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by Olasubomi Samuel Kolawole
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Adeola Chinomso Abubakar (ACA), an email marketer, has always struggled with generating ideas for an email marketing campaign.

For that reason, he couldn’t build a cordial relationship with his subscribers. Most of them opted out of his email list because they only receive emails once in a while. If you are like Abubakar, how best do you think you can tackle this problem?

In this article, I will reveal how to generate ideas for an email marketing campaign. You’ll know the seven unique ways to get content ideas for your business. 

But before you jump the line, let’s know what an email marketing campaign means and how to create an email marketing campaign. 

What is an Email Marketing Campaign?

email marketing

Email marketing campaign is essential to a business’ growth

Before I explain what an email marketing campaign means, let’s understand what email marketing is. 

Email marketing is a form of digital marketing in which marketers build more relationships with their customers through the use of emails. They are doing this to generate revenue for their business, build brand awareness, notify them of blog updates, and the like. 

An email marketing campaign is a series of emails you send subscribers to nurture or build more relationships with them. That way, you build trust, which makes it easier for you to sell your products effortlessly to them. 

9 Unique Steps to Put Together an Email Marketing Campaign 

Some email marketers are not getting results because they don’t know how to create a successful email marketing campaign. And for your campaign to get positive results, you need to follow the right steps. 

In this section, I will walk you through creating an email campaign that increases your return on investment (ROI).

Here are the nine unique and actionable steps to creating a successful email marketing campaign.

  1. Know your goals

All good marketing, as you know, starts with defining your goals. Because if you don’t have a goal in mind, you won’t get maximum results. Now, before you create an email marketing campaign, you need to ask yourself these questions: 

What do I intend to achieve with this campaign? Am I creating it to:

  • Build my brand awareness? 
  • Nurture my leads? 
  • Generate revenue? 
  • Increase my website traffic? 
  • Get feedback or surveys? 

Once you know your goal, creating a successful email marketing campaign will be easier.

  1. Build a relevant email list 

To have maximum sales, you need to build a large list of people interested in your offer.

For example, Olu was promoting a copywriting course worth N10,000, he generated 100 leads. Out of these leads, 60 persons got it. Our math tells us that Olu would be making N600,000. 

You’re salivating at the money? Well done.

Can you see the reason why you need to build the right list?

If you are selling a client-retaining course , ensure your contact list is full of freelancers like writers, software developers, and the like. 

  1. Choose a good email marketing service 

An email marketing service is a platform that helps you save your contact lists. It’s a channel through which you send emails to your subscribers.

As an email marketer, you must choose a provider with features that will help you get results fast. Before using, ensure it has features like:

  • Automation that will help you schedule your emails,
  •  notify subscribers of recent blog updates, 
  • respond quickly to customers, and show the results of campaigns sent. 

Examples of good email marketing services or products with these features are MailChimp, GetResponse, Birdsend, etc. 

  1. Personalize your email subject line and copy

Email subject lines are one of the most vital parts of every email marketing campaign.

Without a good subject line, your subscribers won’t open your emails. And if your email doesn’t get opened, it doesn’t get read. And if it isn’t read, your readers won’t take the action you want them to take. 

That’s why you need to tailor your copy specifically to the subscriber and let them feel you don’t have any subscribers except him. So, focus on the prospect.

Avoid speaking too much about yourself. Then, make use of the second-person pronoun “you” frequently. 

Let me quickly add this. Personalization also includes you sending emails with your real email address. And not with donotreply@buchiandsonsltd.

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  1. Be conversational

“Hi, we are from Mark Sons & Limited. We are writing this email to…”  

Anytime I see emails like this popping up in my inbox, I don’t waste time erasing them.


ABecause it’s as if they are speaking with a company, not me. 

Don’t send robotic emails. Your reader is a human like you so write like you’re talking. Ensure you leave white spaces. You can write one line per paragraph. 

You can even break one sentence and complete it in the next line. That’s how you should write an email, so stop writing emails that sound like TV manuals. 

  1. Create follow-ups

To nurture and build more relationships with your subscribers, ensure you create follow-ups. Follow-up means reaching out to your prospects more than once, especially when promoting a course or any offer. 

