Apps I can't live without

Top 10 Remarkable Apps I Can’t Live Without

by Yakubu Danjuma

Over the past ten years, mobile phones have become an intriguing component of our life, serving as a tool for practically all technologically connected chores. Technology has developed a terrible reputation owing to abuse and addiction. But the truth remains that life is a lot easier,  thanks to the diverse forms of technology at our disposal.

 This article discusses 10 smartphone productivity applications that I can’t live without, and these apps help me get the most out of each day.

Apps I Can’t Live Without

  1. WhatsApp

The first mobile application I can’t live without is WhatsApp messenger. WhatsApp is an app designed by metaverse, the owners of Facebook and Instagram. Apart from it’s normal function of delivering chats and updates, it is useful in maintaining team goals for associations, work, and religious organizations. 

WhatsApp can be used to get health advice and coordinate team operations since, nowadays, most people using mobile phones make use of the application.

WhatsApp is one of the apps I can’t live without, as it offers features like conference calls, audio, and video calls with cheap data consumption rate compared to the normal voice call. It also offers features like pictures and documents transfer. 

Documents up to 15Mb can be transferred using this medium. It is one of the top mobile applications with different versions for Android, Windows, and iPhone users to enjoy a unique experience. All you need to access this app is to have data on your mobile device and you’re good to go.

  1. Photo App

Regardless of the phone I use, I frequently take pictures. Snapseed is the most user-friendly (and cost-free) photo editing program. It enables me to colorize, sharpen, brighten, and highlight certain portions of photographs. 

When blogging, whether professionally or personally, this has a significant impact. You may restore and fix old, blurry, damaged photographs using PhotoApp and the photo quality enhancer to colorize and high-definition-enhance outdated photos. I use this app to get the best results from my photo by removing the backdrop.

It is surely one of the apps I can’t live without, as it provides the best background remover to remove backgrounds from photographs easily.

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  1. Smart Voice Recorder

 Due to the nature of my job, I often use this app for voice recording as part of my collection. This tops the list of apps I can’t live without. There are tons of good voice recording applications available.

However, this one is beneficial since it allows you to select the recording quality (and, therefore, the size of the file). You may distribute recorded videos using all the standard email, social media, and networking channels (but not over text).

  1. TuneIn Radio (Podcasts)

The list of smartphone apps I can’t live without is incomplete without mentioning the TuneIn radio app. Listening to  podcasts is the best way I start my day. Doing this affects not only my mood but also my work rate.

While podcasts are grand, local radio still produces some of the best audio content. It is one of the apps I can’t live without, and I use TuneIn because it includes all of the main Irish radio stations, as well as the UK or American ones if you want to venture further afield. Google podcast radio offers some of the best podcasts you can come across.

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  1. Google Calendar

The google calendar app is one of the best apps I currently use, and it certainly has to make the list of the top ten apps I can’t live without. It offers great options through reminders helping me to be at the top of my game. This app allows me to set appointments in the rank of priorities. 

In the 21st century, this particular app is one that should be used by everyone who longs to have an organised day.

  1. Livescore

As a sports enthusiast, I find this app amazing. It made my list of top 10 apps I can’t live without; this app is amazing, offering minute-by-minute commentary and previous records of teams playing, any sport’s real-time statistics are available on

Browsing through gaming applications as a sports fan to learn the outcome of games can be frustrating.

 If you are a sports fan like me, this is one of the apps you can’t live without. The top page of the Livescore app constantly provides you with the most up-to-date scores and scorers. Football, cricket, basketball, tennis, and hockey are all included.

  1. Google Maps

The google maps app is one of the basic apps I can’t live without. It is a user-friendly technology that helps you navigate cities and towns easily, giving accurate locations. 

Most android devices come with this app pre-loaded. However, if you are using an iPhone, you have to download Google Maps.  It’s not just the detailed street, park, and coastal maps or the turn-by-turn directions if you’re abroad.

It also has handy effects like showing you where traffic is light or heavy on most Irish roads, and surely this is one of the apps I can’t live without as it serves as a guide for me whenever I go on a journey.

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  1. Office Apps

If you have ever been in a situation where you need to make a brief correction to an important document but couldn’t due to the unavailability of a PC to access the document, the windows office mobile application offers you a way out. 

Office applications are one of the smartphone apps I can’t live without as it is part of our daily lives. Nowadays, almost everything that can be done on a computer can also be done using a mobile device.

The mobile office app is one of the apps I can’t live without due to its unique features like document edit, conversation from word to PDF, and pdf to word options.

 Finally, I also love it for its ability to store important document copies on cloud.

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  1. Twitter

The news of the Twitter ban in Nigeria a few months back led to a social media uproar. Before the ban, many people have always had the notion that it is solely a social media platform for chatting and communication.

One of the apps I can’t live without is Twitter, as this is one of the few platforms that offer real news from verified (authentic) sources.

The government and top officials use this platform for communication and passing sensitive information using their verified networks. Twitter also has a feature for hosting spaces where a community of listeners can listen and contribute to topics online, just like in the case of traditional radio. Nowadays, a lot of people make a fortune off the platform as well as it offers “influencers” the avenue for their advertisement. 

Influencers are social media users with unique knowledge about particular topics, and they usually have massive followers who subscribe to their content online. Twitter is a remarkable smartphone app I can’t live without due to its unique features.

  1. Alarm clock

To round this up, the alarm clock is a powerful productivity tool for me, and it is one of the smartphone apps I can’t live without.  This app allows you to program your bedtime and wake-up schedules. The alarm clock enables me to get up at the right time, thus granting me time to attend to other things I need to do. 


Smartphone apps have come to stay in our day-to-day life, and we can always choose to utilize them in a way that improves our productivity as a person.

This article highlighted the top 10 remarkable apps I can’t live without. If there’s any of it you’ve not tried out before, you should give it a trial today.

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