How to Increase a Child’s Brain Capacity: Secrets to Raising Geniuses

by Bolatito Elegbede
Increase child's Brain capacity

Do you ever imagine being related to a renowned genius? Here’s your chance to have that, and more. The brain is a vital organ in the human body system. It controls everything that makes up a person. A child’s brain capacity is half that of an adult and it develops as the child grows. However, during the growth process, the development of the brain might be affected if you’re not careful.

Children require constant attention as they grow. There is a saying that prevention is better than cure. Your focus should be on improving the child’s brain development, not on finding the cure to a brain disorder. Sometimes, children without congenital disorders end up physically challenged because of a hit on the head. 

In this article, you will learn about things that can affect a child’s brain capacity and how to improve a child’s brain development. If you pay enough attention, you’ll also find some nuggets on how to recover from brain stress. These tips work both ways, as long as you use them in the best way for both age groups.

Factors that Affects A Child’s Brain  Capacity

  1. Environmental conditions

The environment could either have a positive or negative impact on a child’s brain. An environment that exposes a child to toxic materials like smoke, harmful gases, and excessive noise can be detrimental to a child’s brain. Likewise, if the environment is not peaceful, it could cause trauma. A traumatic effect can be long-term and may affect the social life of a child. 

In contrast, the lifestyle and health of a child that grows up in a pleasant and peaceful environment will reflect that positivity. 

  1. Nutrition

Poor nutrition affects brain development. Certain nutrients are required to improve a child’s brain development. Do you know that excess red meat is a cause of Alzheimer’s disease? This is why you should be cautious about what you eat. Excess sugary drinks are also harmful to the brain. 

So, take foods like beans that boost the brain and more fruits. Berry, avocado and oranges are good fruit suggestions. Do you know eggs are also good for the brain? The egg yolks are a source of choline which helps in maintaining memories. Why not feed the kids with these nutritious meals and make them stand out?

  1. Physical trauma

Hits to the head are always dangerous. Even an adult can suffer from memory loss as an effect. Imagine what it would do to the development of a child’s brain. Children can experience physical traumas through falls, and rolling off the bed or chair. It could cause severe brain damage, which may lead to abnormality in the child. Some of these abnormalities could be temporary, or in severe cases, permanent.

Whether a child is actively smart or reserved, you can improve or increase the child’s brain capacity with any combination of these ten tips.

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10 Ways to Increase a Child’s Brain Capacity

  1. Attention

Pay attention to every detail about the child. Before you can develop a child, you must know and understand the child. Some children require attention to grow and learn more. Even adults seek attention, so it’s no surprise that the little ones would thrive under keen attention.

  1. Games

Games are effective ways to boost a child’s brain capacity. You should expose kids to educational and enjoyable games that they show interest in because interest will give them the necessary drive to get better. And how do you get better without tasking your brain? 

Examples of games that improve a child’s brain development are word or number puzzles, word hunt, hide and seek, and maze. These games help the brain in different ways. For example, the maze game requires finding an exit path as quickly as possible. It enhances problem-solving skills and enables them to think widely.

  1. Healthy meals

Food plays a great role in strengthening brain cells and it improves the child’s brain capacity. Healthy meals should be given to children because they tend to stress the brain during their day-to-day activities. Stress is detrimental to the brain cells.

It is advisable to feed kids with proteins like fish, eggs, and milk. They repair worn-out brain cells. Other food products include apples, nuts, blueberries, and so on. Apple is the best for the brain and food rich in vitamin C helps to prevent brain cells from becoming damaged. Tomatoes and guava are wonderful for children’s brains.

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  1. Reading

Reading generally enhances brain capacity. Learn to introduce children to different types of books that are appropriate for their ages. Books with pictures are great because it widens their understanding of the subject matter, which improves the child’s brain capacity.

  1. Play

There is a saying that all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. You should allow kids to play because it helps to relieve stress. It also settles the brain as overworking can cause more harm than good.

  1. Discipline appropriately

This might look or sound odd but it’s a valid factor that affects the brain. When you discipline a child harshly, it can create restrictive fear. Every child needs correction, but it must be constructive. There are ways you discipline a child that helps the brain. 

For instance, asking a child what he did wrong and making him see the wrong in what he did is always effective. Remember that the main purpose of discipline is to make him reflect on his actions. So correct children in a way that improves brain development. 

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  1. Peace of mind

When a child is at peace, it gives her a chance to think well and progress positively. It also enables her to relate well with people and build strong emotional intelligence skills.

  1. Tutoring

Children should get good tutors to instil great knowledge of topics, including religion, socioeconomic, and politics. It’s the most common way for improving a child’s brain capacity.

  1. Educative trips

Travelling exposes children to people, new things and culture. A trip to the zoo, aquarium, Museum, or gallery will broaden their knowledge of history and some uncommon Elements of nature. 

For instance, Esie Museum in Kwara state is the oldest museum in Nigeria popular for many soapstone images. Kids become informed about historic sculptures and images, which often awakens the creative parts of the brain. Galleries also improve the brain as it encourages meditation. The National Gallery of Modern Art in Lagos is a lovely place to visit.

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  1. Watching inspirational videos and movies

Videos and movies help the child grow mentally and improve the child’s brain development. Take, for example, Akila and the bee. It is a movie that exposes you to different English words, and also indirectly informs the viewer that there’s pride in knowledge. This is the type of movie you should let a child watch.


I hope this article has informed you on how to nurture the little ones around you, regardless of your title in the family. I also hope it helps you choose the best strategy to handle your little relatives and build a healthy relationship with them. These tips are for all the children and young adults out there. It’s never too late to redefine your brain capacity.

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