8 Must-Have Mobile Apps for University Students in Nigeria

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In this digital era, there’s almost nothing you can’t do with an app. Whatever your profession or stage in life, there’s an app that can get you closer to your goals. Here, you’ll be learning about the apps for university students in Nigeria. Stay focused!

Okay, Let’s do a quick exercise. A call and response, to be precise.

Great Nigerian students… Great!

Greatest Nigerian students… Great ohhhhhh

Great Great Nigerian students… Great ohh

Alright, you seem ready. Let’s dive in.

Universally, technology has proven and is still proving how much every individual will benefit from its existence. And as a university student, your activities are incomplete without gadgets, be it a phone, tablet, notepad, laptop, or computer.

Every student needs at least a mobile device as guidance for academic success. As a university student in Nigeria, you need a device for organization skills, time management, deeper learning, and connections. And what makes a gadget so significant are these mobile or desktop apps and guaranteed access to their features.

What is it Really Like for a University Student in Nigeria?

For every Nigerian student, the cycle is something like this: resume a new session, attend lectures, do assignments and practicals, and catch cruise. Then tests, exams, and projects conclude the sessions and simply bore people like me.

You bookworms definitely won’t agree with the latter part because that’s your time to shine, get the extra sheet, and make the headlines. Salute!

All of these activities seem like a lot. So how exactly are these apps for university students in Nigeria worthy of being a part of your life?. You’ll see.

What Functions Do Apps Serve for You as a University Student in Nigeria? 

There are numerous apps that will guide and provide you with clarity on different information. No matter how little your desire for these apps might be, they are of value to you just as you are to them. Who will download or use them if not you? So, yes, they also need you. In precise terms, let’s discuss the benefits of apps for university students in Nigeria.

  1. Access to critical information

It is easy to believe that you will never forget any critical information about your academics. But mobile or desktop apps have an advantage over your beliefs. You may be smart, but you’re also human and prone to tiredness.

What apps do for you as a university student is that they follow instructions regardless of how many tasks you assign them? You need prompt updates on classes, timetable changes, exams, and so much more. These apps will improve your access to all necessary information.

  1. Meeting demands of the labour market

The universities in Nigeria try to provide good education, but the barriers are evident. You know how much you have invested into your education, and you’re motivated by your course of study. You have every intention to become a professional in your field, but the education system keeps hindering your growth.

Apps come into play here by providing so many platforms to gather academic content. They are so loaded that sometimes without lectures, you can beat your chest that you’re good to go for exams and proficiency tests.

  1. Coursework

Writing on paper and attending physical classes are intriguing but at the same time draining. Mobile or desktop apps present an alternative option by making it possible to participate in virtual classes. You can also store notes via pdf, submit assignments, and do as much research as you want. You can significantly reduce stress and dedicate more time to productive studying.

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Now, I hope you’re getting the hype attached to apps for university students in Nigeria. But we won’t halt there. Let’s shoot further.

What are These Helpful Apps for University Students in Nigeria? 

Just like creativity yapa, the same applies to apps. There are many mobile or desktop apps on the Google app store, apple store, or whatever app store on your device. I will highlight the utmost need by listing eight apps for university students in Nigeria and their functions.

  1. The Dictionary app

Merriam-Webster and Oxford dictionary of English are just two out of the many wordbook applications you can download and use. And they are both powerful apps.

You don’t only need it if you plan to become the next Chimamanda Adichie or Wole Soyinka. It’s necessary to help you understand the basic meaning of words.

Basic features of a dictionary app

  • Voice search
  • Audio pronunciation
  • Example sentences and context for word usage
  • Antonyms and synonyms
  • Integrated Thesaurus
  • Self-education is convenient
  • Updated versions of the latest vocabulary
  1. Office Suite

WPS and Microsoft Office are the most used office suite applications. These applications help you complete assignments on term papers and presentations. They would also improve productivity and allow you to benefit greatly from your gadgets.

