10 Funny Pidgin Proverbs to Spice Up Your Day

by Ojeyemi Adeleye
pidgin proverbs

If you are familiar with pidgin English in Nigeria, then pidgin proverbs won’t be strange to you. Pidgin proverbs are sayings to spice up ghetto slang, actions, or occurrence. It has a unique tone.

Pidgin proverbs are witty sayings embedded with wisdom and knowledge. It is more than just a saying; they are hard nuts to crack. It takes a lot to understand its content and meaning.

Interestingly, they are funny, dynamic, and rich in language. At this point, you could begin to wonder what brought about the saying and how they were coined. It is a coded language used to communicate, correct, and warn individuals depending on the occurrence. Therefore, this article will expose you to 10 funny pidgin proverbs in Nigeria.

But, before I walk you through the red carpet of funny Nigerian pidgin phrases, let’s get acquainted with what pidgin English is in Nigeria.

What is Pidgin English in Nigeria

Pidgin English is an additional language created by Nigerians. Funny enough, it has served as an escape language for the illiterate. It is easy to learn and speak. Although, there are levels to speaking pidgin.

The tone and manner a Warri man or woman will speak pidgin is different from every other man. How and why? This I can’t but say the language is inbuilt in them. Pidgin English has unified Nigeria together. That is the three major tribes.

Pidgin English is in every mouth of Nigerian youths or adults. For comprehension, let’s look at three examples.

  • Correct Sentence: I want to go home.

Pidgin English: I wan go house.

  • Correct Sentence: Where are you coming from?

Pidgin English: Where you take dey come?

  • Correct Sentence: Why didn’t you go to the hospital early?

Pidgin English: Why you no quick go hospital?

There are a lot of similar examples. However, it is essential to note adding new words and subtracting a few words from the well-constructed sentence when speaking or writing.

It will be suitable to say pidgin English birthed pidgin proverbs. So, distinguished ladies and gents, it is time to hold the bull by its horn. Please permit me to walk you through the red carpet of 10 out of the common and numerous pidgin proverbs in Nigeria.

10 Common Funny Nigerian Pidgin Proverbs 

Funny Nigerian pidgin phrases are not limited to the ghetto alone. It is common among the Igbo tribe of Nigeria. If you imagine the intonation and the saying, I am certain you would laugh till you are numb.

Let’s have a look at different funny pidgin proverbs and their meanings.

  1. Woman wey never see problem na ein still dey hold breast run

This is one of the most common funny Nigerian pidgin phrases. One will encounter some situations, and the only thing you think of is survival. The adage above means when you face tribulation, every other thing is inconsequential.

  1. Pikin wey say ein mama no fine dey take style call ein papa blind man

This is another funny pidgin proverb. It is an indirect insult to one’s father. I would have advised the child to call a spade a spade rather than cutting corners. I am just kidding. Respect your elders.

  1. Na for old age ashawo dey know the value of pikin

This proverb agrees with the statement, “you don’t know the value of what you have until you lose it.”The moral lesson is to appreciate and protect what you have, irrespective of its importance.

  1. Man wey naked no dey chook hand for pocket

The question is, where is the cloth now to talk of pocket? This means calling for help when needed instead of hiding the problems.

  1. No matter how your temper hot, e no fit peel fowl skin

We are familiar with the culture of using hot water to remove chickens’ feathers. Out of all pidgin proverbs, this teaches self-control from unnecessary anger. It redirects you back to sanity.

  1. Escort me, escort me, na so slave trade start

When you talk of people taking advantage of you or opportunities, you would agree with me that this pidgin proverb is among the perfect pidgin proverbs to explain this. Most people want things done in their favor. Who doesn’t anyway? Wink!

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  1. No be as woman dey take close eyes enjoy sex she dey take enjoy labor pains 

leads the funny Nigerian pidgin phrases that differentiate pain from pleasure. Just as we see it in movies, most of us could guess, in case you want to deny watching movies (chuckles), the facial expression from pleasant copulation.

The pleasant facial expression during sexual activities might not be pleasant during childbirth. That is, there is always a line to draw when doing things.

  1. Fly wey no get special adviser na ein dey follow dead body enter grave

Don’t be stubborn. Resist being that strong-headed man or woman who doesn’t heed the advice. As earlier stated, this is another example of the funny Nigerian pidgin phrases used to advise. The outcome of being stubborn is always disastrous.

  1. E no get as room wan take dark reach wey man no go locate road to breast?

What comes to your mind if you hear a phrase like this? You are probably smiling right now, Child of the world. However, the message this adage is passing relates to providing solutions to issues. Also, it boosts confidence to achieve the goal or duty set before you.

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  1. Woman wey dey find pikin no dey wear pants

This is the last on the list of some pidgin proverbs in Nigeria. This, in its simplest form, connotes determination. This shows a high level of urgency and importance.

In reality, who is dressed up tight while seeking the fruit of the womb? Undoubtedly, the above statement is among the funny Nigerian pidgin phrases.


Children of my mothers, this article has highlighted and explained ten funny pidgin proverbs in Nigeria. However, it is essential to use the appropriate proverb at the appropriate time for the appropriate action. I just say make I break Kolanut with you.

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