6 Common Problems Affecting Nigerian Youth

by Ojeyemi Adeleye
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problems affecting Nigerian youths

Like every other youth in the world, Nigerian youths are often associated with bad societal influence, and this is one cankerworm that has eaten deep into Nigerian society.

A child does not just wake up to be a youth or grown adult; it requires a growth process. Growth is the process of development, increase and change that cuts across every aspect of life.

Growth in man is a transformation from one stage to another, from infancy to toddler, to adolescent to adult. First, however, let me retell that the child is exposed to numerous adventures, acts, and problems that influence the child and might be a habit during these stages. In this article, we pin our focus on problems affecting Nigerian youths.

The world is changing; things are advancing. Therefore, we come across different problems that positively or negatively influence us.

Don’t let me bore you with my pep talk. Instead, let’s have a quick dive into the problems affecting Nigerian youths.

6 Common Problems Affecting Nigerian Youths

  1. Bad Parenting 

problems affecting Nigerian youths

The first problem is bad parenting. Do you know why? A well-trained child that grows to be a youth will be a good product to society. This is one important factor and the most difficult.

There is no cue sheet or procedure for good parenting, but we cannot neglect its importance. A child is influenced by his parents before society or any other factor.

What do you think of a child raised in a violent home or where they witness the father beating the mother? He would most likely grow to be like the father taking the act as a norm. This is why bad parenting cannot be overlooked, and it is one of the problems affecting Nigerian youths.

  1. The ‘School na Scam’ Syndrome

problems affecting Nigerian youths

As a kid, education is the best legacy, they say but is it so in the present day Nigeria? That’s a discussion for another. “School na scam” is a popular saying among Nigerian Youth. This is based on the level of decadence in Nigeria’s education system.

The ‘school na scam’ syndrome is one of the problems affecting Nigerian youths’ career development.

One of the numerous advantages of education is it helps create chances for a bright future. For example, have you ever asked how some Nigerian youths get to excel as tech gurus and the like across the globe? This is because they are informed, tutored, and educated about their skills.

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  1. Trends from ‘Woke’ Songs or Music

problems affecting Nigerian youths

Music is as old as humanity, and the style changes with period or time. Music is more than just singing. It is a culture and way of life. It’s a body with different genres.

There are a lot of musicians in Nigeria singing different genres or kinds of music. However, the type and lyrics of songs being promoted in the country are problems affecting Nigerian youths today.

No doubt, music is to entertain and lighten up one’s mood. So let’s quickly compare some songs from the 90s and 21st-century music. Some of the musical artists in the 90s include Fela Anikulapo, Ebenezer Obey, Fatai Rolling Dollars, and Tunji Oyelana.

Music in the 90s was inspiring, taught morals, educative and informative. Fela’s songs are informative, creating socio-political awareness in society. Likewise, Oyelana hints at how to live life peacefully and with ease in obey’s songs. But now, we hide immorality under entertainment.

T. I Blaze, a Nigerian musician, sang a song titled Sometimes featuring Olamide Badoo. Let’s run some analysis through the song. A line in the song says, “sometimes food no dey give man joy but Canadian loud the feeling is different.” So what is this song teaching Nigerian youths? It simply translates to telling them they can find joy in smoking marijuana.

Nevertheless, Nigerian youths would listen to this song because they believe it’s a ‘woke’ song, thereby contributing to the problems affecting Nigerian youths.

Any Nigerian youth that is not educated will digest unhealthy song lyrics and pick unhealthy habits. There are numerous songs whose lyrics build up bad acts and influence most Nigerian Youths.

  1. Celebrities or Role Models

problems affecting Nigerian youths

This is one of the top problems affecting Nigerian youths today. Everyone has a role model or someone they admire. Celebrities are public faces due to the attention given to them by the mass media.

A celebrity to a Nigerian youth could be the President of Nigeria or Mc Olumo, or Bobrisky, a well-known crossdresser. It could even be among famous Nigerian entrepreneurs or musicians and actors.

For instance, we have a group of Nigerian youths regarded as ‘the Marlians’. Their role model is Naira Marley, a famous Nigerian musician. Consciously or unconsciously, these Marlians have picked one or two habits from Naira Marley.

Habits Nigerian youths can pick from celebrities or role models include; mode of dressing, manner of speech, and a lot more.

So therefore, if your role model is a tout, you will be a tout, and if your role model is a great person, gradually, you will grow to be a great person.

  1. Internet 

problems affecting Nigerian youths

It is technology o’clock where the world is made easier and better for humanity. The internet as a medium of communication and information helps bring the world to your doorsteps.

As the internet has numerous advantages, it also has its disadvantages. How? Content! Anyone connected to the internet can view or read different types of content. For example, it can be through social media or blogging.

As earlier stated, we are in a society where anyone can post immoral content under the umbrella of entertainment. Recently, a video of an immoral act went viral, and many blame accusations fingers pointed at bad parenting. Yes! But let me ask, as an individual, what is your contribution to society? What kind of content do you post on the internet under the umbrella of fun and enjoyment?

Well, I am not here to point fingers. But, sometimes, the silhouette challenge was the order of the day. Guess what? Many Nigerian youths participated, especially ladies; they jumped on the challenge like a monkey reaching for bananas.

Most Nigerian youths use smartphones and can access the internet. But, one way or another, they tend to practice what they see, read, or hear, and this is one of the common problems affecting Nigerian youths.

  1. Peer Pressure

problems affecting Nigerian youths

For decades, peer pressure has always been on the top list of problems affecting Nigerian youths.

“Bad companies corrupt good manners.” Every child grew up knowing this statement. It is a check and balance for every kid. Are your friends with those that will invite you to cultism or call your names for job opportunities?

The kind of company you keep helps determine the quality of life you will live. The kind of friends determines the gathering you find yourself in and the kind of ideology you share.

As a Nigerian youth, your friends will positively or negatively affect you depending on mutual ideas shared.


We have highlighted six problems that affect every Nigerian youth’s social and behavioural structure. However, there are other problems affecting Nigerian youths, such as insecurity, unemployment, and religious and cultural influence, amongst others. Join our whatsapp community if you enjoyed this and would like to get updates on similar content.

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