How to Travel Out or Japa from Nigeria

by Ojeyemi Adeleye
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Omo, I wan Japa from Nigeria” is a common reply you’ll get when you ask a Nigerian youth about his or her plans for the future. Japa! Japa!! Japa lo London is a line from”Japa,” Naira Marley’s song. This particular line advises every Nigerian citizen to Japa from Nigeria. That is, to find every possible means to flee their fatherland.

Why people Japa from Nigeria

So, out of curiosity, I asked myself, why would someone leave his fatherland for another land? Could it be for protection, economic stability or progress? Then boom! I found a common answer to all these questions which is greener pasture! The reason most people—especially youths, intend to Japa from Nigeria is to find a better place, better abode, better future and better life. 

No one is blind or deaf to the current situation in Nigeria. The issue of insecurity, bad education system, lack of basic amenities and infrastructures, bad governance and many others. This is why all Nigerian youths and even older people prefer to leave the country. They are not ready to face the delay and frustration Nigeria has in stock for them. However, permit me to whistle in your ears the ways to Japa from Nigeria. Shall we?

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5  Easy Ways to Travel out or Japa from Nigeria 

  1. Gain admission overseas

It is gradually becoming a culture for every fresh graduate with a first degree from any higher institution to plan to travel abroad to further his or her academic career. Apart from the academic purpose, some see it as an avenue to leave the devastating condition of Nigeria. Besides, this is why you find them surfing the internet, searching and applying for scholarships to various schools abroad. 

However, studying abroad is not limited to fresh graduates alone. There are cases of students who travel out of Nigeria immediately after their senior secondary school examination. Admission overseas has been the frontier of the numerous ways to Japa from Nigeria with the intention of not coming back. 

I am sure you are wondering why anyone wouldn’t want to return. If I were in that position, I wouldn’t come back to Nigeria. A confession from me right? Smiles. Everyone wants a country that has the interest of her citizens in her heart. So, when you believe your country lacks this quality, the next thing that comes to your mind is how to leave.

  1. Applying for Jobs Abroad

Nigeria has a population of over 200 million citizens with a high rate of unemployment. Imagine! This is why most people, especially youths, want to travel out of Nigeria. 

Moreover, another easy way to Japa from Nigeria is to get a job abroad. Perhaps you’re doubting if this method works. Well, it does. asking if this works? Although it might not be easy and it will take extra effort and skills to achieve this, it however works. There are specific jobs that will require you to relocate from your country to another. 

I have seen Nigerians working with the U.S military. So, your worries should not be how possible it is. Instead, it should be how did they do it? What steps should you take? Now, let’s dive into the answers to these questions. 

In any job you apply for, there are always requirements. The first step is to have the required skills for the job you are applying for. There are skills in high demand such as social media and digital marketing, medical practitioner, software and coding amongst others. If you are familiar with some freelancing sites or applications, you would see job offers in regards to the skills I listed. However, if you are good at what you do and a master of your art, it takes little before you get summoned by the company you are applying for. The second step is to register on job-seeking sites. Have you heard of a career jet

Career jet aids working overseas. It is a site that sends notifications of available jobs abroad. All you just need to do is register with them to get notifications. Alternatively, you can liaise with a relative abroad to get a job. This is only possible if you procure a visa while your family does the job findings for you. Thereafter and before you know it, you’ve already Japa from Nigeria.

  1. Get married to someone abroad                         

This might be rare but it happens. There are countless numbers of dating sites today. Some of them are tinder, ok cupid, bumble, hinge, elite singles, plenty of fish, etc. However, the aim of these dating sites is to match-make people from home and abroad. Some of which eventually lead to marriage. 

Apart from these, social media has fostered relationships and communication between various people with a different national backgrounds. This is how it works. After the communication stage, both parties agree to meet or even plan the marriage. Then boom! They don marry, she don go meet am for obodo oyinbo

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Have you ever wondered how easy it is for internet fraudsters to make money and a fortune? They promise marriage and meetups. Permit me to retell the story that once went viral on social media. The story of a Nigerian fraudster whose identity is unknown. 

He tells his girlfriend to speak to his client (a white man), which in return turns bad. Interesting? The girlfriend reveals her real identity to the white man and you know what? The white man loved her, came down to Nigeria, got married, and took her with him out of Nigeria. Ridiculous way to Japa from Nigeria right? Thus, marriage to a man or woman abroad works wonders.

  1. A paid trip abroad

Besides the three ways mentioned above, here is another way to Japa from Nigeria. Getting this done is easier for wealthy Nigerians or families that can afford it. Over time, some Nigerians plan a vacation and go to a foreign country of their choice to have some time out. This requires so many processes and plans. 

Before you can access any country on a trip, you need a business travel allowance (B.T.A). Let me assist you with the meaning of B.T.A. before you rack your brain off. B.T.A is a foreign currency policy that ensures travellers moving outside the country have access to foreign currencies at the approved rate of the central bank of Nigeria (C.B.N). 

However, in the case that the trip is of personal interest, it is referred to as a personal travel allowance (P.T.A). Are we on the same page? After your B.T.A or P.T.A, you apply for your visa. Visa application is a bit difficult because of the high rate of people ready to Japa from Nigeria. But once you secure a visa, you have a clear way to the airport and country of your desire. 

Now, can you do me a favour by praying against the witches in your village? E get why, smiles.

  1. Apply for permanent residence documents

This might also seem impossible but trust me, it works. You can Japa from Nigeria by applying for permanent residency. This is if your qualification and skills meet up with the requirements of the country’s labour demand. It occurs in countries like Canada, the United Kingdom, New Zealand and Australia. 

Application for residency doesn’t require any form of a sponsor. As an individual, you can file for residency in the following ways:

  • You can file for residency when you are engaged or plan to marry someone from another country.
  • If you are subject to humanitarian rights abuse, you can get an asylum or refugee visa.
  • Get a family visa as a wife or spouse or parent to anyone who is a citizen and has a green visa.  


I believe this article has rung the bell of various ways to Japa from Nigeria. Nevertheless, if you wish to travel out of Nigeria, here are some questions from me to you. Mind you, answer them before planning to go. Don’t leave my question rhetorical, biko.

Anyway, here are the questions:

  • Why should I Japa from Nigeria? 
  • If eventually, I did, what would I be doing? 
  • Who will I stay with? 
  • Where will I live? 

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Despite every struggle to find a better life, it is better to be free in your fatherland than to be a slave in another man’s land. Are you there? I just say make I break kola nuts with you. 

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