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by Olasubomi Samuel Kolawole
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One of the problems that new freelance writers often face is figuring out high-paying freelance writing niches to specialize in. Almost every freelance writer passes through this at the beginning of their career, so it’s normal if you are caught in this web.

The response of every freelance writer who has passed through this phase is similar. They explore different topics, discover the ones they enjoy writing, and then study the niche more to become an expert. This implies that there are several high-paying freelance writing niches you can easily explore. Especially when you feel comfortable and happy about it when writing articles in that area.

A lot of companies love writers who are knowledgeable about their products and services. They are always willing to pay more as long as you have proof of expertise.

In this post, you will find out the best 10 high-paying niches in freelance writing and where to find work. But before we discuss that, let’s discuss freelance writing niches.

What is a Freelance Writing Niche? 

A freelance writing niche refers to a specialization in writing. It’s an area of writing that you can major in to become an expert. You can become a blog content writer for the health niche or a sales copywriter for real estate.

As a Nigerian freelance writer, you are somewhat underrepresented and disadvantaged for so many reasons beyond your control. If you can establish yourself as an expert in any of the high-paying niches in freelance writing, you’ll be getting offers from multiple sources at a time. Isn’t that the dream?

So here are some of the high-paying niches you can delve into as a freelance writer:

10 High-paying Freelance Writing Niches in Nigeria 

  1. Finance

Finance is one of the high-paying writing niche you can easily explore as a freelancer. The market for finance keeps growing in excess with different unique services. These finance companies would require expert and specialized finance writers who can create high-quality content and engaging stories that best represent their businesses or brands and resonate with their target audience.

Credit card and loan companies are investing in content creation because many consumers spend millions every year using credit cards, loans, and other banking products. They usually have a budget for this which means they can pay as high as $1000 for a project.

Finance also covers areas like mining and cryptocurrency, so if you want, you can even specialize more in the finance niche by focusing only on crypto currency. The market is huge, and you as a freelance writer have absolutely nothing to lose. Some of the topics you’ll be expected to cover as a finance writer include cryptocurrency, accounting, budgeting, shares, and financial stocks. You’ll also need to work on your tone and style of writing as you can either be writing for a professional audience or individual customers.

  1. Real Estate 

The next on the list of high-paying niches in freelance writing that I strongly recommend is the real estate niche. Real estate is the business of selling houses or land for and to people. The person involved in this kind of business is called a Realtor or Real Estate Agent.

Real estate agents know the value of creating content around the services they offer, hence, they need experienced writers who can showcase the image of their companies through engaging and high-quality content. Real estate writers earn between $500 – $1000 per project. If you’re remotely aware of how much commission realtors make per deal, you wouldn’t find it difficult to imagine them paying that much for high-quality content.

As a freelancer writer in the real estate niche, your target audiences are both businesses and individuals. Your goal is to educate them on topics related to home ownership and give them reasons why they should own a building in a particular location. Depending on the authority level of your client, there’s a high chance you’ll write more sales copies than blog content.

Examples of topics you will find in this niche include benefits of purchasing a home, types of mortgage, property management tips for landlords, and so on.

  1. Book Writing (Ghostwriting)

Do you know that not everyone can put their thoughts or experience into writing? That’s the reason many retired businessmen, coaches, and entrepreneurs need writers with whom they can share their ideas, thoughts, views, and experiences. Then, it’s your job to put all the information into writing and transform it into a book.

This is not an easy task, but if you are an expert, you can charge between $1000 – $2000 to write a book. In this case, the only knowledge and expertise you need is creativity and the ability to use Google to add flesh to the book, as most of the content will come from your client.

Ghostwriters are also hired by companies to write newsletters, blog posts, and ebooks.

Know that you won’t earn the credit for the work. Once they’ve paid you, they claim ownership of the work. That’s why it’s called ‘Ghostwriting’.

  1. Travel/Tourism

Travel markets are in excessive need of writers that can create exciting memories for the readers. Therefore, you must be a good storyteller before you can delve into this niche. This involves writing about places that will make the readers have vivid pictures in their heads and salivate.

You can write based on your personal experiences about a certain place you’ve visited. You can talk about their culture, foods, language, community, dance, and other peculiar characters that make them unique. Since travel marketers and bloggers know the value of content creation for their businesses, they can pay as much as $1000 for a content writing project. This project can go as far as writing new content, editing existing content, and writing meta descriptions.

