Benefits of PR and Advertising for Your Business

by Rauf Dunmade
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benefits of PR in business

Operating in the business environment as a Nigerian, you need a well-oiled PR team if you want to survive in the competitive business circle. And also to be able to enjoy the benefits of PR in business.

Just like what oxygen does to any living thing, the benefits of PR in business are crucial especially in any business environment. Your business is like a human being, it has a soul and a life. It does virtually everything a living thing does.

Hence, it is necessary for you as a Nigerian business owner to regularly tap into the benefits of PR in business. But then, what exactly do we mean by PR?

PR simply means Public Relations. And it is mostly done through press releases, by providing the media with information about your brand. It refers to the way you as a business owner handle public perception of your business. It also includes how you attract new customers or clients and how you retain the patronage and loyalty of old customers.

Advertising on the other hand is a paid form of marketing, to generate sales and also create awareness for your business.

It is often said that advertising is the lifeline of any business! Advertising breeds life into your business and gives it that much-needed competitive advantage over competitors.

And the benefits of PR in business are one that any business needs for the continuity of such.

Benefits of PR and Advertising in Business

Communication is key to the sustainability of your business. PR and advertising help you get your message across to the target audience, it gives them a sense of belonging.

The benefits of PR in business cannot even be quantified monetarily, because it is a very important tool for business sustainability.

  • It builds brand image and awareness

This is one of the benefits of PR in business, that helps build your business brand. And also create brand awareness for your business. Brand image and awareness are vital to the survival of your business in a very competitive business environment.

It brings your business to the doorstep of your customers, by making them aware of your products. This is especially beneficial to your business when launching a new line of products.

When you make use of PR and advertising, it makes potential customers aware of your products in a short period.

  • Lead generation (Short-term and Long-term)

Another benefit of PR in business is that you are mostly guaranteed of generating leads that translate to conversion. The proper use of Advertising and PR ensures customers are attracted to your business, and it helps in generating interest.

The short-term objective is for you to initiate interest after identifying your target customer while making sales is the long-term goal.

Once interest is generated, then the likelihood of your sales conversion is very high, and this is possible through lead generation. The main aim is to initiate interest in your target audience and execute a call to action (CTA) and close sales.

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  • Brand credibility

The benefits of PR in business when it comes to credibility are something that you should take very seriously.

How credible is your brand in the market? Making use of publicity through a third party gives your business more credibility as consumers will have confidence in your brand.

Publicity carried out through a third party is seen to be more credible to your target audience. This is so because the content is perceived to be more authentic. As long as your brand maintains its credibility, customers will want to be associated with your business.

  • Attracts target market

This is another benefit of PR and advertising in business that cannot be over-emphasized. You stand to gain a competitive advantage if you can attract your target market. And this can easily be done by deploying the tools of Advertising and PR.

What it does for you is that it lets you attract and retain your target customers, especially by communicating the key components of your business. Adverts directed to your target audience, make them feel you care about their needs. And these can lead to brand loyalty and retention, which is a huge boost to your business.

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  • Adds value to the business

Much value will be added through the guaranteed visibility that PR and advertising will bring to your business. When you personalize your product and model it to the pain needs of your customer, it adds value to your business.

PR and advertising allow you to tailor your offerings to a particular market niche. You can brand your products through the eye of your target audience and value is added both ways.

Your product stands out from competitors and customers remain happy and loyal to your brand.  

  • Gives your business a wider reach

A wider reach does your business a world of good and this is a benefit that PR and advertising bring to your brand, locally and internationally. Advertising and PR take your business far and wide, it brings to the attention of potential customers wherever they are.

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  • Increase in sales volume

This is another benefit of PR in business, which is guaranteed to boost your business sales over time. As the sole aim of any entrepreneur is to make sales, then you will need PR and advert to do so.

Making use of PR and advertising tools will drive more sales for your business. The benefit of this is that it leads to sales conversion, through customer loyalty and retention.

This leads to increased and repeat patronage, from customers who have already identified with your brand. You have a lot to gain by deploying PR and advert tools to increase your sales volume.

  • Makes you stand out from the competition

Another benefit of PR in business is that it makes you stand out distinctively from competitors. And this is done through the unique content directed at your target audience. This is possible because PR and advertising allow you to tailor your offerings innovatively to suit your customers.

Being able to stand out from competitors gives your business that competitive edge over other businesses in the same field.

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It should be firmly etched at the back of your mind by now that the benefits of PR in business are non-negotiable. Whatever you do, try to explore the numerous advantages that PR and advertising will bring to your business.

The more you deplore the various available advertising and PR tools, the more positive result you get.

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