5 Smart Tips to Identify Hookup Girls in Nigeria

by Ojeyemi Adeleye

Just like in every other country, there are also hookup girls in Nigeria. Due to the high rate of unemployment in Nigeria, some girls decide to take up “hookups” as a way of living and a source of income. Hookup in its literary form means “to meet”.

Contrary to this, most people add sexual pleasure to their meet up. Therefore, hook up’s original meaning changes to a transaction between two people (a male and a female) for a sexual purpose. Most hookup girls in Nigeria stick to this second meaning. You might even wonder why I brought in the word “transaction”. 

However, permit me to bring to your knowledge that the sexual activity only occurs on an agreed amount of money paid. The agreement is made between the two hookup parties. I guess this gives rise to the popular statement “money for hand, back for ground”. 

Hookup Girls in Nigeria—The “Oloshos

Engaging in sexual activity with a hookup girl in Nigeria occurs in two ways; either per time or overnight. The Yoruba people call all hookup girls an “Olosho“. Curious right? Just so you know, Olosho na serious business for unserious girls in Naija. Don’t be surprised that so many girls have made a fortune from it. 

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Hookup girls in Nigeria.

A per time hookup means you are liable for sexual activity within a short period or agreed time. It might be two hours or less. It might even be after your first ejaculation. The overnight or full time means you have the girl to yourself overnight. Sounds like an enjoyment galore! Well, your money does the talking.

The price for a per time hookup is lower compared to that of overnight. Unfortunately for the hookup girls in Nigeria, you can still bargain. Nevertheless, it is important to note that “hookup pass hookup”. Some prices or payments are not negotiable. That is, there are levels to this hookup game. You can’t compare Abuja hookup girls to Ife hookup girls. Neither can you compare Lagos Olosho to that of Osogbo. There are levels to this. 

Perhaps you’re a Nigerian bachelor searching for a soulmate and you find it difficult to identify or differentiate responsible girls from hookup girls. This article can help you out.

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Tips to Identify Hookup Girls in Nigeria

  1. They are Night Walkers

If you are the Jayejaye type that stays off home late in the night, you are a step closer to finding a hookup girl. Hookup girls in Nigeria are mostly seen at night. You see them around in a club, hotel, etc. Their main mission is to entice you with their body, calling you all sorts of romantic names. Just like you watch it in the movie, the only difference is that this is real life.

Hookup girls in a Nigerian clubhouse are of two types. Some will approach you with erotic dance steps just to ensure you notice them and probably take them away for the night.  The second type is the lowkey ones. Those girls you see sitting alone at the club, most of them are there for hookup. They are the classy Oloshos

Their trick is to pass across various body language to invite you over. Then boom! They have given you their digits for further discussion. 

  1. You can find them on Dating Sites or App

This is the easiest way to fall victim to hookup girls in Nigeria or any other country. Every adult uses a smartphone. And in one way or the other, they connect to the internet. There are numerous dating apps and sites that enhance internet relationships. It is no news that hookup girls in Nigeria have taken over dating apps. 

One famous dating app is tinder. So, in case you notice this application on your female friend’s or girlfriend’s phone. Bro, she is into hookups, don’t fall into her trap. One of their excuses for having the app is boredom. Well, some might be due to boredom. But if her profile reads “matured minds only”, then she is into hookup.

Hookup girls always have their profiles with pictures that expose private parts of their bodies. If you know, you know. Other dating apps include friendite, Sexy Naija, Badoo, Christian NG, Zoosk, and Niger Planet amongst others.

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  1. Mode of Dressing 

In one of my recent write-ups, I mentioned some wrong content we hide under the umbrella of entertainment. Well, it’s one thing to dress nice. It is another to expose your body. There is this feminist movement we have now; contemporary feminism where most girls hide their immoral dressing under. 

Hookup girls in Nigeria are ready to expose every part of their body most especially their laps and cleavage. They want you to see what you want to spend your money on. This is to avoid the issue of what I ordered vs what I got. You see them in transparent and skippy outfits. They always want to show you their bodily assets to ensure you don’t take your eyes off their body. It might be funny but it is true. 

Another attribute is their makeup game. You mostly see them fix long nails, eyelashes and multi-coloured hair. Set awon ologo rainbow, smiles.

  1. When your girlfriend constantly talks about sex and money

If she does this, she is one of them! Another way to identify hookup girls in Nigeria is their constant talk about sex and money. Some will even ask you, ‘if I come to your house, will you give me money?’ 

To them,  if it is not making money, it is not making sense. Well, it should not shock you. It is not easy to decide to exchange your body for money. Oops, let me reduce the volume. Some will even decide not to stress you. They will let you know they are into a hookup. Now the question is are you in or not? Make your decision wisely.

  1. Pictures with Different Guys

I am sure some of you are ready to attack me and ask if it is wrong to take pictures with your male friends? Because you’ve once snapped with a guy you are not dating, lol. Now, let me land before you bury me. If you will agree with me, girls like to take pictures especially when they are sitting in front of a car. 

But why will a girl be taking pictures or making snap videos in front of different cars with different guys? Is she the only one? If your girlfriend does this, beware. She might be just one of the hookup girls in Nigeria.

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This article talks about five tips to identify hookup girls in Nigeria. So, if you want to choose a girlfriend or soulmate, shine your face to avoid stories that touch the heart. 

Don’t marry a hookup girl as a wife. In most cases, they won’t even marry you. They will only break your heart. Are you there? I just say make I break kolanut with you. Subscribe to our newsletter to keep track of more engaging posts. Insight.ng loves you!

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Avatar of Olamide
Olamide May 18, 2022 - 10:25 pm

Lmao.. true but clubbing doesn’t make you a hookup girl though, some just want to have fun after a stressful week/month (with their girls).
But yeah qudos 👏

Avatar of Uncle Jax was here!
Uncle Jax was here! May 19, 2022 - 11:45 am

Heheeee! Thanks for the insight. We’ll surely look out and of course shine our eyes wella!

Avatar of Halimat Chisom
Halimat Chisom June 20, 2022 - 4:43 pm

Glad you enjoyed it.
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Avatar of Doherty
Doherty July 5, 2022 - 6:39 pm

It’s a norm in Nigeria today ,may God help us
Not all girls in the club or dating app are into hookups.

Avatar of Ojeyemi Adeleye
Ojeyemi Adeleye July 5, 2022 - 6:47 pm

But I don’t think we should follow norms. Some can be wrong. Not all girls but one say few are found in the club and on dating apps. Sure you enjoyed it. Trust us to dish you topnotch and interesting content. Thanks


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