6 Fascinating Tips on How Not to Fall a Victim of Yoruba Demon

by Ojeyemi Adeleye
yoruba demon

“Breakfast” is a current slang in Nigeria that means “break-up,” contrary to morning meal. Maxie, a Nigerian musician, recently sang a song titled break-up na national cake (breakfast). The heart breaker in this song is popularly believed to be a yoruba demon.

Let’s have a glimpse through some of the lines of the song;

“Break up Na national cake

   E go touch everybody

   E don touch my guy

   I Dey wait for my turn ooo”.

“Na everybody go chop breakfast” is a statement fondly used by Nigerians. It means everyone will have their share and story of a broken relationship. The question is, who are the people or men dishing the national cake? The answer is the “Yoruba Demon.”

Yoruba Demon is a phrase used to qualify handsome, rich and attractive men smartly dressed in Yoruba attire. They are mostly Yoruba men. Yoruba demon effortlessly devises means of making ladies fall easily for him.

You would probably be curious about how to identify a Yoruba demon. Questions like what are their characteristics? How will a lady not fall victim to the Yoruba demon will pop up in your mind. Well, sit tight; fasten your seat belt as this article drives you towards the answers to your questions.

6 Fascinating Tips on How Not to Fall a Victim of Yoruba Demon

To avoid falling victim to a Yoruba demon, you must be able to spot one at sight. However, below are the red flags ladies should look out for.

  1. Fashionable dressing

yoruba demon

The first attribute of a Yoruba demon is his sense of fashion. As earlier stated, he dresses smartly. He has the latest design and style of Yoruba wear (natives). He is a slayer; he dresses to impress, he dresses to kill.

You would see them in a starched native, babariga , agbada (precisely white), and suits. When you see a rich, attractive young man in a starched white native, my sister, run for your life! Abort mission!

  1. Physique 

Yoruba demon

The physical features are assets to a Yoruba demon. They are always at the gym searching for new catches. He possesses a huge built body structure. He is light-skinned and belongs to the beard gang. He appears likely to be a guardian angel whose mission is to protect you. All na lies, he is going to serve your breakfast. Avoid such people.

  1. Sweet Mouthed or Slick Tongue

Yoruba demon

This is another weapon. Naturally, Yoruba men are gifted with words. A Yoruba man, equally a Yoruba demon, will trip you off your feet with seductive words. They have and use various punch lines in their arsenal to capture your heart.

Okay, a swift change of gear to a chat between a Guy (Yoruba demon) and a lady;

Guy: Hi, beautiful

 Lady: Hello

Guy: Sorry to come into your space

Lady: It is fine

Guy: Has anyone ever told you how beautiful you are?

Lady: (smiling) Thank you.

Guy: You are the most beautiful lady I have ever set my eyes on…

Snap out of it! You are certainly smiling while reading this already. You and I can predict what will be running through the lady’s mind. Getting involved in a chat with a Yoruba demon and hearing the statements above will leave you blushing and smiling.

A word from a Yoruba demon will melt your heart; you would identify a one when you start hearing statements like; I am not one of the other guys, you mean the world to me, I will give you the world and a lot more.

A Yoruba demon will say every seductive word to ensure he gets you. Those sweet words tend to be lies. My dear Japa! Japa!!.

  1. Articulate Accents

Yoruba demon

Yoruba demon speaks with an articulate accent. He has great diction, leaving you to conclude he was not born in Nigeria. He always wants his voice heard. He situates himself at locations where he is chanced to speak with people.

Don’t be shocked; he can be a church boy; he is either a chorister or an usher. If you see a fresh guy speaking with extreme phonetics, look away. He is a scam.

  1. Type of Name

Yoruba demon

This sounds funny, but it is true. If you are conversant with social media, there is a meme captioned with names of Yoruba men ladies should avoid. It is probably a name collated by Nigerian ladies served breakfast.

Some of the popular names of Yoruba demons are Femi, Tunde, Niyi, George, Ola, and Damilare, amongst others. If they bear any of these names, run as fast as your legs can take.

  1. Surrounded by Beautiful Girls

Yoruba demon

A Yoruba demon is every girl’s friend. They know a lot of beautiful girls. Let’s be realistic, how does a rich, attractive guy be friends with fine girls? Jealousy will be the order of the day in having a relationship with him. Let go of him.

Other Traits of Yoruba Demons

  • Yoruba demons are the life of the party. Surprisingly he doesn’t dance much. He displays the rich sugar daddy vibe and sprays money. But trust me, his silence is loud and dangerous. It’s not a path to tread.
  • One of the deceitful attributes of a Yoruba demon is a perfect gentleman. Ladies want a quiet man but trust me; it is a trap you should not fall into.
  • He always has a clique. Friends surround him with the same features. They do things together and attend occasions together. If you find yourself around such a man, avoid him.
  • A Yoruba demon hides his relationship. Statements such as “I want the relationship to be between us”. This is enough to indicate he is not serious about the relationship. Please don’t fall for it. It is a relationship, not a secret cult.
  • He gets personal with his gadgets. Yoruba demons constantly have secrets to hide. If he frowns at you touching his gadget, avoid him.
  • Prevent any relationship or communication with a guy who still gets intimate with his ex-girlfriends. Yes!


The funny thing is the attribute every lady wants in a man tends to be the characteristic of a Yoruba demon. My advice is to go for moderate men. It doesn’t mean they can be a Yoruba demon, but it is a very low chance. I hope you enjoyed the ride through the twelve ways to spot and avoid falling victim to a Yoruba demon.

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