6 Kinds of Heartbreak You Can’t Escape in a Relationship

by Priscilla Ajayi

Different kinds of heartbreak usually accompany a relationship breakup. At times, your relationship might be intact but still, you experience some kind of heartbreak. It is normal. Heartbreak is an experience you can’t escape in a relationship whether you like it or not. Some call it inevitable but I see it as a natural occurrence. 

This is because both parties in a relationship can’t be all-around perfect. So, when a partner starts to show his/her signs of imperfection, the other feels uncomfortable. At that point, a heartbreak comes in.



Some kinds of heartbreak make you sob uncontrollably while some cause depression. Also, you battle with anger issues while going through some heartbreaks. However, you will surely get over all kinds of heartbreak with time if you take the necessary measures.

Why Some Kinds of Heartbreak are Inevitable

‘I love him/her so much and there is nothing anyone can do about that,’ oh wow. This is a common statement usually made by first-time lovers. So, it makes yours not any different. Quite a lot of things transpire between two lovers or a duo in any kind of relationship. We tend to love one another deeply if there’s nothing like mayhem during our time together. However, the truth is, that humans are complicated.

Humans are kind of complicated.

Humans are kind of complicated.

There is more to human nature than the everyday interaction we see. Everyone has their other side (strange behaviours) which may either be good or bad. The latter is the most prominent case. Ignorance of the other sides of lovers in a relationship is the pioneer of all relationship breakups nowadays. Besides, a larger percentage of the aftermath of breakups comes with some kind of heartbreak. 

Are you presently in a relationship? Are you on good terms with your partner? Have you recently suffered a kind of heartbreak in your relationship? Perhaps you can answer any of these questions, then this article is for you! Although, no one prays to sustain a heartbreak, do you even know what it is? Hope you aren’t taking your failures in maintaining a relationship for heartbreak? Most people suffer from heartbreak due to relationship mishaps and women are always the most affected.

Guess what? Nowadays, Nigerians call it “breakfast”—when your girlfriend or boyfriend says no to you at the last minute. The last-minute timing is usually at dawn so you can hear the breakup news before you go to work. I’m sure you won’t want to have a bite of this breakfast. It hurts but no one cares. This is Naija, who you help? Smiles.

Therefore, you’ve got to help yourself to avoid gulping a dish full of disappointments as breakfast. Helping yourself will surely prevent any kind of heartbreak from dining with you, you know. Anyway, no worries, this article is here to help you. In this post, you will learn about those kinds of heartbreak you can’t escape and how to find your way around them.

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6 Kinds of Heartbreak You Can’t Escape in a Relationship

  1. It was all a facade

When that spouse you’ve courted for years before you get married suddenly breaks up with you. Not that he just broke up with you, he fled with another woman who he has been in love with all the while you were in courtship with him. So, it happens to be you were in a love triangle with your man and not a love duo. 

Your husband pretended he loves you, however, he likes another woman better. After having some kids for this man you’ve entrusted your whole life with, he eloped. And, you found out about this other woman in a letter he left on the dining room table for you. It’s no doubt you are going to sustain a first-class kind of heartbreak. That kind of feeling you have when you realised your love relationship was all a facade. It kind of hurts so much.

  1. I don’t want a relationship

Amongst all the kinds of heartbreak, this particular one can land you in a hospital. The ‘I don’t want a relationship’ announcement after courting him for a while is kind of so horrible. Isn’t it? For instance, you are a lady and your best friend who is a guy asked you out openly. You shyly comply because you don’t want to break his heart. And to be honest, he is also somewhere deep down there in your heart.

So, your relationship kicks off with him and seriously, you think it will lead to marriage. Unfortunately, your boyfriend has no intention of marrying you right from the start. His feelings for you were a pretence so he can catch the fun of it. I guess you know what that means. 

All the way, your boyfriend knew you were in the dark. However, he has decided to break the news to you on your next birthday to stop you from getting your hopes high. What bad timing for breaking such news! Well, he eventually did. 

On hearing the news that you find so hard to process, you slumped. Then, you wake up in the hospital to accept the reality and you encounter a kind of heartbreak you can’t escape.

