Top 6 Factors Influencing the Life of Nigerian Youths

by Sulaiman Halima

The youths are the most important age group in both the present and future society. For any nation to develop and succeed, the youths must be active. This is more reason the life of Nigerian youths should not be taken lightly. Youths should be the most versatile age group. 

Nigerian Youths are the Future of Nigeria: How?

A country needs literate and responsible youths. This is because all other age groups ranging from senior citizens to children rely on youths. As a result, they expect a lot from them. Thus, the life of Nigerian youths can influence the future of Nigeria and every other factor concerned. For youths to serve their purpose in society, there are certain demands attached to it. 

Some factors influence the life of Nigerian youths. These factors determine their negative and positive impacts on society, depending on how they’re being influenced. Below are some top factors that influence the life of Nigerian youths.

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6 Factors Influencing the Life of Nigerian Youths

  1. Family background 

Parenting and family relationships have a great influence on personality development. Family relationships shape and guide people throughout their life. Moreover, imbibing strong family values helps people to make the right decisions in life. 

When family life is characterized by stress and conflict, it can affect the well-being of the family members negatively. Therefore, the life of Nigerian youths solely depends on the kind of family they come from. Family influence in youth development depends on the type of family they come from, whether it is good or bad. The members of a family with close bonds will have good relationships with one another. The cordial relationship in the family will influence the member to be good too. 

Research shows that poorer parent-youth relationships and bad parental monitoring were associated with marijuana use, spree drinking and even alcohol use among the Nigerian youths. This is a result of less or no open communication and closeness between parents and youths. 

An active process of parent-youth communication will lead to the discussion of appropriate behaviourism and parental expectations. Therefore, the family is the first factor that can influence the life of Nigerian youths. We all know that family is the first agent of socialization.

  1. Educational background 

The life of Nigerian youths is greatly influenced by their level of education. Without proper education, the youth cannot choose and seek their interest in leading the country. This is because education is one crucial requirement to become a leader in Nigeria. Also, literates get higher incomes and gain more opportunities in Nigeria.

Besides these facts, education re-moulds the life of every Nigerian youth positively. It equips them with the necessary skills they need to compete in the global market. Consequently, the lack of education in the life of Nigerian youths leads to a higher rate of illiteracy in society. 

This increase in the level of illiteracy can open the door to several negative activities. So, to curb the negativities that accompany illiteracy, the need for quality education arises. Formal education will create the medium for youths to discover their potential and capabilities. 

  1. Peer influence 

The quality of friends can influence the life of Nigerian youths. Peer influence is when you react positively or negatively because you want to feel accepted by your friends. The latter is more common. Youths tend to do risky things or break rules depending on the kind of friends they keep. They can as well become smarter or more assertive.

Nowadays, the rate at which the youths act under the influence of peer pressure is high. Hence, the youths need to strike a balance between being themselves and fitting in among their friends. Also, they should accept that their feelings are valid and that their self-esteem is important. 

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  1. Religiosity

Diverse studies show that people who pray regularly and often attend religious services have less involvement in the incidence of pathologies. Religion is one of the forces for social change. Due to religion, the rate at which people engage in crimes, and get addicted to drugs and alcohol tends to reduce. 

Although, religion is not the only factor that influences the life of Nigerian youths. However, it plays a major role in their actions. The absence of religion in the life of the youths leads to social retardation. Religion helps to define the life of every youth—it gives meaning to their lives. Religiosity among the youths increases their understanding of global complexity. It enables them to reinforce character traits thereby enhancing economic growth. 

Moreover, religiosity can raise productivity by motivating people to work harder in this life as a result of their belief in the afterlife. Thus, religion is very important in the lives of youths. This is because it has a positive impact on their behaviours and decision making.

  1. Economic situation

Amongst the factors that adversely influence the life of Nigerian youths is the situation of the economy. When the economy is tough, the youths suffer the most. Economic recession, as well as the development, have great complications and improvements respectively on the life of every Nigerian youth. Besides, both challenge the growth of the country. 

When there are challenges in economic growth, the level of poverty will increase. As the level of poverty increases, the rate of school dropouts will also rise. This will affect the life of the affected youths as there would be an increase in antisocial activities like crime, violence, etc. 

Moreso, jobless youths become harmful tools (electoral thugs) in the hands of desperate politicians during elections. The level of their proximity to drugs and high substance abuse also soar due to idleness. So, economic development and recession are another cogent factor that influences the life of every Nigerian youth.

  1. Social media influence

Social media is a platform where people converse, share information as well as create web content. This media is a wide space where people from all walks of life get to meet and interact with one another. Social media can serve either as a distraction or a means of meaningful connection to the youths.

Join us on whatsapp to connect with other Nigerian youth that are navigating through these influences one step at a time.

Social networking sites have a great impact on the life of Nigerian youths. These impacts can be positive or negative depending on how they utilize. Youths can connect to exchange knowledge and make productive interactions. Therefore, the youths should make good use of social media. This is because the negative usage will hinder the development of society. 

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Thus, the youths should be properly equipped to transform society. They are the keys to realizing the socio-economy and development of the nation. Every factor that can influence the life of Nigerian youths negatively needs to be dealt with.

Youths are the centre of reconstruction and development. They serve as a good measure of the extent to which a country can reproduce and sustain itself. The extent of their vitality, responsible conduct, and roles in society positively correlate with the development of this country. Subscribe to on Youtube to keep track of more engaging posts. Thanks for your time!

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