How to Speak Good English and Improve Your Vocabulary

by Mercy Rotimi
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How to speak good English

Nigeria is one of the largest English-speaking countries in the world, with an estimated population of about 53% speaking English. 

Although it was colonised by the British, Nigerian English varies from British and American English to Nigerian English (pidgin). 

English language in Nigeria is also a compulsory subject you must excel in to be considered for admission into the higher institution of learning.

Many countries such as Nigeria use English as a de-facto working language to ensure smooth communication between workers who speak different languages

There is a stigma in Nigeria if you speak incorrect English, especially in organized settings. And that is why you have this guide on how to speak good English and improve your vocabulary.

Tips on How to Speak Good English Like a Native Speaker

Here are a few tips on learning to speak good English fast and like a native speaker.

  1. Understand your English speaking Level. You can take an English online test to ascertain your speaking level. 
  2. Follow English-speaking people. Listen to native speakers.
  3. Keep notes on words or phrases you learn.
  4. In learning how to speak good English, you must seize every opportunity to say it. 
  5. Listen to English Podcasts or subscribe to YouTube channels.
  6. Use idioms. Using idioms amidst speech can help your English and make you sound like a native speaker.
  7. Work on your pace and clarity. Improving your speed and clarity will significantly enhance your fluency in English and help other native speakers understand you.
  8.  Don’t be afraid to make mistakes, and be open to correction. 
  9. To learn how to speak good English, you must keep your goals in mind. 

You know why you are learning English in the first place. Keep sight of your goal. Your learning objectives should impact your learning process.

It will help you track what you have learned and how much you still need to learn.

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Applications That Can Help You Learn How to Speak Good English And Improve  Your Vocabulary

Below are a few applications that can help you learn how to speak good English quickly, depending on your devotion.

They are all paid apps with few free trial periods. Although Duolingo does not mandate you to make payments, you can use the free subscription for as long as you want.

  1. Duolingo

This App is regarded as the best free English App. Although, you can upgrade to premium to get more advanced classes.

It has interactive courses and quizzes that help you learn new words and phrases. It is an excellent app for people considering building a solid foundation in English.  

  1. MosaLingua

There are lots of Apps that teach the English Language. The difference with MosaLingua is that it is a flashcard app that infuses culture in teaching English Words and Phrases, which helps to better understand the Language. 

Also, you can choose what to learn as there are no formal lessons. Its pricing is relatively cheaper as compared to most other English apps.

  1. Rosetta Stone

Regarded as the most Comprehensive English App, the App teaches every skill needed to communicate effectively in English.

The lessons on the App are full of interactive activities that help improve your reading, speaking, listening, and writing skills. 

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  1. Rocket Languages

This App has high-quality English Courses with recorded audio lessons. The lessons focus on pronunciation and speaking.

The classes have been simplified so you can start speaking English from the first lesson.

The classes will help you go from beginner level to having decent conversations in English. 

The interactive lessons do not include memorizing and repeating words or phrases. However, to access the courses in this App, you pay a one-time payment of $99.95. 

  1. Babbel

This App helps you learn how to speak good English by providing features such as reading, listening, writing, and speaking practice which allows you to communicate better in English.

It also has simple grammar tips broken down into small chunks that are easy to understand.  

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  1. Drops

This App makes learning vocabulary fun. It contains a vocabulary list of words that covers household appliances and food to animal sounds and illnesses. 

It only requires a little commitment as only 5-15 minutes of lessons are needed per day. To learn how to speak good English, you must improve your knowledge of new words.

  1. Elsa

This AI-designed virtual English-speaking coach focuses on helping you master American English Pronunciation.

It does this by helping you learn the individual sounds, affecting your pronunciation of the English words.

  1. Fluent I

This App has a unique feature for learning English. It has Movie trailers and music videos to guide non-native speakers in the best ways to learn how native speakers speak.

Each video has subtitles and translations to help you follow along.

With a single click, you can check the meaning of words you need to become more familiar with and watch videos where the words are used.

7 English Speaking Pronunciation Rules

These English speaking rules will guide your pronunciation of some English words if mastered and help you speak good English.

  1. A vowel followed by a single consonant at the end of a word is pronounced as a short vowel.
  2. A vowel followed by two consonants at the end of a word is pronounced as a short vowel.
  3. If a vowel is the final letter in a word, it is pronounced as a long vowel.
  4. If an E appears at the end of a word, it is silent. The preceding vowel, separated from the E by one or more consonants, is pronounced as a long vowel.
  5. If two vowels appear next to each other in one syllable, the second is silent, and the first is pronounced as a long vowel.
  6. If one consonant follows a vowel in the middle of a word, it is pronounced as the first sound in the following syllable.
  7. If one consonant follows a vowel in the middle of a word, it is pronounced as the first sound in the following syllable.

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There are about 76 English-speaking countries around the world, including Nigeria. Some of these countries speak English as their official language but are not all native speakers.

This implies that English can open many doors for you worldwide for tourism, job opportunities, and business purposes. 

Interest, focus, and devotion are crucial to learning any language. You must remain committed if you want to excel in speaking fluent English.

Consistency in practice is also vital to stay aloft. You should also not allow room for intimidation, as Nigerians will always pick on you for wanting to speak good English, but as always, remember to keep your goal in sight.

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