Beautiful Wonders of Positive Thinking and Mentality

by Anuoluwapo Ojubanire
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beauty of positive thinking

What A Mindset Means 

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, a mindset is a mental attitude, inclination or a fixed state of mind. It is also the established set of attitudes that a person holds. An individual’s mindset determines behaviour, outlook and mental behaviour. So, positive thinking equals positive behaviour and an optimistic view of life.

Research shows that a person’s mindset plays an important role in determining life’s outcomes. I’ll tell you for a fact, understanding, adapting and shifting your mindset can improve your health, decrease the stress you go through and make you resilient to life’s challenges.

You can either have a positive mindset or a negative one. As humans, it is very easy to have a negative mindset especially when we have experienced major setbacks in life. This mindset makes us want to believe the worst about people.

Also, your experiences as you grow to play a major role in how you view different circumstances. It shapes how you view the world. Things might have happened to older relatives, friends, or parents that gave you a fixed mindset on particular things. 

What is Positive Thinking and Why You Should Embrace It

Positive thinking is the practice of being optimistic and hoping better things would happen. Having a positive mindset is being assured within you that whatever happens, you’ll be fine. 

Positivity is the practice of being or the tendency to be optimistic in attitude. It is being conscious that even when life sucks, there will always be a positive side to the situation. 

  • When you have a positive mental attitude, you minimise mental stress. It makes the situation feel and look so light that you have peace within yourself. You’re doing yourself a big favour by waving off the negativities coming at you and showing it who the boss is; which is you, of course. No challenge is the boss of you.
  • Having a positive mindset does not necessarily mean “boom! The problem is gone”. It’s not some “abracadabra” kind of thing because you’re not a magician (well, maybe you are). The point is, thinking positively does not make problems go away overnight. It simply lessens the burden and gives you the strength to face things head-on.
  • Positive thinking will save you a lot of stress and make you see the world differently.

Keep reading. You’ll soon discover why thinking positively is the best thing for you and how it can turn your life around. But first, discover what pessimism does to a person.

What A Pessimist Should Know

Pessimism is a negative mental attitude where you anticipate undesirable outcomes from a given situation. It is believing that bad things will happen in a particular situation. 

Some people are pessimistic to the extent that even with proof that something works or will be fine, they will still be worried. See, pessimism can make one lose an opportunity. 

For instance, you saw an ad online about a fully funded scholarship to Canada and the offer looked juicy and too good to be true. You made your findings and saw that it was legit. Yet, you did nothing about it because you believed it could not be possible. You were so negative that you didn’t even try. 

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Meanwhile, Tade your friend and chant buddy for “everybody must japa” with a positive mental attitude saw the ad like you did, believed in himself even though the odds were against him, and took a chance. Now, he’s living his dream.

What is the difference between you and Tade? He took the opportunity. The man believed things could work out for him. He focused on the positive side of things and now, he’s chilling with the big boys. That is what positive thinking does. It allows you to live your dreams. Now,baba don jand. 

How To Create A Positive Mindset

Right here, I’d have to reiterate that being positive does not make your problems disappear overnight. What happens is that you lessen the mental stress and become a little happier. 

Now, you’ve probably been wondering how you can embrace positive thinking. Your mindset can be your greatest weapon if you can wield it to your advantage. It carries you above all difficulties.

The good news is you can learn, unlearn, and reprogram your perspectives and beliefs. No long talk, here’s how you can develop a positive mindset. 

  1. Focus on the positives

Whenever something happens, focus on the bright side of things. Yes, it is not as easy as it seems but it gives you control over that situation. Seeing only the negative side of things complicates things and might even make you slip into a state of sadness or depression. 

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When you consciously embrace positive thinking, your mind begins to adapt to positive vibes. 

In Mel Robbins’ “5 second rule”, she explained how her daily routine shifted from snoozing the alarm whenever it sounded to counting 1-5 and springing out of bed whenever she heard the alarm. That technique made her brain reset and helped her in other life choices. 

  1. Believe in yourself

When you believe you can, you start to think positively. Say these words of affirmation to yourself, “I can”, “I will.” You will experience a total turnaround and have a positive approach no matter the troubles that life springs at you. When you believe in yourself, positive thinking comes naturally. 

  1. Listen to motivational talks

As a Nigerian, you might see listening to motivational speeches as an oyinbo thing and say “No, I’m an African, I don’t need things like that”. Trust me, listening to motivational speeches work. What you listen to matters.

If you constantly feed your mind with negative words, you’ll have a problem. But when you start listening to positive talks, talks about enhancement of your life as a whole, your mind will go through reformation. 

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Some Benefits of Positive Thinking

  1. Lower rates of depression
  2. Great resistance to illnesses
  3. Increased stress management
  4. Better resilience
  5. Increased life span
  6. Lower blood pressure
  7. Better physical health


In conclusion, positive thinking saves you a lot of stress and makes life easier. You’ll have the energy to face the world head-on. Opportunities would not pass you by because you believe you can do it. Positive thinking does wonder you didn’t think could happen. Henceforth, think positively. Live. And don’t harbour negative thoughts. Be prepared for some wonderful things in your life.
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