How to Stop Procrastinating as an Entrepreneur in Nigeria

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stop procrastinating as an entrepreneur

To stop procrastinating as an entrepreneur, you need to first identify its root cause. Procrastination is a form of self-sabotage due to fear. Boredom and perfectionism also contribute to it.

Fear of failing because you feel you would be judged by people; or fear of success because you feel if you succeed you would be pressured to do much better, and you would fall short of their expectation. This fear also comes from trying to be perfect and to be honest there is no such thing as perfect.

These factors can lead to stress. We as humans do not like stress, so we use Procrastination as a form of stress relive. The truth is, everybody has procrastinated at a point or the other in their life, and even intelligent and capable people aren’t above this behavior or habit. In fact, the more creative you are the more likely you are to procrastinate.

Yes, procrastination is a behavior or habit you learned over the years to cope with stress. Which shows since it is a learned behavior, it can be unlearned.

Procrastination, if not handled properly, holds you back from your highest potential. So how do you stop procrastinating as an entrepreneur?

8 tips to help you to stop Procrastinating as an Entrepreneur

  1. Psych your mind

To put yourself in the right frame of mind, you need to remind yourself why you started the project. Sometimes when you do not see the value of doing a task. It makes you disinterested in the completion of the task. I do experience this myself, when I am bored with a project. I remind myself of the value of the project to my goals. This put me in the right mind space. This method can help you to stop procrastinating as an entrepreneur, and motivate you into completing the project.

  1. Carve out time to focus on the task

This practice called Pomodoro technique can help you to stop procrastinating as an entrepreneur. Where you set aside twenty-five minutes to focus on the task at hand and take a five minutes break. This five minutes break is an opportunity to de-stress and declutter your mind because it serves as a reward system. This helps you manage your time better and cut out distraction. Applying this method every day brings you closer to finishing the project.

Sometimes, Even if I feel like I don’t have enough time, l assign at least five minutes a day to that project. It’s like eating a cake, a bite at a time

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  1. Plan your task ahead

Break them into smaller task. This gives you a clear pathway of how to execute a task. This is useful because you can prioritize the tasks at hand.

Have a to-do list. This to-do list can spread the task through the week or through the day. For example, I have a to-do list of things I need to write in my blog post. It’s usually spread out through the week. I pick a day to research and gather materials, another to write on the article, and another to proofread.

  1. Avoid taking on too much task

Taking on too much project than you can handle at a certain time can cause you to procrastinate. Why? Because of the feeling of being overwhelmed. We call it multitasking. While a few of us might be good at multitasking. Not every one of us has this superpower.

Another reason that can make you fall into situations of having too much project than you can handle is your inability to say the word ‘No’.

If you have built a good team, learn to delegate some responsibility to them. This reduces the chances of you being overwhelmed as an entrepreneur.

Therefore, if you want to stop procrastinating as an entrepreneur; learn to say no, focus on one task at a time, and learn to delegate responsibility to your team (if you have one).

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  1. Celebrate your small wins

If you want to stop procrastinating as an entrepreneur, you have to learn to celebrate small victories. I am talking about giving yourself a part on the back, even if you are not yet at your main goal. The Completion of a small task is what I refer to as small victories. I am not telling you to go and spend all your money. It could be as little as eating at your favorite ‘bukka’;or you can simply go on social media and post about your wins. Sometimes this post helps to serve as a reminder to you. It builds your confidence to face bigger projects.

  1. Have a morning routine.

A good morning routine can help set your day right. If done properly, it reduces the chances of being disorganized. It helps to know which task to prioritize over another throughout the day.

During my morning routine, l pray and meditate. It is where I decided on which task needs to be prioritized. I don’t do it often, but each time I do, I notice that my day is much more organized and less stressful.

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  1. Take breaks

Learn to take breaks. Taking breaks can help you increase and maintain energy levels. If you don’t take breaks, it can lead to ‘burn out’. This can hinder your creativity and decreases your zeal to complete that project. Hence, try as much as possible to take breaks. Use these breaks to do things that de-stress you. For me, it is reading a book or spending time with my family and friends.

  1. Be discipline

To stop procrastinating as an entrepreneur, you need to know when to work and when to rest. To do this requires discipline. Discipline helps you build consistency. Schedule a time for the task and stick to it. This approach would help to be more organized and have a better estimation of time.

If you want to stop procrastinating as an entrepreneur, make peace with the fact that the idea, product or service you may have, might not be perfect. Instead, you should focus on the value you want to provide.

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