4 Entrepreneur Secrets to Success

Entrepreneur Secrets Most Successful Entrepreneurs Won't Tell You

by Margaret Okafor

First, I would like us to have a little introduction about entrepreneurship, how the name came about (originated), and who they perceive to be entrepreneurs. Then, we will talk about entrepreneur secrets and things successful entrepreneurs do.

Economists have never had a consistent definition of “entrepreneur” or “entrepreneurship.” The word “entrepreneur” comes from the French verb “entreprendre,” meaning “to undertake.”

Though the concept of an entrepreneur existed and was known for centuries, the classical and neoclassical economists left entrepreneurs out of their formal models: They assumed that perfect information would be known to fully rational actors, leaving no room for risk-taking or discovery. It wasn’t until the middle of the 20th century that economists seriously attempted to incorporate entrepreneurship into their models. 

Who is an Entrepreneur?

an entrepreneur potter

Potter entrepreneur using laptop in workshop

An entrepreneur is an individual who creates a new business, bearing most of the risks and enjoying most of the rewards. The process of setting up a business is known as entrepreneurship. The entrepreneur is commonly seen as an innovator, a source of new ideas, goods, services, and business/or procedures.

 Entrepreneurs play a key role in any economy, using the skills and initiative necessary to anticipate needs and bring good new ideas to market. 

Entrepreneurship that proves to be successful in taking on the risks of creating a startup is rewarded with profits, fame, and continued growth opportunities. 

Entrepreneurship that fails results in losses and less prevalence in the markets for those involved. Overcoming bureaucracy, hiring talent, and obtaining financing assistance are most of the challenges faced by many entrepreneurs.

Most often, the types of entrepreneurship are broken into four categories:  small business, scalable startups, large company or intrapreneurship, and social entrepreneurship. But we won’t talk about that in this article. Before getting to know the secrets to success, one must first become a true entrepreneur. Below are the ways to become an entrepreneur.

Find a business idea, test your idea, use a business plan template, hire great partner(s), build your network, plan your finances, and create value in your market.

Now let’s talk about what I consider the entrepreneur secrets most successful entrepreneurs won’t tell you. 

Many a time, most entrepreneurs don’t understand the concept or rules that guide their business progress.

I am going to share with you some entrepreneur secret or, let’s say, the things successful entrepreneurs do that makes their business do better without stress. 

Time, structure/planning, selling, and knowing your target audience are what we will look into in this article. How do these four above mentions affect your business positively or negatively?

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4 Entrepreneur Secrets You Should Take to Heart

  1. Time is power; wield it wisely 

the time is now

The Time is Now

One of the greatest Entrepreneur secrets many successful entrepreneurs would not tell you is how they channel their time to what is productive. If you want to become a billionaire, you need to think like a billionaire, I mean a self-made billionaire, not someone with massive inherited wealth they did nothing to earn; I’m talking about a person just like you who started out with very little and had to work for a living. 

To think like a self-made billionaire, you must first understand their choices in life and business; where do they derive their income from? What do they spend their time doing?

After obsessively studying this unique group of higher achievers, I’ve found they invest only in assets that provide a positive return which is their secret to success. Despite the many kinds of assets among billionaires, the most valuable non-renewable asset in the world is their time. 

So how do billionaires spend their most valuable assets – their precious time? Are they constantly checking emails, posting on social media, doing Facebook live streams, and doing other low-level activities they could outsource or delegate to others? The answer is obviously no.

Many of us entrepreneurs are obsessed with little chores. Little chores are things that keep you busy but don’t make you any money or, even worse, lose you money. We waste our time on low-yielding tasks that earn a minimum return instead of working on important tasks that produce the bulk of the revenue for our business.  

So here is the bottom line: Being busy is not the same as being productive. Advice for an entrepreneur that is looking to scale, your focus needs to move from doing the everyday work to producing revenue for your business and steering the ship is the secret to the success you need.

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  1. Smart planning gives solid structure 

structure and planning

Light Bulb Ideas Creative

Another Entrepreneur’s secret to success many successful entrepreneurs won’t tell you. Business planning and structure is one of the things successful entrepreneur do. 

Becoming a small business owner requires a lot of planning, from picking a type of entrepreneurship, building your concept, and understanding it to turning your idea into a reality.

Start in an organized fashion with a business plan template that details your idea’s core components, from your mission statement to your marketing, operations plan, and more. This document will help you visualize your goals and help you carry them out.

It’s advised to also create an executive summary or a high-level overview of your business. This report is essential when you need to briefly communicate your business, such as when looking for partners or requesting funding.

  1. Sell solutions and always speak to emotions 


Clock with words time to Sell.

One of the secrets of success, or things successful entrepreneurs do, is Selling. The money in business isn’t in your product or service; it’s in selling your product and service. The fate of your business lies not just in having the best product or service but in your ability to market your product or service. While this might be difficult for you to accept, it’s true. I’m not saying you don’t want the best product or service in your industry. I’m saying the money is not in that because if you can’t effectively communicate that to your market, it doesn’t matter.

The market doesn’t pay you to have the best products or services. Instead, it rewards you for solving problems. 

A transaction takes place where? In the mind of the consumer! The value of the solution you’re selling outweighs your asking price.

In other words, you’ll be compensated on the basis of how you market and build value around your solution to the pains and desires of your customers. The bigger the problem you solve, the more you will be compensated.

Your focus should be on intimately understanding your market and your prospect’s deepest desires, pains, fears, hopes, and dreams. You need to know them better than any of your competitors and then craft marketing messages that effectively communicate how you can solve these problems(the most important entrepreneur secret).

This exercise is the single most valuable activity you can do in your business.

As an entrepreneur, your number one responsibility is to Sell. That’s one of your secrets to success.

Selling is not something you do on the side; it’s not something you can outsource or completely delegate. It’s the most important job of any business and, consequently, a founder or owner.

It doesn’t matter whether you have a great product or service, your entire existence as an entrepreneur lives and dies by how effective your sales and marketing are at producing new revenue.

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  1. Know your target audience like the back of your hand 

target audience

Target audience

Know your target audience is one entrepreneur secret many entrepreneurs overlook. Although an idea can sound great, make sure that others will pay for it before you pat yourself on the back. 

Businesses fail because there is no market need, according to CBInsights’ 2021 analysis of 100+ startup failure post-mortems.   

Researching your audience will allow you to see the profit potential. In addition, you will not only better understand your clientele’s needs, but you’ll also be able to effectively market your solution to them. The secret to your success as an entrepreneur.

This a simple piece of advice for entrepreneurs looking forward to expanding their business. First, perform market research, then list out the characteristics that define your target market: For example, what age range do they fall in? What are their hobbies? Where are they located? And so on.

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As an entrepreneur who wants to scale maximally in his/her business field, your time is the most valuable non-renewable asset; please don’t waste it on little chores that could easily be delegated out. 

Channel your time into an important task that produces the bulk of the revenue. The money in business is in the selling of your product or services and not just having a good product or service.

As an entrepreneur, your number one responsibility is to sell, your greatest secret to success. In order to know your customer, you need to uncover your customers’ deepest and most primary desires. You must delve into their fears, hopes, wishes, and dreams in order to be able to solve their problems with your product or services.

These are a few entrepreneur secrets most successful entrepreneurs wouldn’t tell you. Apply this knowledge maximally to your business and watch it grow rapidly to your amazement.

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