10 Benefits of Internships and How to Get Them

Discover the attractive benefits of internship programmes in Nigeria

by Ojeyemi Adeleye
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benefits of internships

Skill acquisition is one of the benefits of internships. It is an avenue to gain more knowledge about a domain, field, office, or work. Guess this is why students undergoing professional courses are advised to intern for the experience.

Every organization seeks to employ skillful employees who can contribute to the organization’s growth. But the question is, how do you intend to achieve this? The answer is an internship. Permit me to briefly explain what an internship is before diving into the benefits of internships.

What is an Internship Programme?

An internship is a form of formal learning for both graduates and undergraduates. And It’s advisable to begin interning at a young age. It exposes you to the day-to-day running of a business or organization. Internships prepare you ahead of life.

It may also serve as a means of survival after college only if you get monetary tips from the organization. An internship helps you gain work experience that gives you a plus during job interviews. To cut the story short, this article will guide you through the various benefits of internships.

What are the 10 Benefits of Internships?

benefits of internships

  1. To Build Confidence

The first on the list of benefits of internships is confidence. Have you ever wondered how a young employee wins huge contracts for their company? The little secret is confidence. Having prior knowledge and experience before occupying an office boosts your confidence.

This is because you already know your duties and how to do them. What is left is to be the hero of your organization, winning more contracts for them.

  1. Job Experience 

The statement “you must have at least two years experience” has disqualified many people from securing a job. But, on the other hand, it has helped some people secure a job. Life is a two-sided coin. You should know this already. One of the benefits of internships is job experience.

Organizations these days find it challenging to start grooming employees from scratch. They want people who can solve problems and add to the organization’s growth. Although, there can be exceptions if you have potential.

  1. Career Guide

As earlier stated, it is becoming a culture for students studying professional courses to intern in an organization. For instance, students who study mass communication tend to intern at radio and television stations.

Internship set to guide you through your choice of career. You tend to know the dos and don’ts of your choice of career. In addition, interning helps you get familiar with your job’s ethics. A career guide is one of the benefits of internships.

  1. Creates Networking

The saying “know who know road” plays an important role when discussing the benefits of internships. Interning in an organization exposes you to different professionals in the field. Regular conversation with them makes you exchange ideologies and maybe contact.

Most employees get job opportunities more from friends than through application letters. They refer you to organizations in need of your skills. The sweet thing is they are witnesses to your skills and ability. All you need to do is walk confidently to attain the position.

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  1. Access to Different Departments 

This is one of the benefits of being an intern. You are a finger in every pie. You know or have an idea about every department and section of an organization. For example, let’s consider theatre arts students interning in a film school for a case study.

Apart from acting, such students or individuals are exposed to other aspects of filming. Examples include lighting, costuming, make-up, directing, set design, cinematography, and much more. Do you see why access to different departments is one of the benefits of internships? It is an avenue to widen your horizon.

  1. It Boosts Your Curriculum Vitae (C.V.)

C.V. Is one of the requirements for job employment in every organisation. Imagine having a C.V. consisting of just your personal and academic data. Or a C.V of just a page. You have a slim chance compared with anyone whose C.V. contains various skills and organisations they interned.

I could remember sending my C.V. to a friend, and she asked, “why is your C.V. scanty”? On a low, shame catch me. The fact is, an internship helps add value to your curriculum vitae. It is fit to be one of the benefits of internships.

  1. Increase in Market Value

Probably you think you are a commodity to be purchased. Smile! No, you are not. Market value is this content means you are what every organization needs. You have the skills, ability, and talent to perform in various offices.

Just like most universities tend to retain first-class graduates, organisations want to have you work for them. Another advantage is a high salary. Imagine 3 or 4 organizations proposing jobs with high pay. Sweet right? This is the moment you lift your shoulders. Your market value is part of the benefits of internships.

  1. Secured Reference

Reference(s) can determine whether you get a job or not. Company managers or human resource managers sometimes go as far as asking for connection (s) to ensure you are up to the task. No company wants to gamble, so they need adequate information that you fit the office you applied for.

You can include the name of the head of the department you interned. This is another reason why you should take internships seriously. Whatever your reference says goes a long way when applying for a job. Undoubtedly, a secured reference is one of the benefits of internships to help you connect a good reference to get your dream job.

  1. Mentorship

Good communication brings about good relationships. For example, having a good rapport with your manager during the internship helps you become a better person. How? You tend to look up to him and achieve greatness like him.

He will guide you and put you through the nitty-gritty of the field or job. What else is the responsibility of a mentor is not guidance? In addition, you have the chance to get to know more information than every other intern.

  1. Transition to a Full-Time Employee

The last on the list of benefits of internships is transitioning to a full-time staff. It is easy to convert from an intern to full staff in your interning organization. It is believed you are away with ethics and knowledgeable about the job.

It saves you from knocking on one office door or the other seeking a job. It opens doors of employment and opportunities for you. Internships serve as an interview or a preliminary school for training. So again, there is a need to take internships seriously.

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This article has highlighted ten benefits of internships. However, every undergraduate should consider interning to enjoy the above benefits. The earlier, the better. I say make I break kola nut with you.

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