers and the creation of more AI systems. 

  1. Robotics engineer

Like in other countries, the demand for Robotics Engineers is rising in Nigeria. Businesses need them to design, build, and maintain robots used in different industries. These industries include marketing, logistics, manufacturing, etc. 

You see, the job of a Robotics engineer involves creating automated systems. They also make processes more efficient and ensure that robots meet the specific needs of different industries. That’s what you often call automation in business. 

To be good at this job, you should be good at programming. On top of that, you must know about mechatronics (a mix of machines and electronics) and how to solve complex problems.

A shining example of Nigeria’s potential in this field is Silas Adekunle, a renowned Nigerian robotics engineer. In 2018, The Guardian declared him the highest-paid robotic engineer in the world. 

  1. AI research scientist

In the tech and marketing scene, AI Research Scientists play a crucial role. They are the trailblazers who make advanced AI tools, run tests, and develop new algorithms to make ads unique.

 To shine in this field, you must be good at machine learning, deep learning, and data analysis. Guess what? More and more companies are putting lots of money into AI marketing, so there’s a big demand for AI Research scientists. 

When it comes to the salary of an AI Research Scientist, it varies from country to country. They earn in millions of naira yearly. Knowing this, you can think about becoming an AI Research Scientist for new marketing jobs or tech jobs, even as a Nigerian. 

  1. AI ethicist and compliance officer 

Here’s another tech job whose demand continues to rise. An AI Ethicist and Compliance Officer’s role is to ensure AI systems follow ethical rules and laws, reducing potential risks. In different media platforms, the AI Ethicist and Compliance Officer ensures that AI systems follow the rules and protects user data as per privacy laws like GDPR. 

To succeed in this field, you need expertise in AI ethics and data privacy to ensure compliance with regulations. In Nigeria, just like anywhere else, ethical AI practices are essential in the tech and marketing sectors.

  1. Writers with AI expertise

More than ever, there’s a need for writers who understand AI in Nigeria’s tech and marketing industries. Of course, these writers are good at AI and have good writing skills. Even more importantly, they make technical language easy to understand.

As more and more people use AI, the demand for these writers is rising. This new tech job offers promising earnings, but potential income varies based on individual circumstances and relevant factors.

If you’re seeking new marketing or tech jobs in Nigeria and have a passion for AI and writing, this career path could be perfect.

  1. AI prompt engineers

AI Prompt Engineers are professionals good at creating, improving, and fine-tuning the text prompts that AI systems use. They ensure these prompts work well and help the AI generate better results for different tasks.

In Nigeria’s tech and marketing world, Prompt Engineers are becoming essential players. Their specialty is crafting engaging messages for chatbots and virtual assistants, enhancing customer interactions and experiences.

You must know about natural language processing to be great at this job. Also, you must have good knowledge of AI and creativity.

The good news is that businesses are increasingly using AI-driven customer support, so there’s a high demand for Prompt Engineers. Thus, you might consider it a smart option as one on the lookout for new marketing jobs or tech jobs. 

Essential Skills and Academic Requirements for Tech and Marketing Jobs

In Nigeria’s booming tech and marketing industries, having the right skills and education is essential for landing those new marketing and tech jobs. That said, here are three things you need when pursuing opportunities in an AI-driven economy:

  1. Academic requirements

Entry-level jobs may accept a bachelor’s degree in computer science, data science, or marketing, but specialized roles often need advanced degrees. However, getting a master’s or Ph.D. can open doors to higher-paying jobs. You can find institutions that offer programs related to AI and marketing.

  1. Continuous learning

As you already know, AI technology is evolving, and marketing strategies shift constantly. To succeed, you need to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and tools. And that’s where local workshops, webinars, and online courses come in handy. They can help you acquire new skills and stay competitive.

  1. Certifications

There are various certification programs available for you to take up as an aspiring AI and marketing professional. And for AI, platforms like Data Science Nigeria and AI Saturdays offer you hands-on training. 

In marketing, certifications from institutions like the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) and digital marketing courses on platforms like Udemy and Coursera can boost your career.

With all that said, investing in your education and skills is your ticket to success in Nigeria’s competitive job market. Especially as one vying for new marketing or tech jobs. 

Indeed, it boosts your career prospects and fuels the expansion of Nigeria’s tech and marketing fields, positioning the nation ahead in these dynamic industries.

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How to Strategically Position Yourself for Lucrative Tech and Marketing Jobs in the AI Industry

  1. Recognize the significance of education

Getting ready for a career in AI and marketing requires a well-rounded approach. First and foremost, you need to establish a solid educational base. Consider pursuing degrees in relevant fields like computer science, data science, or marketing. This provides you with the necessary knowledge base.

  1. Acquire technical skills

Additionally, developing technical skills is crucial. This involves mastering programming languages like Python and understanding machine learning algorithms and data analysis tools. 

  1. Polish your soft skills

While acquiring relevant education and technical know-how, don’t forget you need to nurture your soft skills. It is crucial. These skills involve communication, creativity, and critical thinking. These skills bridge tech and marketing.

  1. Learn to network like a pro

Networking and leveraging industry connections is another pivotal aspect. Engaging in AI and marketing communities, attending conferences, and connecting with professionals can open doors to opportunities and insights.

  1. Create an impressive resume

One thing you don’t want to treat with levity is crafting a tailored resume and portfolio. You want to showcase projects, internships, and certifications that highlight your AI and marketing prowess. 

A solid educational foundation, technical and soft skills, networking, and a compelling portfolio are the cornerstones for launching a successful career in this dynamic and evolving field.


What tech jobs are most likely to be replaced by AI?

AI is likely to automate routine tech tasks, like data entry and basic coding. However, creative tech and marketing roles like content creation and strategy are less prone to being replaced by automation. Given AI’s role in improving these positions, it’s wise to acquire complementary skills for success in Nigeria’s tech and marketing careers.


The AI technology boom has ushered in a new era of opportunities in tech and marketing. For those aspiring to pursue an AI-focused career in tech or marketing, it’s vital to understand that it is promising and rewarding.

However, this requires gaining specialized skills, dedicating yourself to continuous learning, and always considering ethical aspects in these jobs. While the AI revolution keeps evolving, tech and marketing jobs in this field get more dynamic and crucial.

Will you keep delaying seizing the thrilling opportunities in this AI Technology boom?

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