10 Unexpected Things That Scare Nigerians to the Bone

by Oghenechovwe Eghwrudjakpo
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Things nigerians are scared of

Many Nigerians claim to “have a mind.’’ After all, we’re the GIANT OF AFRICA. We often exude characteristics that portray us as strong-minded, courageous, and bold people who can face and overcome difficult challenges. Although this is true, it’s not surprising to find out that there are a lot of peculiar Nigerian fears. Nigerians are scared of a lot of things. 

The same people who tend to be strong-willed still succumb to the fear of some things. Some who claim to be fearless find themselves in similar situations. This article is a true test of your strength. I have put together ten things I believe most Nigerians are scared of.

Top 10 Things That Nigerians are Scared Of 

  1. Death

I know that I have your attention already. This is unarguably the most prominent fear of Nigerians. Many Nigerians are scared of death. I have never come across any Nigerian that has embraced the possibility of death. 

The moment death becomes the topic of conversation, you start hearing “God forbid” flying from every corner. Many people still haven’t come to terms with the fact that we will all have to leave this world someday. The funny thing is that we all want to go to heaven, for those that believe in it anyway, but nobody wants to die.

  1. Failure

This is another one of the Nigerian fears. Most of us are afraid of failing. Many Nigerians are scared of the stigma that comes with failure. We grew up with this fear. It’s difficult because people only identify with success, so the fear of falling behind lingers on. 

Nigerians are scared of losing in any sphere of their lives. It might be in a job, an opportunity, or marriage. Nobody wants to “carry last.” I feel that this is one of the Nigerian fears that make us put in extra energy and aggressiveness in our strive for success.

  1. Heights

Nigerians are scared of heights. Many people tend to pretend on this one. I can boldly say that almost all of us are afraid of heights, yet we deceive ourselves by building duplexes and buildings with several floors. I’d share a personal story to buttress my point in case you want to argue. 

I walked on a flyover in Abuja a few months ago. It was amusing and surprising to see people walking so hurriedly in fear. Others kept looking down as if the ground would break into pieces. I know you want to ask if I was part of those walking in fear. I won’t tell you! Since we all want to deceive ourselves.

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  1. Witchcraft

There’s a high chance that you are on this table. Many Nigerians are scared of witchcraft. Sometimes you’d think that this is the only Nigerian fear. Sometimes, we go to church mainly to fight the witches in our villages and families. Some have vowed never to step foot in their villages because of witchcraft. 

Well, I don’t have what to tell you, continue!

  1. Inflation

I don’t know if you have noticed, but there are particular times people rush to the market and stock up their houses. It is because Nigerians are scared of inflation. You can’t actually blame anyone because the skyrocketing prices in this country are beyond us. 

You’d sleep and wake up to find out that what you bought for 100 Naira yesterday is now 150 Naira. This particular Nigerian fear contributes to the inflation of things in this country. Once the sellers in the market see people requesting a specific thing, the price goes up. Some even go as far as hoarding that particular item.

  1. VR Games

VR games are possibly the funniest of Nigerian fears. I have already decided that I won’t try this at all. Many Nigerians are scared of Virtual Reality Games. VR Games are not for everyone! They’re for the true giants in this country. 

I have witnessed many people disgrace themselves in the mall because of Virtual Reality. I know some of you won’t listen. Not to worry, I have my phone on standby to video you when you start screaming and throwing yourself on the ground.

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  1. ATM

I know you’ll be wondering what is there to be afraid of. You probably haven’t observed people when they’re using the ATM. If an ATM has ever “swallowed” your card before or you received a debit alert, but the machine did not pay you, then you’ll understand this fear of Nigerians. 

The thought of having to go to the bank and stand in a queue during this period is one pain. Then, some customer care agent will tell you to wait for at least seven working days again. That’s enough to fuel your fear. I speak from experience. It is not pleasant.

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  1. Snakes and wall geckos

I fought the urge to add cockroaches to this list. I know you don’t want unnecessary exposure. Many Nigerians are scared of snakes, which is understandable. Those of you who jump and scream at the sight of wall geckos are the ones I still don’t understand. 

I’m pretty sure it’s only in Nigeria you’ll find grown men and women screaming at the sight of wall geckos. Today is your lucky day for those of you who are afraid of cockroaches and rats!

  1. Robbery/Pickpockets

I don’t think there’s anyone not afraid of robbery in this country. With the security situation in the country, what more can we do? Most people have resorted to other forms of security and protection. Out of fear, we purchase security doors, iron bars, barb wires, and the rest of them. 

These producers keep introducing more security items, and we buy them just to make ourselves feel more at ease. Pickpockets are another fear of Nigerians. Personally, when I go to the market, I hold my bag very tight because they can empty your bag in seconds, and you won’t even know. 

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  1. Racism

I think this is one fear we have all been shying away from, simply because we all want to go “abroad.” Most Nigerians are scared of racism. The uncertainty of acceptance outside the shores of this country is terrifying. 

The fact that some countries perceive us as bad news also contributes to the fear. Nigerians are people who work hard so that nobody can look down on them. I call it the “African Pride.” So the thought and possibility of being a victim of discrimination have confined some of us to stay in our Motherland. After all, there’s no place like home.


It might be surprising to realise that you’re scared of these things. The truth is, Nigerians are scared of many things, but we all try to cover up. It’s normal to be scared of some things because that’s how life works. 

These things might sound funny. We might argue and pretend like it’s not there. Don’t wait until your fear costs you something. The earlier you come to terms with your fears, the better you can handle them. Imagine you’re in an interview and seeing a cockroach or a wall gecko. Will you start screaming and jumping up and down? Do you think anyone will employ someone scared of cockroaches?

Which of these tablespaces are you comfortably occupying? Did we miss something on this list? Tell us what you’re scared of in the comments section. Join our Whatsapp community for unpopular but insightful conversations.

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