You’re following up because your prospect might not be interested at first. As you follow up they will buy your product. 

Using the automation tool of any email marketing service like MailChimp, Drip, ActiveCampagin, Moosend, MailerLite and so on will help you. Just write a series of emails and automate them. 

  1. Design your emails

Who doesn’t like what is attractive? Well, maybe you. Just kidding. But the truth is everyone likes pretty things. Nice shoes, wonderful dresses and all. The same goes for your email.

So ensure you have logo and brand colours that align with your brand. You can also add images and GIFs to make your emails attractive. Also, ensure your emails look great on desktop and mobile devices. 

  1. A/B test your emails 

This is also known as split testing. It means testing one email marketing campaign with different headlines, call-to-action, designs, or any other feature, with few subscribers.

You are doing this to know the one that will get the best results. For example, if the subject line “That guy really annoyed me today” has a 30% open rate, while “I hate that guy” is 5%, you should consider using the first one with other subscribers. 

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  1. Track your campaigns 

Some email marketing services like MailChimp have features that help you track your email marketing campaign.

For example, you’ll know the rate of people who opened your emails (open rate), those who opened and left immediately (bounce rate), and the rate of people who saw your email and still clicked the link (Click-through rate). 

7 Ways to Generate Email Marketing Campaign Ideas in 2022

Now, this is the section you have been waiting to read. For some, generating ideas for emails is hard, while it’s the other way round for others.

So, to join the membership of people who find it easy. Here is the soup I have been preparing for you, the ten ways to generate ideas for an email marketing campaign. 

  1. Tell stories 

You are coming up with fake stories to promote your offer. Now, this begs the question: ‘where am I going to get these stories?” 

Calm down.

You can leverage people’s stories to promote it. Visit forums like Reddit, Quora, Blogs, etc., and you’ll find them.

Not only can you use these stories to promote your offer, but you can also fish out the lessons you want your subscribers to learn from them. 

  1. Experience 

You can use your experience to generate ideas for an email marketing campaign. You can share experiences like your failures, the lessons you learnt in high school, your adventures and the like.

The reader connects with people who share their experiences because doing that shows the human part of you. 

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  1. Read books 

The books you read can generate many ideas for an email marketing campaign. You can share the lessons derived from these books with your subscribers.

You can cultivate the habit of reading books in your niche and personal development. If I can use one of the lessons I derived from Brian Tracy’s books to write an email, you can, too. 

  1. Watch movies 

Like books, movies can generate many ideas for an email marketing campaign. For example, one of the lessons you can derive from the just recently released movie, Anikulapo, is not to become a betrayal, like the character Saro. 

That’s why marketers (not only email marketers) also need to watch good movies. 

  1. Current happenings 

You can use the current happenings in your country to generate ideas for an email marketing campaign. For example, if I am promoting an Upwork Masterclass, I can say:

Did you see today’s exchange rate? You saw how $1 was N320 in the era of former Pres. Jonathan is now N720 in 2022. Can you see the reason why you need to earn in dollars? … Click the link below to sign up for the Upwork Masterclass NOW at a 50% discount and start earning in dollars. 

Can you see how I used the current predicament of the country’s economy to promote the class?

It’s easy, you can do it. 

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  1. Attend events 

Did you know that you can use the events you attend to generate ideas for an email marketing campaign? 

If you don’t, now you do. Lol. 

The events you attend are a great source of information for you to create content. For example, if you attend an event like a wedding, you can share the lessons you derive from the event with your subscribers. You can even connect the lessons to what you’re selling.

And that’s it. Generating ideas shouldn’t be this hard. 

  1. Share your company’s testimonials 

You can also use the positive reviews received from your customers to generate ideas for an email marketing campaign. When your subscriber sees the positive testimonials of people who have used your product, they will be convinced that your product (or service) is working and are drawn to buy.

For this reason, ensure you request for your product reviews few days after your customers have purchased your product. 


I have already elucidated how you can create and generate ideas for an email marketing campaign.

The next line of action is to implement them because if you read them without implementing them, you won’t get results. So, start working. 

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