10 Ways to Make Money on Instagram in Nigeria

by Tobiloba Funsized Adeola
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There are lots of ways to make money on Instagram in Nigeria. Besides, this is probably not the first time you’ve heard about this social media, Instagram, and it definitely won’t be the last. From the topic above, “make money” should be the first phrase that draws your attention. Moreover, that is exactly what we are going to execute here, right now. 

Welcome to this session on how to make money on Instagram in Nigeria.

Meet the Trailblazing Social Media: Instagram 

Instagram is a social media app with many functions that provide value. To acquire all the benefits Instagram has to offer, you need to make some prior moves. These moves will make it easier for you to monetize Instagram. First, download the app. Then, create an account to unlock convenient access.

Let’s break it down in simple terms. You can sign up on Instagram using any of the two methods below:

  1. Step one

  • Download the Instagram app.
  • Click on sign up and enter your email address.
  • Create a username of your choice and set a password you can easily remember. Then, you are in. 
  1. Step two

Login with your Facebook identity to sign up on Instagram.

How to get started with Instagram monetization tips

By now, you have already secured an account in your preferred name but there is still more. Instagram automatically welcomes you into the creator account. However, there is an alternative which is the business account. 

In this article, we will highlight Instagram’s qualities and familiarize you with how to monetize Instagram. The knowledge you get helps to decide which of the accounts work for you subsequently. This will help you understand the concept of how to make money on Instagram. Let’s dig in. 

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What Does Creator And Business Accounts Provide?

  1. Insights’ gain

This helps you to determine what contents are right for your Instagram audience. Moreso, it covers the overall impression breakdown, reaches, saves, shares, profile visits, website clicks and follows. Insights’ gain is an important account analysis that also includes audience demographic data and recent content interactions. 

Whether you use a creator or business account, an effective Insights’ gain makes it faster for you to make money on Instagram in Nigeria.

  1. Two tab inbox

The two-tab inbox has two labels which are the primary and general inboxes. High-priority incoming DMs (direct messages) of known or engaged accounts on Instagram fall under the primary inbox. Message requests automatically fall under the general inbox if you accept the message. 

Moreover, the general inbox usually turns off your notifications. But, you can turn the notifications on in your Instagram settings. 

  1. Saved replies

You can save replies with a shortcut word. For example, FAQ (Frequently asked questions). Once you click on the blue or black speech bubble that pops up on your Instagram, your full message appears instantly. Then, you can decide to send it or not.

  1. Paid partnership tag 

You get to tag the handle of a paid partner in posts and stories to disclose paid collaborations with your audience. This provides transparency to your followers and allows the brand you are collaborating with to view your insights on that post. 

  1. Shoppable posts 

Both the creator and business accounts enable access to tag shoppable products. However, the business account on Instagram has the advantage to add an online shop to your account. Although, it comes with a price. 

Differences between the creator and business accounts 

  1. Profile categories

The creator account on Instagram provides the opportunity for personal labelling. You can label yourself as a chef, gamer, writer or dancer, and many more. Business accounts provide options such as advertising agencies, hotel resorts, bakery and footwear stores, etc. 

  1. Content scheduling

Content scheduling grants you access to schedule content through third-party scheduling tools. Hootsuite is a good example of a third-party scheduling tool. However, it is limited to business accounts. With standard content scheduling, you can make money on Instagram in Nigeria within a few months.

  1. Contact information 

Users of both accounts can insert email addresses and phone numbers for collaborators or clients to contact them. Nevertheless, the option to add home or store addresses is limited to business accounts. 

How to Make Money on Instagram in Nigeria as an Individual 

Let this be the point where you give your undivided attention. This is because this section aims to enlighten you on how to make money on Instagram in Nigeria. So, we will be talking about Instagram monetization tips. And, I’m sure you don’t want to miss a detail.

You need to give value to receive value.

You need to give value to receive value.

To make money on Instagram in Nigeria, you need to give value to receive value. But, how?

  1. As an entrepreneur

Instagram is an e-commerce powerhouse available to anyone with something to sell, looking to grow their brand visibility and awareness. There are a lot of potential customers within your reach on Instagram.

Below are some tips that will guide an entrepreneur to make money on Instagram in Nigeria:

  • Post content consistently.
  • Showcase the person or people behind the business. 
  • Make sure you package your products neatly and nicely.
  • What you advertise should be the same or even better as what you deliver to your customers.
  • Focus on your business but lay a great emphasis on the people’s needs. 
  • If you can, partner with or gift your product to people’s favourites such as brand influencers.

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  1. As a social media strategist

You need to acquaint yourself with the Instagram platform as a social media strategist. Learn about how the platform works, the user demographics, and the kind of content to publish on the platform. With a good understanding of all these, you can make money on Instagram in Nigeria.

Below are some tips a social media strategist needs to make money on Instagram in Nigeria:

  • Identify the potential customer demographics, and what they communicate and connect with on Instagram. 
  • KPIs such as web traffic, program sign-ups, impressions, brand mentions, sales, and followers. Remember that leads are valid in establishing the success of a campaign to build a community that is responsive and loyal to your brand. 
  • Understand the key differentiators as compared to the top competitors and how to translate the benefits earned to customers.
  • Take your time to interact with the audience. Respond to their queries as regards brands or give responses to comments on Instagram pages.
  • Measure the success of every social media campaign. 
  • Be a trendsetter to avoid extreme losses. 
  • Network with Instagram professionals both in and out of your niche. 
  1. As a content creator

A content creator should create both digital and offline contents that are entertaining and edifying. With time, any of these contents can pique the interests of the target audience. 

