How to Improve Your Posture for a Healthier Life

by Bolatito Elegbede

Posture is the placement of your body during different activities. Body posture says a lot about your health that’s why you must improve your posture.

Nigerians tend to overlook the posturing of the body. You have to pay attention to your body to make sure you have a good posture. You can improve your posture by following some tips I will provide later in this article. There are things you should not overlook to have a better posture as a Nigerian. 

For instance, a girl whose chest is a bit forward tends to look awkward when she stands or walks. This is not a good posture and is common in Nigerian female children. If someone had called her attention to it, she would have worked on improving her posture. People put their bodies in awkward positions that cause health issues like muscle tension, fatigue, unhealthy appearances, poor balance, muscle spasms, heartburn, and stress incontinence. This is one of the reasons why pregnant women always learn how to position their bodies so that it won’t affect their children’s posture after birth.

Your posture directly influences your confidence, that is your confidence will suffer if you don’t improve your posture. When you carry yourself in the right way, it’ll be difficult to intimidate you. Did you know sitting up straight or standing upright depicts power? Good posture is important in your life because it makes you attractive. 

Bad posture from birth might be hard to correct. Overuse of a part of the body often causes bad posture. To improve your posture, refrain from some lifestyles like using the phone for too long and sitting for too long.  

3 Insightful Tips To Improve Your Posture

  1. Exercise frequently

Exercise improves your posture and general health. It doesn’t have to be something vigorous. Engage in yoga stretches to strengthen the muscles in your back and improve your posture. Stiff neck muscles interfere with good posture, so perform simple head exercises by moving your head front to back and side to side. Stretch every day to loosen tight muscles in every part of the body. Exercises keep you active and help build up the necessary muscles for improving your posture and maintaining a good posture.

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  1. Healthy weight

For a better posture, you need to watch your weight. Unhealthy weight puts stress on the muscles of different parts of the body and can make the body go out of alignment. Improve your posture by eating healthy and making sure you don’t unnecessarily add extra weight. 

Make sure your weight is in the healthy weight range. You can do that by measuring your body mass index based on your height and weight. Being overweight causes joint pains and inconvenience in general. The more severe the joint pain, the more likely to worsen your posture.

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  1. Adequate support

You need support when you notice that your body is not aligned in certain positions. For instance, use a pillow to support your back when sitting to maintain an upright position. Always make sure the back, buttocks and thighs are in alignment. Consciously keep this up until you develop a better posture.

Depending on your daily routine, you can end up with a bad posture. You carry out one task or the other in your everyday life that will affect your posture, either negatively or positively. Even doing nothing can affect your default posture. To avoid this, let’s explore how to improve your posture at home, when driving, while studying, and also at work.

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How To Improve Your Posture in Certain Locations

  1. At home

  • Avoid sitting for too long, particularly on low seated chairs.
  • Avoid crossing your legs in an exact position for too long when you sit, because it over-stretches the leg muscles.
  • Be cautious when lifting heavy bags or equipment. Make sure you carry things in such a way that it distributes the weight. Do this so that one side doesn’t get injured as a result of overstress. An important tip when lifting something heavy is to squat before lifting, instead of the common bending. Your spinal cord will appreciate it.
  • Try to use a firm pillow when sleeping to avoid neck pain from developing. Also, ensure that you have a good mattress in terms of foam quality and softness. When your muscles are not relaxed as you sleep, you will end up with back pain, neck pain and a general body ache.
  1. When driving

  • Make good use of your seat belt and headrest. Ensure your car seat is in the correct position. Correct is relative, so if you share your car with someone, always adjust the seat before you drive. 
  • Make sure the seat is upright and the steering wheel levelled with your chest. 
  • Sit deep in the chair and make sure your back and shoulders have the right support. It gives you a better posture.
  1. Studying

  • Sit upright when studying. 
  • Use a table and chair when studying. 
  • Do not sit in a hunched position for too long. Stand and stretch at intervals, deliberately. You’ll prevent swollen feet and thighs.
  • Rotate your head at intervals to prevent neck pain and relieve your muscles

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  1. At work

This depends on the kind of work you do. 

  • If it is a job that makes you stand all day, then you should stand tall and upright to balance your back and hip bone. 
  • Wear comfortable shoes that evenly distribute your weight and sit comfortably on the ground.
  • If your job involves sitting and using the computer all day, make sure you stand and move around at intervals. When using the computer, avoid sitting in a hunched position for too long.

Whatever job you find yourself doing, just make sure you create a healthy working environment that doesn’t affect your posture and keeps other parts of your body safe. All these tips aim to improve your posture for a healthier life.


Be cautious of your body positions. Stretch and exercise regularly. Follow the tips to develop a better posture. The beauty of improving your posture is that your body will tell you when you’re doing something wrong. So, make it a habit to listen to your body signs and adjust accordingly.

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