how to start a waste management business in Nigeria

How To Start a Waste Management Business in Nigeria

by Yakubu Danjuma

Starting a waste management business in Nigeria is one of the best ways to kick-start your journey as an entrepreneur in Nigeria.

Waste recycling business if done well can be one of the most lucrative businesses one can start, for reasons ranging from the availability of raw materials to the manpower available at disposals.

Why Waste Collecting business?

It is a business that involves everyone, every person you come across gives out waste. Contrary to popular perception of waste managers where the waste management recycling business is considered as a business of the poor in the community, it is a lucrative business with a lot of prospects. 

Prior to now, it used to be the government’s responsibility to clear the waste from a community however it was discovered that it wasn’t enough, through public private partnership (PPP) waste management can become effective. 

This post discusses the requirements for starting a waste management system with tips on how to start a waste management business in Nigeria.

How to start a Waste Management Business

  1. Research your market

To start a waste management business in Nigeria, you need to get a comprehensive understanding of your possible rivals, local rubbish removal services in your area, and their pricing before launching your waste separation firm.

To estimate the earnings, compare them to your costs. To effectively run a waste recycling business, you need to recognize just how fierce the competition is in the market you are contemplating.

If the competition is too fierce, you may need to consider setting up shop in a new region where these services are not offered or changing your specialization when you want to start a waste management business in Nigeria.

Take a look at established firms as well as smaller rival companies. Choose whether you want to concentrate on rubbish removal for homes or businesses. Examine their pricing, service offerings, and promotional tactics.

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  1. Register your business

The key to start a waste management business in Nigeria is to register your business name in accordance with the standards set out by the CAC, your local government, and the organizations in charge of trash carriers. 

To learn more about this, speak with the chamber of business in your area. State-specific registration rules must be considered. Your waste disposal business must follow the local registration process.

  1. Pick a particular specialization

One of the requirements for starting a waste management system is first of all knowing your specialization. This is an important step you should take before launching a waste management firm.

You can choose a niche or even combine two or more waste types in your waste management disposal business, depending on your budget.

 There are various sorts of waste products and materials, each of these wastes needing particular means and procedures for disposal.

Some of the several categories you can start a waste management business in Nigeria of trash disposal companies are: 

  • Businesses that dispose of poisonous or hazardous waste.
  • Businesses that dispose of medical waste (e.g.: used needles, syringes, soiled clothing, chemicals, medical devices etc.)
  1. Get a dumpsite

To start a waste management business in Nigeria, you need to acquire a government approved dumpsite since you will be handling rubbish collection and disposal for your clients. This is because you must have a dumpsite where you are permitted to lawfully dispose of the garbage.

Due to the fact that it is against the law to dispose of garbage unlawfully, most governments have designated areas where properly registered waste management firms may dispose of their waste.

 As part of the requirements for starting a waste management system, you need to locate one in your neighborhood and get in touch with them to learn the criteria before you start your waste recycling business there.

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  1. Market your business

Start a waste management business in Nigeria by marketing your business. The best course of action after starting your waste disposal business is to advertise your company to attract clients. 

The first suggestion is to visit the region you plan to serve and inform the locals that you will be providing trash management services there. Inform them that you are here to help and that you value recommendations. 

Waste disposal business requires you to start by contacting various local associations in the region you wish to serve and offering them incentives to recommend their tenants is another strategy to sell your services which is waste recycling business in this case.

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  1. Secure funds and functional equipment

Just like any other business, waste management business also requires funds and equipment. You can get this from family and friends, loans from banks etc.

You will require various types of equipment in order to start a waste management business in Nigeria, you need this equipment to run your business depending on the sector of the waste management industry you wish to engage in.

The equipment required to start a waste management business in Nigeria include Gloves, boots, shoves, overalls, signs, and other necessities include gloves and others.

The catch is that you must first choose the services you will offer before investing in the tools and equipment that will enable you to carry out those services with ease.

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Waste management business is a very lucrative business if the entrepreneur makes good research before starting. The checklist of items that constitute the requirements for starting a waste management system were listed out in this article.

The trick to start a waste management business is to figure out where you want to dispose of; to the landfill, scrap dealers, nearby charities, and others.

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