20 Best Mobile Games to Boost your Mood

by Ayopadeayo Oluwadamilola

The best mobile games can go a long way in livening up your mood, you know. How? The ball game for everyone is to get little cramps or moody when they face stress. For me, I feel so uneasy that a little touch gets me to lash out. I can go a day doing nothing with my time.

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Best mobile games.

When you face stress, you’ll want to get out of such a situation by every possible means. However, you are not alone in this. All that matters is how you face the tension and reinstate your mood. Come to think of it, the best mobile games might sound like a petty way to ease your worries. But it can help.

Therapeutic Effect of Games: The Best Mobile Games

Normally, I don’t like games, or people playing games with me not until I discovered there is a power behind it. Perhaps you remember the “snake xenzia” game. Did you remember its captivating power? It requires you to concentrate your full energy on it. 

Control the snake with the appropriate options and make sure it never dies. That moment when the game needs your full concentration somehow calms your mind. Before you know it, you are no more a moody freak. That’s the power of mobile games. Moreso, snake xenzia is one of the best mobile games online.

Thanks to technology, you can stay far away from whatever you are going through. Also, there are applications, exercises, and stretches that can be a supplement to calm your nerves. Trying out the best mobile games will however work a lot better.

Below are some of the best mobile games for both IOS and Android. These games can rid you of those cranky workdays, hectic jobs and harsh environments.

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20 Best Mobile Games to Improve Your Mood

  1. Jigsaw puzzle

Not everyone can get away with puzzles. It makes it more reason you have to study it. Puzzles make you think differently. You ponder about how to place the words and make sure it fits in well.

When you put puzzles together, you get to reboot your mind and remain calm to the challenge. Jigsaw is one of those puzzles and the best mobile game online. You are to match bricks together to form a complete puzzle and hit scores at the end. Hence, you won’t want to lose to add more points.

  1. Fruit Ninja

Have you ever tried playing fruit ninja? It’s the best mobile game that explains how to slash fruits perfectly. Fruit ninja can burst your stress if you get engrossed in it. Believe me, it can. Try it out and thank me later!

  1. Breathe of light

Here is another puzzle app game. It is one of the best mobile games for iOS. In the breath of light, you get to move stones around a garden to guide the energy supplied by the main source.

You are required to give life to flowers by directing the energy to them. In this IOS game, you don’t have an elastic time limit. So, you can take your time to enjoy the puzzle at your pace.

     4. Miya’s everyday joy of cooking

Cooking games are always exciting. Miya’s everyday joy of cooking is not an exception. Not only does it relax your nerves, but it also lifts your spirit. Most especially the dance that comes after each meal in the game.

In this mobile game, Miya prepares meals for herself and her little cat, Nacho. Miya’s everyday joy of cooking is one of the best mobile games for androids you can ever find.

  1. I Love Hue Too

Meet another puzzle game, “I love Hue Too.” To be honest, puzzle games are engaging and grab more attention. This game is programmed with some colours. So, you are to move around some shapes to complete the colours.

Those shapes and colours follow different patterns. All you have to do is to get the colours together. As much as it seems a little complex, it is one of the best mobile games for Android.

      6. Viridi

Viridi is one of the best mobile games for IOS. Besides, you can also access it on Androids.  Perhaps you’re a plant or vegetation lover, then Viridi is for you. In this game, you get to plant bulbs. After that, you wet them and watch them grow. The plant growth process makes it an interesting game.

  1. Smash Hit

This game is so straightforward. You only need to smash obstacles or objects that come your way. More like smashing those things that stress you and putting them out of your way.

It has captivating background music. Meanwhile, the game colours are also nice to view. Smash Hit has over 59 different rooms and levels to play on. As you clear the stages, you get to increase your pace which makes it more exciting.

  1. My Oasis 

Oasis is another game that focuses on relaxing the mind by creating calmness and serenity. The game is pleasing to see with the island of animals. You get to change the animals and the landscape as you wish.

Relaxing games like Oasis usually have relaxing colours. Also, they don’t lack a nice sound for the background music. 

  1. Animal Restaurant

This is one of the best mobile games for IOS. Here, you play as the owner of the restaurant that serves animals. While you play, you have the chance to unlock new customers, medals and decorations. The animal restaurant is a nice mobile game.

