How to Introduce your kid to Making Money Online in Nigeria

by Jessica Eni
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With Nigeria’s economy in slow motion and few opportunities for young people in the country, the internet has created new ways to make money as a kid.

Parents must help their kids make money online. If a child is introduced to making money online at a young age, it can be easy for him/her to have a sustainable career. 

Making money online is not a walk in the park, so if you’re going to get involved in this, you need to make certain adjustments in your parenting style. First, you must equip your child with the skills to live online, or else they will be in for a bad time.

This post will be a guide on how to introduce your kid to making money online in Nigeria. 

Why you Should Teach your Child Money Consciousness

A kid will become a better money manager the younger they are introduced to saving, investing, and money management. Children with these skills are better equipped to manage their finances and create budgets. 

Additionally, it helps kids develop an understanding of the value of money and helps them make wiser financial decisions.

Five (5) Tips to Keep in Mind When Teaching a Kid How to Make Money

  1. Introducing your child to internet earning opportunities is never too early or late.
  1. Allow them to make money as a kid. As a result, it will make them appreciate the value of money.
  1. Teach them how to invest. Before you introduce your kid to making money online, help him/her understand how to invest. It will teach them how to multiply the money they will make.
  1. Help them distinguish between wants and needs to avoid unnecessary spending when they learn how to make money as a kid.
  2. Be a role model. Practice what you preach. Invest! Set saving goals and accomplish them. Your kids will be eager to learn from you that way.

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How to Introduce your Kid to Making Money Online in Nigeria 

  1. Get them interested, make them curious

Ask your teenager thought-provoking questions to make them interested in money-making. Buy them books on financial literacy. It’s a great way to change their mindset.

  1. Talk about the basics of money

Recognizing money and producing change are two important financial skills a child should learn.

Because most schools emphasize academics more than money, they are unlikely to develop these abilities in school. Hence, you must teach them.

  1. Recognizing money

The values of various forms of currency vary and can be used to pay for various items. The denomination of the money is what counts, not its size. Teach your child how to identify different currencies and denominations of money.

  1. Producing change

Change refers to the difference between the cost of a product or service and the money offered to pay for it. 

Teach them these basics before you allow them to make money as a kid.

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11 Online Jobs for Kids to Make Money

  1. Online airtime/data vendor

The telecommunication industry is growing every day. You make money as a kid by selling data and airtime to users.

  1. Podcasting

You can start a podcast channel and teach people what you know. It can be in the form of a series. It’s easy. You need to have the right information and a target audience.

  1. Blogging

Do you like writing? Is there a particular niche that interests you? Why not create a blog? Then, you can make money as a kid by writing about your favorite topics.

  1. Self-publishing

Online book publishing is a way to make money as a kid. You can utilize Amazon KDP to create your books and have Amazon market them for you. Amazon can even help you print (as paperback and hardcover) and deliver your book to readers all over the world.

  1. Join contests

You can join writing, poetry, or spelling contests to win cash prizes.

  1. Online surveys

Some websites pay users to take and complete surveys for little money. You can earn your allowance this way.

  1. Become a virtual tutor

If you’re good at Maths, English, or any other subject, you can teach students online for a fee. This is an easy way to make money as a kid.

  1. Sell on Esty

Esty is an online marketplace where you can sell crafts and other items. But, as a Nigerian, you have to use VPN to sign up.

  1. Graphics designing

This is a wonderful way to make money as a kid. You can learn how to design flyers and logos and monetize the skill. You can teach others or design for clients. 

Bonus tip

You can use an app called Canva to design flyers for free using already made templates.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please reach out to us and join our Whatsapp community for more insightful tips on making money online.

  1. Freelancing on Fiverr/Upwork

You can sell your services on these two platforms when you create an account with them. The exciting part is you can make money as a kid in dollars.

  1. Become an influencer

You can make money as a kid using social media.

Build a large audience and feed them useful content daily. Get them to trust you, and it’ll be easier to get them to take action when needed. 

You can advertise products and get your audience to buy and earn a commission. 


Educate your children about money management so that as they grow up, they will know how to make money and be productive members of society. 

Introduce them to online activities that can earn them money. 

Initially, they may be interested in playing video games and fun activities, but if you tell them about a site such as Fiverr where they can earn up to 5,000 naira per month, they will become interested in creating their online income.

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