  1. End a relationship

Whether you were the one who just put a full stop to a relationship or your partner, a kind of heartbreak usually follows. Why? This is because both sides will feel the loss especially when it is a sudden breakup. So, ending a relationship is another kind of heartbreak you are likely to face as time goes on.

  1. Lose a loved one

This kind of heartbreak is not necessarily applicable to those in a love relationship. Losing a loved one naturally breaks one’s heart. Most especially when you are close to a person like any of your parents, husband, sister, friend and many more. The feeling of grief is a sign of potential heartbreak. Grief is the way a person’s body shows their last emotions to the deceased.

  1. The pain of betrayal

Another kind of heartbreak people experience is the pain of being betrayed. When someone you trust so much betrays you or lets you down, you feel hurt. Even though you might have gotten back at the person in a lot of ways but to be sincere, you will still feel the pain. Yeah, I know how it feels.

That kind of feeling when you prefer to stay alone.

That kind of feeling when you prefer to stay alone.

That kind of feeling that makes everyone look wicked to you that you will prefer to stay alone. As humans, the betrayal kind of heartbreak is something we can’t escape. We only need to learn how I get through it.

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  1. The Cheater boyfriend

The cheater boyfriend kind of heartbreak is an experience most youths go through nowadays. Your boyfriend cheats on you by dating another lady and you know somehow. You’ve fought with him countless times over it. He will always apologize but he won’t just stop. However, you love him so much that you can’t leave him even if he doesn’t stop cheating on you. Oh, what a poor love!

Well, this means suffering from multiple heartbreaks is one thing you can’t escape while still in a relationship with that cheater boyfriend.

4 Ways to Get Over All Kinds of Heartbreak

Why should you hurt over spilt milk?

Why should you hurt over spilt milk?

Dear friend, it is not sane to hurt over spilt milk. This is why I have garnered some inspiring ways to help you out of your travails. Perhaps you sustain any kind of heartbreak, below are 4 ways you can get over it.

  1. Picture all kinds of heartbreak as a physical injury

Just as a minor injury can fester if you don’t take care of it, heartbreak can lead to bad health conditions. Therefore, the first step you should take to get over any kind of heartbreak is to think of it as a physical injury. An injury that needs to be cared for before it gets out of hand.

As much as you observe this step, it is only a matter of time before you get over all kinds of heartbreak. See your heartbreak as a physical injury and give it your all to control it. How do you control it? Let’s learn about that!

  1. Be patient

One of the best ways to counter any kind of heartbreak is to exercise enough patience. Observe your normal day-to-day activities as if nothing ever happened. Eat regularly and sleep well. This will ensure that your blood pressure doesn’t rise unnecessarily. If you feel like crying, then cry it all out. Don’t pile up your tears so you can ease yourself.

Also, keep yourself busy. You can work all day to make sure you don’t brood at a spot. All these are measures to enable you to activate your patience mode. That person who broke your heart might be doing just fine. So, why will you damage yourself for such a person? It’s a dumb act if you do.

  1. Stay happy

The perfect way to control all kinds of heartbreak is to stay happy. I heard you say it is impossible, but it is quite practical. It is natural for anyone with heartbreak to turn into a recluse. However, the trick to staying happy is to do things that make you happy. What are those things that lift your mood when you see them? Surround yourself with them.

It might even be your pet dog or that funny cap Grandma gave you. You can also visit that friend of yours that can’t go a minute without cracking jokes. All these will soothe your worries. As time goes by, you will be free from your heartbreak.

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  1. Get support from family and friends

One thing you should never do when going through any kind of heartbreak is to keep quiet. Silence and loneliness paves way for depression. Depression is not good for your health, you know. Share your problem with your close friends or siblings. You can even talk to your mentor or any older person you can confide in.

In some extreme cases, a therapist can help! Who knows who the good talker might be among these people? With countless support from lots of people, you will recover faster from heartbreak. This works for all kinds of heartbreak.

Final Thoughts

Hey there! By now, you should have made a note out of the above 6 kinds of heartbreak you can’t escape in a relationship. I’m pretty sure you also know how to go about it at this point. So, it’s prime time you made do of those tips. Let it be hell with anyone who breaks your heart.

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Lest I forget, I’m on my way to the dome of happiness. Will you like to come along?

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