How to Become a Successful Freelance Writer in Nigeria

by Rachael Philip
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Becoming a freelance writer in Nigeria is not a hard nut to crack if you possess the necessary skills. You can start freelance writing from the scratch and still make it to the top. What matters is your consistency and readiness to learn. Once you can incorporate the best attitude to become a freelance writer in Nigeria, then you are good to go!

All you need to know about the freelance writing business

The word “freelance” refers to creating a freelance account and getting paid for the jobs you do. This definition is perfect as it summarizes what freelance is today. Ideally, it refers to work done by a self-employed or hired person skilful in whatever work he is called upon to deliver. 

More than the physical method, getting an account on a freelance website brings you in close contact with clients. It is not until you create a freelance account on related websites that you can get a job. Since the massive eruption of the digital world, websites like Fiverr, Upwork, and Freelancer amongst others help freelancers to get jobs. Besides, it enables beginners to have a say in the freelancing world as these apps help connect them to their clients better.

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Perhaps you aspire to become a freelance writer in Nigeria, then you are a beginner. Beginners usually go through some weeks or months of training, lectures and boot camps in writing. This makes excitement and urges them to start their freelance writing career on the high side. Thoughts of hitting a big jackpot, getting to the peak of their freelance writing business, being successful and all. 

Moreover, as an intermediate or expert in the freelance writing business, there are heights you desire to attain and sit upon for a long time. As amazing as all of these might be, to become a freelance writer in Nigeria (a successful one to be precise) can be quite difficult. This is because freelance writing in Nigeria and the world at large is competitive. And you know, the over dogs will not want the huge chunk of work they get slipped from their hands.

How then can I become a freelance writer in Nigeria in the ever-competitive freelance writing business? The answer to this question is right after this paragraph.

7 Effective ways to become a freelance writer in Nigeria 

  1. Be Skillful and Unique

In the world, lies a large sum of freelancers in the freelance writing business struggling to get a share of the jobs available. One way to become a freelance writer in Nigeria is to build a great portfolio and stand unique by being skilful in your niche. Most times, skilful and well-experienced writers are picked over others to handle a job, most especially a sensitive job. 

You can achieve this by familiarizing yourself with basic writing skills, writing daily to make necessary corrections and observing writing rules and so on. You can also improve your skills by reading and refurbishing the works of other successful writers personally. Refurbishing involves looking closely into those works, and identifying the weaknesses and flaws of the works. You can also recreate them in a better way. 

  1. Position yourself in your most preferred niche

Go through the topics and categories of content that other writers have written online. Then, let the thoughts on what niche to major income through. It is one thing to be good at freelance writing in almost all niches. It is another to be good at one or two. 

To become a freelance writer in Nigeria, it is better to be known in a particular niche. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have any experience writing in other niches. Depending on interest, you can try pitching your tent in tech, business talks and NGO categories. Of all these, note that settling in a niche that will pay you handsomely is important. Moreso, develop yourself in whatever niche you choose and become an expert.

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  1. Create an attractive freelance account on freelance websites

Obviously, starting a freelance job involves getting registered with a freelance account. But as easy as that could be, creating a 100% attractive account is important. Freelancers opt out of the online job due to failure of attracting clients which is caused mostly by a faulty freelance account. 

An attractive freelance account must contain the following:

  • A professional profile image
  • Authentic name and details 
  • A strong portfolio 
  • Details about your skill
  • Testimonials 

A few steps guidelines to creating a good account are:

  • Follow every procedure in creating your account.
  • Let your bio talk about how you will help your clients with your skill.
  • Make sure your bio, gig or proposal has a heart-striking and compelling call-to-action.
  • Input your details correctly.
  • Make market research on the ideal niche.
  • Build a strong portfolio.
  • Make sure every part of your profile showcases your skill(s).
  • Ask for testimonials you can add to your profile.
  • Have a pricing strategy you follow.
  • Watch YouTube videos for clearer information and insights.

Authenticity in creating your account is important. 

  1. Create an amazing online portfolio

A definition of success is a highly rated competitive portfolio that can speak anywhere at any time. To become a freelance writer in Nigeria, it is important to create a strong and attractive portfolio online. A portfolio is a compilation of works, skills, qualifications, training, jobs and experiences a person has. 

Moreover, an online portfolio is the right way to boost your popularity and get a job. An online portfolio with touches of amazing web designs is equivalent to a business card, resume, project display or a personal website. 

An ideal online portfolio should contain the following;

  • High-quality images
  • A great template
  • Important contents and right features
  • SEO basics
  • Excellent fonts

Here are a few guidelines for creating an ideal online portfolio:

  • Take caution on what to include in it
  • Choose and input your strongest works
  • Display your most distinctive pieces
  • Use high-resolution images
  • Stay current
  1. Grow your network on Social Media

Every 21st-century worker (either employees or self-employed/freelancers) should focus on technology. However, they should leave out digitalisation and networking to attain success in whatever field they are in. To become a freelance writer in Nigeria, consider building a network of writers and non-writers. They will not only help you secure a job, but also gain popularity. 

Mind you, social media also helps to connect potential employees and employers as it does potential friends. In this manner, writers should engage their followers regularly through outstanding daily posts that help draw and attract people. Social media like LinkedIn and Facebook help share job opportunities with people. Note also that using the right keywords, hashtags and content will give you a higher chance of succeeding in network expansion.

  1. Continue learning and Stay Current

The more you know, the more you discover you know little.” The world changes every day and a 1% change can either move you back to the ground level or accelerate you to the top. If you desire to become a freelance writer in Nigeria, it is important to always stay up to date with trends. Make sure you learn, unlearn and relearn. 

Besides, the way writing was done in the past cannot be compared to the way it is done now and will never be compared to that of the future. Updating yourself regularly on simple tools like WordPress, Google Docs, Microsoft Word and other tools and methods used in writing is very important. This will help you remain current and relevant in the business of freelance writing.

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  1. Gain more professional experience

To become a freelance writer in Nigeria, gaining more professional experience will do you a lot of good. There are several ways through which you can get professional experiences even without getting normal jobs. Examples are boot camps, internships and spillovers from experts too. This will help boost your portfolio for a successful career.

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The path to success is always rough and never easy. Common traits that successful people exhibit are persistence and consistency. Therefore, to become a freelance writer in Nigeria, try to be the best at it. However, you need to stay focused on track and the benefits will surely be yours.

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