Also, identifying problems worth solving will bridge the gaps to make money on Instagram in Nigeria. Having a sense of curiosity is also significant as it equates to and influences the ability to deliver distinct content. 

Below are some tips a content creator should observe to make money on Instagram in Nigeria:

  • Conduct research on Instagram-related topics.
  • Create various content types which include videos, reels, instant articles, infographics, and many more, with relevant tone and theme sufficient to satisfy respective style guides. 
  • Utilize digital publishing platforms that support the creation of structured drafts for Instagram. 
  • Relay target content to specific audiences and concentrate on trending topics. 
  • Incorporate blog and other social media links to the Instagram platform he/she works on.
  • Conduct keyword research and employ Instagram SEO best practices to optimize the content on the platform. 
  • Analyse instant traffic to measure the success of the content (e.g. conversion and bounce rates).
  1. As a social media manager

The speciality of curating a brand’s social channel lies in the hand of the social media manager. The manager must have a knack for storytelling, and an eye for detail and design. Moreover, the ability to break down what works and doesn’t for the audience is the job of a social media manager. Doing this creates a more convenient pathway to make money on Instagram in Nigeria.

A social media manager must do well to monitor, moderate and respond to audience feedback, and manage social media partnerships with other brands. In addition, he/she can also create engaging videos and images on the Instagram app. 

Below are tips to guide a social media manager to make money on Instagram in Nigeria:

  • Come up with ideas that lead to the collation and execution of social campaigns. These campaigns must be in line with the company’s marketing strategies. 
  • Grow the audience (followers), manage the engagements and other vital components of a brand’s profile. 
  • Spend ample time understanding the brand’s performance for business purposes and its presentation to potential and present clients. 
  • Be ready to communicate and connect with graphic designers, marketing managers and stakeholders. 
  1. As a digital marketer

Instagram remains the most popular visual marketing platform in today’s social media landscape. Perhaps you are looking for the best social media to earn some cool cash. Then, resort to making money on Instagram in Nigeria. 

Digital marketers must be able to study Instagram marketing strategies and Instagram monetization tips. This will make them relate with millennials, tell their brands’ visual stories, drive relevant traffic and hold a significant presence on visual media. 

Below are tips for a digital marketer who wants to make money on Instagram in Nigeria:

  • Convert page or profile visits into online sales where appropriate, through the introduction of special deals. 
  • Manage the online presence and stand of a brand by engaging with consumers at an appropriate time. 
  • Ensure that the Instagram page is easily found by the target audience.
  1. As a content writer

A content writer should write, edit and publish engaging content that suits the target audience’s interests. This is relative to unlocking the best way to make money on Instagram in Nigeria. 

Below are tips to guide a content writer to make money on Instagram in Nigeria:

  • Post relevant content that complements the text.
  • Write epic captions.
  • Show off your skills and get people to know, like, and trust you.
  • Discover and use the right hashtags.
  • Schedule your content.
  • Use Instagram stories consistently to connect your writings. 
  1. As an influencer

Influencers make regular Instagram posts on topics they have expertise in and build a reputation around them for their audience. This leads to generating large followers of enthusiastic people who pay close attention to their views. 

Here are tips to guide an influencer to make money on Instagram in Nigeria:

  • Build an authentic connection with followers.
  • Help brands communicate with audiences through targeted, tailored messaging. 
  • Boost brand awareness and promote specific products.
  • Partner with brands for sponsored content
  1. As a coach

Coaching is both a profession and a set of skills. You can coach either full-time or part-time. Thanks to Instagram, you can call yourself a coach without even coaching anyone.

Below are tips to make money on Instagram in Nigeria as a coach:

  • Share your expertise, resources and tips that allow people in your field to learn.
  • Virtually view educators’ classrooms.
  • Build a support network.
  • Manage your time during long sessions.
  • Plan contents via videos, and images and complement them with text. 
  • You are opening yourself up for people to judge you. So, always prepare yourself and deliver the best to your audience.

10 ways to make money with Instagram in Nigeria

There are leads above to guide you on how to monetize Instagram. So, this section will lead you through some steps to make money on Instagram in Nigeria. You are welcome to this section!

Moreover, the list below points out some Instagram monetization tips:

  1. Set up your profile and build a community for your followers to feel at home.
  2. Provide links to your other social media accounts, website or blog.
  3. Share quality and clear content.
  4. Utilize the Instagram video/reel tools.
  5. Start a campaign or contest.
  6. Share testimonials or feedback with followers. 
  7. Get an app to make things easier and safer.
  8. Connect affiliate links.
  9. Publish sponsored posts.
  10. Promote yourself well or your art.

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FAQ on how to make money on Instagram in NigeriaCan I keep my account private to monetize Instagram? 

Yes, you can! However, when your page starts growing, then you have to keep it public. Just make sure you take your time to understand the process of how to make money on Instagram in Nigeria. Thus, you decide.


There’s nothing wrong with operating a random Instagram account. However, if you aim to make money on Instagram in Nigeria, then you need to be intentional and strategic. 

Finally, there are activities you have to pay for such as sponsored adverts to promote your brand or self. Always remember that it is an investment to yield a harvest. Perhaps you are already on your journey to make money on Instagram in Nigeria, Good luck!

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