6 Ways to Become Smarter in Life – Consistently and Effectively

How to Become Smarter in Life

by Daniel Yakubu

Our world today is filled with many opportunities that can change many people’s lives, but sadly only smart people get hold of these opportunities and benefit from them.

Investing your time in learning ways to become smarter in life is wise. Smart people don’t struggle to get to the top. Instead, they automatically find themselves there. In this article, I will be showing you ways to become smarter in life.

Six (6) Ways That Will Help you to Become Smarter in Life

  1. Get quality exposure

Getting quality exposure is one of the ways to become smarter in life. You must be willing to leave your immediate environment to get quality exposure. Exposure will allow you to see and learn from different races, cultures, and ideologies. If you don’t have the means to travel to get exposure, social media can be an alternative for you.

It is almost impossible not to find any information you want online. You can use social media to get exposure. A phone with stable internet access can grant you opportunities to see places you have never been to physically; that’s the power of social media, you can leverage it if you don’t have the means to sponsor yourself on a trip to any of the locations you would love to visit. One of the intriguing things about getting exposure is that it will enhance your level of reasoning and creativity.

  1. Become a good listener

Someone rightly said that you would learn many things from listening rather than talking. Smart people are good listeners. Anytime you find yourself in the company of others, don’t be quick to speak, listen attentively to what others say. Listening is a skill you should learn to help you become smarter. Smart people pay attention to details. You cannot pay attention to details when you are always talking.

In life, you will certainly meet people who may be more informed and advanced than you in certain areas of knowledge; if you fail to listen attentively to such people, you may end up losing a piece of information that can change your life for the better. Being a good listener is a great advantage you must embrace if you desire to learn and understand the ways to become smarter in life.

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  1. Always ask good and profitable questions

Asking questions is one of the proven ways to become smarter in life. You must consistently and constantly ask questions to become smarter. Smart people are always hungry for knowledge. Don’t be ashamed to say you don’t know how to go about a thing when you have the opportunity to ask someone and get clarity.

There is a wise saying in Nigeria that says that ” An individual who always asks questions will not miss his or her way.” You cannot desire to become smarter in life and refuse to learn the art of asking good and profitable questions. Make a decision today to always ask questions where you don’t seem to understand a particular thing, and you will be doing yourself a great favour that will benefit you tremendously in the future. 

  1. Get a mentor

A mentor is someone who guides and shows you how to navigate a path that he/she has trodden on before you. To become smart, you must walk with a smart person. You cannot choose your mentor carelessly. Your mentor must have made many mistakes, and your being a mentee will save you from making such kinds of mistakes; because they will be there to help and show you the right way to go about things.

Learning the ways to become smarter in life is not an easy task, you must be deliberate about it, and one of the ways to become deliberate about it is by getting a mentor. Someone who will lead you by the hand and show you how things ought to be done is who a mentor is. A wise saying says, “You will either learn through pain or mentorship.” You tell me which is easier between the two of them. Of course, I know your answer will be mentorship. I prefer to learn through mentorship than to learn through pain. To become a smart person, you need to get a smart mentor who will guide you.

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  1. Surround yourself with smart people

If you walk with five smart people, you will likely become the sixth wise person. The people you hang around with are a strong determinant in knowing whether you will become smart or not. The people you surround yourself with have the propensity to influence you directly or indirectly.

You should not keep anyone around you who is not a smart person, and the reason is that the more you keep them around you, you will gradually begin to think like them, and that will not be of benefit to you. Make up your mind to keep around you only people who are smart enough to inspire and motivate you to become a person of value.

  1. Read thought-provoking books and study resource materials

This, I will say, is a golden rule in learning how to become smarter in life. To improve the quality of your life, you must read and study thought-provoking books and materials. Every individual who ever became great and notable in life; was and is still a reader. You will be doing yourself a great disservice if you don’t create time to study.

As the adage says, “Leaders are Readers.” Every smart person I have come across is a great reader. Reading a book is synonymous with having the experience of the writer. It is advisable to read a book daily because it will not only keep your mind refreshed but will also enhance your thinking capacity. Create time to study resource materials that have the potential to increase your value.

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In conclusion, learning the ways to become smarter in life can be quite demanding, especially in Nigeria. Still, suppose you are disciplined enough to get quality exposure, become a good listener, ask good questions, get a good mentor, surround yourself with smart people and read quality books. In that case, you will be amazed at the level of smartness that you will display.

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