Top 10 University Courses to Study in Nigeria

by Judah Itah
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top courses to study in Nigeria

The pressure of being a university graduate has pushed many into studying courses that turn out to be irrelevant in their career path. Therefore, it is important to know the top courses to study in Nigeria.

Many secondary school graduates and their parents are always at a crossroads in selecting the top courses to study at the university.

Courses that are scalable in the labour market have a higher prospect than those not. Therefore, it’s pointless to study a course that won’t help you be able to secure a job after graduation.

Years back, medicine and law were widely regarded as the greatest degrees in Nigeria, but this is no longer the case in Nigeria today. There are many other top courses to study at the university that are very competitive and provide hundreds of job prospects.

This piece’s criteria for identifying the top courses to study in Nigerian institutions are based on my research. I conducted my research using data from recent graduates between the year 2016 to 2022.

Let’s glance at the recommended list of ten (10) top courses to study at the university.

Top 10 Courses to Study In Nigeria

  1. Accounting and Finance

top courses to study in Nigeria

Accounting is one of the top courses to study at the university, and it is one of Nigeria’s most popular subjects.

Accounting is a course that exposes students to insight into managing a company’s financial data. It’s also a form of bookkeeping and communicating a company’s or corporation’s financial health.

Accountants are in demand in both government and professional settings. In addition, they can work in various organisations.

After earning your bachelor’s degree in accounting, you should consider taking a professional certification test, a master’s degree, or a Ph.D. in accounting.

The General Criteria for Studying Accounting in Nigeria

  • Five SSCE credit passes, comprising English Language, Mathematics, Economics, and two additional related courses, are earned at the O’ level.
  • Accounting Jamb subject combination: Mathematics, Economics, and any other Social Science subject
  • Accounting qualifications for Direct Entry: (i) Two ‘A’ level passes, one of which is in Economics. (ii) It is necessary to have a minimum of Upper Credit in OND.
  1. Medicine

top courses to study in Nigeria

Medicine educates health care providers on how to treat and manage people’s health. It is regarded as the most comprehensive training available in Nigeria.

Graduates of this program have a 90% likelihood of finding work in private hospitals, clinics, or government institutions. A doctor’s job offers them the knowledge to diagnose and treat patients, manage drug resources, and keep up with scientific and technological changes.

Initially, the doctor is prepared to address basic health issues before specializing in a specific field. Medicine is one of the top courses to study at the university.

The General Criteria for Studying Medicine in Nigeria

  • Five (5) SSCE credit passes in English Language, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology at the O’ level.
  • Use of English, Biology, Chemistry, and Physics in the Jamb subject combination for medicine.
  • In addition, the Direct Entry requirements for medicine include ‘A’ level passes in Physics, Chemistry, Biology, or Zoology.
  1. Law

top courses to study in Nigeria

The law degree, being one of the most senior academic fields globally, is an intriguingly valued certification that promises huge professional opportunities and is regarded as one of the top courses to study in the university in Nigeria.

Studying law is about upholding the rule of law, a noble career that the world needs more of. The law affects many aspects of society and is not only for attorneys or courts.

Students can more easily analyse all sides of complicated situations or obstacles and design the optimal impact based on strong perception and critical thinking, thanks to their legal knowledge and abilities.

General Prerequisites for Law School Entrance in Nigeria

  • Five (5) credits in either WAEC or NECO in not more than two sittings.
  • Include subjects like English, Mathematics, and other applicable subjects in your WAEC or NECO.
  • Jamb subject combination for law: Use of English, English Literature, and any two (2) other Arts or Social Science Courses.

The Requirements for Direct Entry Law Student

  • Select subjects like English Literature and two additional arts/social sciences subjects for your Jamb registration.
  • Passed the Joint Universities Preliminary Examinations Board (JAMB)
  • Have a First Class, Second Class (Upper or Lower Division) in your previous degree.
  • UTME requirements plus two ‘A-Level papers in any subject.

Are you fit to study law? Then you can go ahead to do so because it is one of the top courses to study in the university in Nigeria.

  1. Mass Communication

top courses to study in Nigeria

Due to the high demand for journalists and communication skills, mass communication is one of the top courses to study at the university in Nigeria.

Journalism is a field that is responsible for gathering all types of information and communicating it to the public through various multimedia channels.

One of the many benefits of this course is that it provides you with the opportunity of diversifying into different niches. For example, you can be a sports journalist, entertainment journalist, news reporter, content creator, etc.

General Entrance Criteria for Studying Mass Communication

  • Five (5) SSCE credit passes in English Language and four (4) other Arts or Social Sciences subjects at O’ level.
  • Combination of Jamb subjects for Mass Communication: English language, English literature, Government, and any other art subject.
  • Two (2) ‘A-Level passes in Arts or Social Science courses are required for direct entry.
  1. Agricultural Sciences

top courses to study in Nigeria

Since agriculture is a global industry needed for human survival, it gives the field an edge in the Nigerian labour market.

Graduates of Agriculture are highly sought after, and it is considered one of the top courses to study at the university.

Nigeria is working to improve its agricultural system to improve its economic situation. Because the business is expanding rapidly, skilled specialists in all areas of agriculture are in high demand.