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  1. Word Search Pro

Word search pro is a game that helps to focus your mind and get over everyday workload. There is more daily word search for you, puzzles to match words. Moreso, you get word search hint topics to complete the words. 

It has two modes from which you can choose. If you’ve never tried matching words together before, then this mobile game can be a great start for you!

  1. Stardew Valley

This mobile game is another interesting and one of the best mobile games for IOS. It also works on Android. You don’t want to miss the exciting and fun part of the game. Imagine you leaving the city filled with stress to a calm place to start farming. Then, you wake up to water your plants and look after your animals. How does it feel? Relaxing, I guess! Try Stardew Valley to experience this. 

  1. Cessabit 

Now, you should know that puzzles are one of the best mobile games to ease stress and improve mood. Cessabit is another paid puzzle mobile game. You are required to answer questions about a reference image during the game.

Cessabit helps with relaxing the mind and keeping the brain relaxed with no internet obstruction or ads. It is undoubtedly the best mobile game for IOS.

  1. Pack Master

Another game to help you unwind and visit yourself after a stressful day is Pack Master. In this game, you collect items which are of different patterns. It has an aim which is to make sure you get all the items on board and match them with the same colour and pattern. You can play this game on Android and IOS. 

  1. Shadowmatic

In shadowmatic, you make use of light and shadows to create puzzles. Yeah, it’s another puzzle game. You are provided with various shapes. Meanwhile, you need to move these shapes until their shadows represent something (like a picture of something). Guess what? You have a hint system to the game in case you are stuck on where to go.

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One of the best mobile games.

  1. Abzu

There is a soothing vibe to this underwater game. It has fishes and other animals (mammals). Also, it has an ocean sound. The best way to enjoy this game is to plug in your earphones.

Then you go easy, with no rush, and play at your pace. Once you win the challenge, you forge ahead. 

  1. Alfa Omega 

This game is for you if you enjoy merging shapes and objects rather than solving puzzles. In Alpha Omega, you are to solve each crossword that comes your way using the available hints. The letters there. However, they are in the wrong format. Therefore, all you need to do is to match them correctly. 

Alpha Omega has a beautiful set of themes and alluring soundtracks. It is a great way to put a smile on your face thereby boosting your mood.

  1. Alto’s Adventure

There is a beautiful world in alto’s adventure that can easily pique your interest. You get to jump and flip through the air to proceed with the game. As much as you avoid anything that crosses your path, your adventure is good to go.

So, jump and notice those obstacles ahead of you to avoid being knocked down. This game Is also one of the best mobile games for IOS users.

  1. Flutter: Butterfly Sanctuary

You will surely like this game if you are a nature lover. Its main task is for you to gather over 400 butterflies and caterpillar species together. Here, you’d watch your caterpillars turn themselves into great butterflies. Isn’t that a beautiful sight to behold? The joy of accomplishing such a task can make you blush till the day ends.

  1. Antistress

Antistress is a minimal game that doesn’t demand much effort from you. It is one of the best mobile games online. It uses a toy design with each toy having its moods to deflect your mind. 

In this game, you get to swipe your fingers in water and listen to chimes of bamboo, and button taps. So, in the end, you will feel relaxed and happy as you play the game. 

  1. Osmos

This game is part of the best mobile games for both Android and IOS phones. Nothing can be more exciting and calming than the huge vacuum and darkness in space depicted by the Osmos game.

Here, your goal is to consume the things that are smaller than you. The effect is serene but the major power of the game is in the sound design. 

The perplexing aspect is that it can take you through the meditation route with its ambient sound all through the game.

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Any game you truly enjoy can relax your mind and relieve your stress. All you need to do is to connect yourself physically and mentally to the gameplay. Games can be therapeutic at times.

The best mobile games can leave you in the best mood ever. So, why not consult them when you feel moody? Mobile games help reinstate your mood. Moreover, they are available on the devices you carry every day—Android and Ios, hence their qualifier, “mobile.” 

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Avatar of Omotola Olaiya
Omotola Olaiya July 21, 2022 - 4:15 am

Not really a fan of games but I will give it a try, reading your Article inspire me and I think it will help me to relax from the daily loads of stress.
Thank you Padeayo

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Thank you for reading, Omotola
It will be great to help relax you. Give it a trial. You can drop a comment about your experience here.

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