These software apps for university students in Nigeria will also help you learn valuable skills needed in school and after graduation. The skills include grant writing, research planning and proposals, and CV writing. So, the functions are not limiting your knowledge to the ones you gained at the university.


  • Word document
  • Excel or Spreadsheet
  • PowerPoint
  • Pdf tool and converter
  • Publisher
  • Data recovery
  • Document password protection is available
  • Voice dictation
  • A personal written signature is possible
  • Automatic word correction
  • Word count
  1. Video search engines

YouTube is both a social media app and an online video platform. If you’re someone who doesn’t like to read much, this might be your favourite mobile app. If you’ve read to this point, you’re doing well.

The platform will give you access to videos from experts and different points of view from around the world. It helps to break down complex topics, concepts, or information. So, youtube is not limited to music videos and cooking tutorials. It also serves as an app for university students in Nigeria.


  • Videos rewatching
  • Free subscription to channels
  • Playlist options to group saved videos
  1. Online education providers

Coursera, Khan Academy, and Udemy are some of the online education provider apps for university students in Nigeria. These apps have massive open online courses (MOOCs) that are accessible for free for you to earn new skills. Some like Udemy and Coursera provide certifications, while others like Khan Academy do not.

Although you would have to pay to get the certificates and assignment grades on some apps, it is not a prerequisite to start or complete your course on the apps. And there will be no need at all to visit any physical site.


  • The course plus the full specialisation
  • Self-Paced learning option
  • Course videos & audio readings
  • Practice quizzes
  • Library of trusted lessons that cover math K-12 through early college, grammar, science, history, AP®, SAT®, and more
  1. Classroom app

Both Google Classroom and Edmodo are platforms that help lecturers organize their course content, track assignments, and communicate with students.

You benefit from these apps for university students in Nigeria by participating in discussions. A great way you can avoid the pressure from shyness.


  • Virtual classes
  • Test or assignment grades assessment on Google spreadsheet
  • The calendar is available with updates on tests, exams, and classes
  • Scanning and uploads of assignments
  1. E-book app

Google play books and Amazon kindle are some of the best apps for downloading and reading books. They are not limited to storybooks. There are other reasons why they are suitable apps for university students in Nigeria. You can download the audio version of the book you need and listen at any pace you want as many times as possible.


  • Preview free book samples before you buy
  • Notifications of new releases in your email
  • Accessing books without a subscription
  1. Question and answer app 

The Quora app is a source of support for research, information, and general interest. This is one of the effective apps for university students in Nigeria to get detailed answers on diverse topics with proper mention of sources.

It is a good study environment to feel free and ask questions that are not clear to you. It’ll amaze you how much people are willing to share their knowledge on different subject matters.

Hey, you can also connect with us on Whatsapp to share your ideas on the mobile apps every Nigerian student should have on their phones.

  1. Professional networking app

LinkedIn lets you create a professional online presence and access internships, volunteering, and job opportunities. It’s one of the most essential apps for university students in Nigeria.

While in the university, you can use LinkedIn to display your resume, search for jobs, strengthen your overall quality professionally and interact with various people worldwide.


  • Highlight your skills
  • Manage your profile
  • Save relevant information

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FAQs on Apps for University Students in Nigeria

Q1. Can I access all these apps for university students in Nigeria for free?

Yes, you can access them for free. The benefit of using the premium version of these apps is access to more features for better results. So, it’s entirely your choice.

Q2. Am I at a disadvantage if I don’t download the premium version of these apps?

You can only determine the disadvantage based on the functions you need the apps for, which you’d most likely get from a free version. The upcoming updates are the only things that can make the response an absolute Yes, but that cannot be determined yet, so enjoy it while it’s available.

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Your knowledge of how to run things is valid. However, having these apps for university students in Nigeria will bring ease and help you further once you’ve completed your course of study. Choose ease while you can. All the best in enjoying these apps and their benefits.

Do you use any of these apps? Let us know in the comment section how much you have benefitted from them. Also, if there’s anyone you’d like to recommend, feel free to let us know.

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