Requirements to Study Agriculture in Nigeria

  • Five (5) SSCE credit passes in English Language, Biology/Agricultural Science, Chemistry, and one in Mathematics/Physics/Geography/Economics.
  • Agriculture Jamb subject combination: English, Chemistry, Biology/Agriculture, and one of Physics or Mathematics
  • Two (2) A-Level passes in Chemistry and one from Biology/Botany/Zoology/Agricultural Science, Economics, Physics, Geography, and Geology/Mathematics are required to enter agriculture (Pure & Applied).
  1. Biochemistry

top courses to study in Nigeria

All other areas of engineering now want to explore Biomedical because their sector is saturated, which is why Biochemistry is one of the top courses to study in the university.

The range of career opportunities is extensive, and it continues to expand daily. You will get a broad range of information during your studies that will enable you to pursue careers in other fields related to biochemistry.

General Criteria to Study Biochemistry in Nigeria

  • Five (5) SSCE credit passes in English Language, Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics, and Biology at the O’ level.
  • Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Mathematics are the required JAMB subjects.
  • Two (2) ‘A-Level passes in Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics, or Biology are required for direct entry into Biochemistry.
  • NCE/ND/HND in related programs.
  1. Computer Science

top courses to study in Nigeria

Technology is focused on making new advancements in the field that will enhance people’s lives as time passes. Therefore, the strong need for Computer Scientists makes this one of the top courses to study in the university in Nigeria.

Without technology and computer understanding, firms and industries are exposed to cyberattacks and information management. This is where the expertise of computer scientists is needed.

Prerequisites to Study Computer Science in Nigeria

  • Five (5) SSCE credit passes in English Language, Mathematics, Physics, and two additional science subjects.
  • Mathematics, Physics, and one of Biology, Chemistry, Agric Science, Economics, or Geography as a JAMB subject combination for Computer Science.

Computer Science Direct Entry Students Requirement

  • Two (2) ‘A-Level passes in science disciplines, including mathematics.
  • Merit in Mathematics and one (1) other Science or Social Science subject at the NCE level.
  1. Architecture

top courses to study in Nigeria

Architecture is one of the top courses to study at the university in Nigeria. However, there are a few things to think about before making a decision.

Working as a real estate agent is particularly appealing for architects because it is connected to their discipline.

Anyone with a bachelor’s degree in architecture understands the benefits of buildings right away and can confidently explain them to others.

Compared to other real estate brokers, who often lack this level of detail, this can be a significant advantage.

Prerequisites for Studying Architecture in Nigeria

  • Five (5) SSCE credit passes in Mathematics, English Language, Physics, Chemistry, and any Technical Drawing, Geography, or Wood Work at the O’ level.
  • Use of English, Mathematics, Physics, and one topic from Art, Biology, Chemistry, Geography, and Economics in the Jamb subject combination for Architecture.

Architecture Direct Entry Requirement

  • Two (2) A-Level credit passes in one of the following subjects: Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, Geography, or Fine Arts.
  • Upper-division ND/HND credits in essential disciplines.
  1. Engineering

top courses to study in Nigeria

Engineering is a broad term that refers to a variety of more specialised branches of engineering, each focusing on certain areas of applied mathematics, applied science, and application kinds.

Engineering disciplines such as Petroleum and Gas Engineering, Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Computer Engineering, and so on are top courses to study in the university in Nigeria.

Engineering Programme General Entrance Criteria

  • Five (5) SSCE credits in Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, English Language, and one science topic are required at the O’ level.
  • Use of English, Chemistry, Mathematics, and Physics in the JAMB for any Engineering discipline.
  • Engineering has a direct entry requirement of ‘A’ level passes in Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics.
  1. Marketing 

top courses to study in Nigeria

Following Accounting and Economics, Marketing is likely to be the second most popular social science top course to study  in Nigeria.

This is because graduates of this course are required by practically any enterprise, company, organisation, or other entity seeking to advance and remain competitive in the marketplace.

Only specialists in this industry have the requisite marketing abilities to assist any company/firm in establishing its brand and continuing to make money.

Requirements to Study Marketing in Nigeria

  • Five (5) SSCE credit passes, including English Language, Mathematics, and any three (3) related courses at O’ level
  • Use of English, Mathematics, Economics, and one additional important subject in the JAMB subject combination for Marketing.
  • Two ‘A’ level passes in Accounting, Management, Government, or Geography are required for direct entry into Marketing.

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7 Simple Steps On How To Choose A Course to Study In The University.

Having gone through the top 10 courses to study in Nigeria, you might be wondering how you can identify the one you want to study. Here are some tips to help you in choosing a course to study at the university;

  1. Analyse why you want to take that specific course.
  2. Research on the skills needed by professionals in the field of the course.
  3. Check if you have a passion for the course.
  4. Talk to your parents/guardians about your plans and aspirations.
  5. Picture yourself practising the course. Do you love the picture? If yes, go for it.
  6. Apply to a prestigious university.
  7. Fill out the application form and prepare to take all required exams.


This piece provides an insight into the top 10 courses to study in Nigeria. However, you should also understand that your career success should not be tied to your university degree; your B.A. (Bachelor of Arts) or B.Sc. (Bachelor of Science) degree has no bearing on your job success. You still need to improve on your professional life through innovative career development.

It should, however, be noted that some universities in Nigeria do not offer some of the above-listed courses due to a lack of departmental accreditation. Therefore, ensure you visit the institution’s website to ensure they offer the course of your choice before you apply.

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