The Importance Of Canva For Entrepreneurs

by Anuoluwapo Ojubanire
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importance of canva for entrepreneurs

In this era of digital marketing, creating engaging and creative content should top your list as a business owner, irrespective of the kind of business you run. Your ability to create relatable content would help in your branding a lot.

Canva is an app that helps with that, and the importance of Canva for entrepreneurs in Nigeria and all over the world cannot be overemphasized.  

You and I know the world thrives on visuals these days, and content is king. It helps attract and engage your audience, creates massive awareness for your brand, generates leads, and so much more. Sweet! Content includes videos, infographics, long and short-form articles, and more. 

This is why the importance of Canva for entrepreneurs cannot be belittled. The app helps you create eye-catching content that aids your brand and gives it the push it needs.

I’m sure you’ve heard of Canva at some point on your entrepreneurial journey. You might even be using it and enjoying the benefits already, and if you haven’t, don’t worry.

This article will answer your questions and guide you in using it in your business. Canva for business owners is easy to use and fun at the same time.

What is Canva? 

Canva is a user-friendly graphic design tool business owners use in creating amazing, catchy, and shareable content such as logos, fliers, social media posts, business cards, whiteboards, menus, photo collages, invitations, Youtube thumbnails, and even a whole website. 

It offers both free and premium versions. Guess what? You can even use Canva to create an album cover if you’re an artist.  That’s insanely cool. It is easily my favorite graphic design app. The importance of canva for entrepreneurs are numerous. It is suitable for any business. 

The importance of Canva for entrepreneurs cannot be exhausted. Come with me as I’ll show you in this article what this amazing design tool can do. 

importance of Canva for entrepreneurs

What Canva looks like

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Importance of Canva for Entrepreneurs

  1. Canva has a free version

Have you been struggling with marketing and graphic designs budget as a small business owner? Well, help is at your door! Canva, being a holy grail for anything design, has a free version. 

This is the number one importance of Canva for entrepreneurs. It has free design templates you can choose from, and you can also make your designs as you deem fit, i.e. from scratch. 

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The free account helps you save money. Although, there’s a paid version for individuals and teams. Per month, it’s $12.99, which is N5,641.30 in Naira. 

And for teams per year, $119. 99 is what you’ll pay, which translates to N52,109. 26. The paid version has millions of templates, a brand kit to help your branding, and much more. Canva for business owners couldn’t have been better. Most times, the free version is enough for your design needs. 

  1. It is easy to use and easily accessible

Canva has templates for any design project you might want to do. It has a drag-and-drop tool and thousands of layouts to choose from. 

It’s the easiest and fastest graphic design tool out there. Trust me, I wasn’t paid to promote the app. Apart from the cool things the app can do, Canva is so much fun that you’d get lost in the sea of designs. 

The importance of canva for entrepreneurs is visible in that business owners have all they need to create mind-blowing content. 

Canva can be accessed anywhere in the world. It’s not that app that is limited to non-Nigerians or anything. You can start creating a design at home and finish it later at work. Your work progress can’t be lost because it is stored on the Canva cloud.

Using a laptop makes your design process easy and smooth. But if you don’t have one, no worries, Canva can be used on your phone. Easy peasy. You also don’t have to download the app, and it can be used directly from Google chrome or any other browser you use. 

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  1. You don’t have to be an expert in designing 

One of the importance of Canva for entrepreneurs is that it’s easy to learn. You can create beautiful designs in minutes without an ounce of stress. Everything has been laid out for you. What you have to do is pick a template, edit it to your taste, and you have your design.

However, you can go custom-made if you want to control your project completely. 

Even if you use the free version, the templates cannot be exhausted, as Canva has an online library with various designs. The colors and fonts can be changed as well. Canva brings out the creative side of you. Your imaginations come to play as you explore and discover new things on the app always.

  1. It helps to maintain brand consistency 

This is another benefit of Canva for entrepreneurs I cannot but mention. Top-notch graphics give your brand a professional look. Your logo, brand color, and fonts help you connect better with your audience as they recognize your brand once they see these things. 

Staying consistent as a brand is crucial in building and retaining your target audience, and Canva helps you with that. This doubles as an importance of Canva for entrepreneurs.

Your brand identity in the form of colour palettes can be added to the app (tagged brand kit on Canva). Well, that’s for people with a premium account. You’d agree that the importance of Canva for entrepreneurs cannot be overemphasized.

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  1. It has free stock images, icons, and elements ready for use

You don’t have to worry about looking for photos that suit your design. Canva’s got that prepared for you. It has over a thousand free images ready for you. Whatsapp, Instagram, Announcement, and phone icons are also available to be included in whatever content you want to create.

Creating content your audience and prospective customers can relate to on Canva is an importance of Canva for entrepreneurs. 

For instance, you’re trying to design a sales flier for your perfume business. After picking the desired template or starting from scratch, then adding the required information on how the sales will be, your brand colors, and fonts, you need to add a WhatsApp icon to your flier and your contact in front.

Your business Instagram handle should also be there. This gives you a professional look, and people will want to buy from you because you know what you’re doing. Canva is indeed for business owners. 

  1. Social media content creation with ease 

Another crucial benefit of Canva for Entrepreneurs is it helps business owners create content that is pleasant and relatable. Graphic templates for social media posts for Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, WhatsApp, Pinterest, and Instagram can be edited easily and faster, so you can focus on running other aspects of the business, like marketing campaigns, finances, and the like. 

How to Design With Canva Step by Step

  1. Create a Canva Account

The first step in using Canva is to create your account if you don’t have one. Just go to and click sign up. Fill in the required fields and you’re good to go. Like I said earlier, the app is not limited to any region, so you can use it even in Nigeria. 

You can either download the app or use it directly from your browser. Both Android and IOS users can download the app. 

importance of Canva

  1. Choose your design type

Your design journey continues from here. To start, click on the create a design button. There are 3 options here; Choosing your preferred template, creating a custom design (starting from scratch), or uploading a photo and edit. Pick what works for you and start designing. 

importance of Canva for entrepreneurs

  1. Check through already made templates

One of the sweetest thing about Canva is that it’s stress free and absolutely easy to use. There’s a whole library of templates to choose from. 

You connect with your audience more by staying true to your brand identity since Canva makes it easy and simple to design. This is yet another importance of Canva for entrepreneurs.  The templates can be found on your page’s left hand side. 

importance of Canva

  1. Start designing

You have chosen a desired template or decided to start from scratch. 

If you’re using a free account, you have to choose free templates. If you chose a template, edit it to suit your need and if you desire to create a custom design, choose a background colour to work with. 

You also have to select your sizes, shapes and colours at this point. The options for a font size and type will be seen on the page. You can also add whichever effect.

importance of canva for entrepreneurs

  1. Finish up and download

Round up your design at this time when you’re satisfied with what you have done. 

Then use the download button and save either in PDF or PNG format. The PNG format is advisable as it is easier to share on social media. 

Final Thoughts

The importance of Canva for entrepreneurs has been highlighted throughout this article. You can see that you need it as a business owner. Creating content that resonates with your target audience and prospective customers is essential to the success of your small business. Canva helps you with all of that and more.

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