Some of the topics to cover in this high-paying niche are travel reviews, travel lifestyles, restaurant reviews, and hotel reviews.

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  1. Online courses

This is also a high-paying niche that offers a lot of opportunities for educational content creators. You will make for a good education content writer if you have a background in teaching. This niche involves creating content for courses; and since most of these courses need a video to showcase the brand better, you have to write scripts as part of the writing job. Most education content writers charge $5,000 – $10,000 for a long-term project.

If you’ve ever explored any of the courses on Udemy and Hubspot, education content writers are the brain behind those works. You can join them too.

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  1. Personal development.

If you are good at writing articles that can change the way people live their lives, spend their money, relate with people, or use their time effectively, then you will make for a good personal development writer. Personal development is by far the widest high-paying niche in freelance writing. It covers topics across finance, productivity, health, and even career.

There are several jobs on Upwork calling for personal development writers that can create life-changing articles for blogs and websites.

Most of the articles you’ll be writing are ‘How-to’ articles, such as: how to cultivate the habit of saving money, how to manage your time effectively, how to win friends and influence people, etc.

  1. Email Marketing 

Another profitable niche in freelance writing you wouldn’t want to overlook is email writing. 80% of businesses depend heavily on creating effective email funnels to nurture potential leads and convert them to buyers.

That means you must have copywriting skills for you to be able to create copies for funnels and launch campaigns.

This niche is so profitable that you can earn between $4000 – $4500/month as an email copywriter.

  1. Beauty and Fashion

The beauty and fashion niche is also a high-paying niche in freelance writing you can explore. With the way companies produce lipsticks, skincare products, clothes designs, bags, and shoes, they need beauty and fashion writers that can write high-quality articles that will create a long-lasting impression on the reader. You can get jobs as a beauty and fashion writer on Upwork and Fiverr, earning thousands of dollars per month.

  1. Health

Just like the beauty and fashion niche, the health niche is a high-paying freelance writing niche in which you can major. Health companies or brands need writers to help them educate their readers and sell their products through sales pages. There is also the need for high-quality content to promote their services and explain to readers why and when they should order those services.

Hardly will a day pass by without finding jobs in need of freelance writers in this niche on Upwork, willing to pay $100 to $200 for a project. However, you need to understand the health jargon before you can venture into this niche. Educational history in biosciences or health-related courses will give you an edge over others.

Some of the topics in this niche are answers to daily questions about health such as benefits of specific food products, symptoms related to certain health conditions and body maintenance.

  1. Entertainment

You’re the first person to know when Beyonce or Wizkid bought a new car, so why can’t you go into the entertainment niche? Just kidding.

If you are passionate about writing celebrity gossip, concert and music reviews, artiste’s biographies, you can go into the entertainment niche. It is one of the top paying reelance writing niches you can easily explore as a Nigerian freelancer.

Freelance writers in this niche mostly offer their services to entertainment blogs and magazines, and their average salary is $45,000/year.

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3 Best Freelance Websites to Find Work

As a freelance writer, becoming an expert in your niche is nothing if you don’t know how or where to sell it. That’s why I have compiled a shortlist of the best freelance sites with high-paying jobs.

  • Upwork

Upwork is one of the best freelance sites to offer your skill as a writer. There are lots of business owners who are searching for writers in different niches. They need writers for their blogs, websites, sales pages, and the like. Upwork allows you to work hourly or by contract where you get paid after you’ve completed the project. Depending on how good you are, you can set your hourly rate to $20 to $30, or higher. And you can easily speciaized in any of the top paying freelance writing niches that are discussed in this article.

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  • Fiverr

Fiverr is also a marketplace that connects business people to freelancers. On this platform, you can set up your gigs and place the amount your client will pay for you to deliver the work. You can easily get high paying writing jobs, and at the same time terribly cheap jobs. However, it is a nice platform to explore and concentrate on your favourite writing niche.

  • Freelancer

Freelancer is not left out of the fold when it comes to the best platform to offer your writing services. Jobs are posted every minute and you stand a great chance to land many jobs.


There is nothing as good as doing what you love. This principle also applies to freelance writing. Have the zeal and enthusiasm for your niche and you will marvel at the rewards.

Remember, you don’t need to have prior experience before you delve into a niche. Study the niche that interests you, create portfolios in that niche, and offer your writing service on any freelance platform.

Good luck to you.

If you’d like to explore any of these niches and build a portfolio, join the insight writers’ community and start establishing your authority.

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