10 Easy Ways to Build The Dream Team For Your Startup

by Mercy Rotimi
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build dream team for your startup

When you think of how to build the dream team for your startup, you would agree that it is not an easy process. That is why understanding the best way to go about it is important.

Starting up a business is not an easy thing. The rigorous planning, building, and connecting process is considered brain-tasking and may be exhaustive. You may have pondered so much on how to build a dream team for your startup. Building a dream team for your startup that shares, connects, and runs with your vision can be a tremendous lift for your startup.

Nobody who is successful in business ever started alone from the bottom to the top. At one point or the other, there will be that need for additional hands. To build the dream team for your startup, you must be selective and strategic about your team.

If you’re starting a business, this is likely something that you’ve thought about or have a hint on how to build a dream team for your startup.

However, to save you the stress of overthinking the best way to build the dream team for your startup, I’ll show you some easy tips.

10 Easy Ways to Build the dream team for your startup

build dream team for your startup

The people you choose to work with can make or break your business. There are so many steps to build the dream team for your startup. Building your dream team for your startup begins with:

  1. Begin with you

An outstanding successful team begins with you. Self-Awareness is an important skill as it leads to better team performance. Self-awareness is the realization of who you are, what you can do, and at what time or condition you perform better. It also realizes that you don’t have all the skills required for a successful business and points out those skills in order of preference.

In understanding how to build the dream team for your startup, the reason(s) for selecting each skill and person should also be made clear. Points to highlight include; What are you great at? What do you lack? How can you improve yourself? This can help you figure out what you lack and what to look out for in trying to build a dream team for your startup.

Your personality, values, and beliefs are all things that you need to consider when taking the right step to building a dream team for your startup before going to step 2.

  1. Define your vision

Defining your vision can be a great way to build the dream team for your startup. To build the dream team for your startup you need to define your vision. Here, you have to clearly state what pushed or motivated you to begin your startup. This should be written and well spelled out for every team member to digest, agree with, and understand why they have been brought on board.

To build the dream team for your startup, never build a team for now. Consider your long-term success. Write down all the various units you will need to bring your vision to reality. Set SMART goals for building your future team. These goals must be realistic, specific, measurable, and time-bound. The goals can always be adjusted at different startup stages, so don’t overwork yourself.

  1. Hire people who can get the job done

No matter how good an idea is, the execution of that idea brings about success. So to build a dream team for your startup, you need to invest in people capable of transforming ideas into tasks rather than just spouting off ideas.

Employ people based on the skills they possess, emphasizing their core competencies. It would be best to have people on your team who can solve problems quickly and efficiently. The ability to innovate and develop creative solutions to problems should also be noted when choosing or building the dream team for your startup.

The mistake most entrepreneurs make is waiting for things to go wrong before bringing people on board to solve them. Instead, think about potential challenges ahead of time and build the dream team for your startup that can handle whatever comes its way.

  1. Delegate roles to team members

Most startup companies have the following starting lineup

  • Chief executive officer
  • Product manager
  • Sales manager
  • Human resource manager
  • Customer service expert
  • IT technical officer

To build a dream team for your startup, you must understand that you cannot be good at everything and hire people with diverse skill sets who can excel at their skills in little or no time. In addition, you do not necessarily have to have all these departments on board at once; you can delegate multiple tasks.

  1. Instill strong values in your team

After assembling your dream team, you must understand how your team will work, and your team also needs to understand how they can collaborate efficiently. Then, team members can take a personality test to know each others’ values.

Values such as trust, honesty, proper communication, and respect are key values that every team member must have to make the dream of teamwork. A team having all these traits is more likely to support you and work with each other

  1. Re-evaluate your team as often as possible

Now that you have built a dream team for your startup and everyone knows how best to work with each other, you must monitor your business’s progress. If you find that your team lacks something or someone, you can hire someone to provide the needed skill set or outsource from other firms.

A popular saying goes thus, “Teamwork is what makes the dream work” having the right team with the appropriate skill set will lead you to achieve greater success together and faster. To build a dream team for your startup, you must reevaluate your teammates from time to time.

Take note of things like the successes and the failures. Then, make corrections and lessons from the failures and see how you can motivate your team towards achieving more success.

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  1. Be a ringleader

This is another important tip you should understand to build the dream team for your startup. You can be a ringleader when you know your team members’ traits and skill sets. A ringleader is someone who leads or drives other team members to achieve success in a role.

A ringleader ensures that every team member plays their role in achieving success, whether in the long or short term. To build your dream team for your startup, you must create a rapport between you and your teammates. Team rapport is essential in building and sustaining the dream and vision of your startup.

  1. Consider outsourcing or investing in a recruiter

Building the dream team for your startup can be the toughest thing to do, especially when looking for the right people. Some firms have HR personnel who are very skilled in recruiting new members. Some other firms operate solely for this purpose.

You can consider hiring a recruiting firm or employing one on a full type base. This, of course, will cost you some money but will eventually save you the stress of having to overthink yourself. There are also other social media platforms where you can link with the right people for your team. Linkedin is a perfect social media network for this.

  1. Avoid homogeneity in your team

Earlier, we stated the importance of diversity in building your dream team for your startup. Having a team whose identity or values are the same will hinder creativity and the unlimited flow of ideas as everyone tends to think the same way. This is common in organizations that dictate every aspect of their employees’ work.

A homogenous team will have similar strengths and weaknesses. There will be no one to create a balance. If everyone has the same weak spot, there will be no check on each other’s performance. Mistakes will be unavoidable, and this can be detrimental to the success of a business.

  1. Take time to relax, refresh, reflect, and re-boost

After much work has been done to build your dream team for your startup, you must lead your team to relax, refresh, rethink and re-boost their energy for the next significant action. Refreshing can be hanging out on a picnic or going on a vacation. This allows the mind to refresh and even for team members to get to know each other better.

Reflecting can also happen during the vacation or picnic, where each team member and a key player can talk about their role in the job, the challenges faced, what they think they can or could have done better and what plans they have going forward. Lastly,

Re-boosting can be attending seminars or workshops to reeducate minds and pick up certain skills needed for the next phase. It may cost you lots of money to organize this, but the impact will be a tremendous turnover for your startup.

Conclusively, to build your dream team for your startup, you should:

  • Train your team to do their job well
  • Ensure everyone keeps focus on the vision and mission
  • Ensure your team has the necessary skill set for whatever challenges that face them
  • Listen to your team to know where everyone’s focus is on
  • Don’t lose sight of the competition

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