How to Develop or Improve Company or Workplace Culture  

by Rauf Dunmade
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build a positive company culture

Are you a business owner and intentional about improving workplace culture and willing to build a positive company culture? Then this article is for you, as it will look into ways employees can improve organizational culture.

Workplace culture is unique to a company; it is the set of beliefs, attitudes, and values. Once you allow this identified culture to become toxic, the workplace becomes less productive. An unproductive company leads to a large turnover of staff and instability.

When you strive to improve company culture, it enables a sane and relaxed workplace for employees to give their best. And everyone keys into the company vision and mission with the conviction that they are on the right career path.

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Why do you even need to build a positive company culture? The only constant thing in life is Change itself, as we all know. Every culture or practice should be dynamic and must at all times reflect the actual situation of the moment.

Having said this, let’s look at some of the tips that could help you build a positive company culture.

How to improve company or workplace culture

As an employer of labor, you should be intentional about having to build a positive company culture. A company with a positive workplace culture will allow for maximum productivity. When you build a positive company culture, your employees have clarity about the workings of the workplace.

It is of the essence for you to encourage an atmosphere where dedication, innovation, and a sense of purpose are imbibed.

  1. Avoid Toxicity in the Workplace

This is very easy to come by if you cannot build a positive company culture. I say this because it is easier for bitterness to grow in a workplace than to build a positive work culture.

Hence, to improve organizational company culture where positivity thrives, ensure equal opportunity for every member of staff. There mustn’t be unnecessary rivalry or competition among members of staff.

Of course, it is normal for every organization to have some underdogs and deviants among staff members. However, the urge to always praise and recognize the efficient and effective staffers must be done in moderation. Promote an environment where workers are relaxed. You should also have a sense of humor and encourage others to do the same.

An under-performer today can still perform tomorrow. Likewise, a rebellious staff member can become a valuable asset to your company if handled properly.

Therefore, as a business owner, ensure the work environment echoes the tones of decency, respect, and empathy as this would drive toxicity far away from the workplace.

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  1. Embrace Technology and innovation

This cannot be over-emphasized. I doubt if there is any sector of human existence where technology has not impacted. Thus, every day of our lives, we are presented with new ways to do almost everything; from working, communicating, health and business. To improve company culture, the place of technology should be considered.

A work environment populated by obsolete staff members would decrease productivity and risk going into extinction. As a business owner, you always put in place structures that would allow for a seamless merging and realigning of new and old ideas and practices.

This would ensure a positive workplace culture and continually create a vibrant work atmosphere where everyone would feel among and not feel left out.

  1. Have an In-House Style

This is another important thing to consider when trying to build a positive company culture. Your in-house style is what defines you. It makes you unique and different from the other players in the game. Hence, it must be sustained and be adhered to at all times.

An ideal work environment shouldn’t be a place where anything goes. Stick to what defines you and shun distractions no matter how popular they seem.

Build your in-house style on the core values, ethics, and principles that define your organization’s goals. From time to time, ensure you keep your staff members abreast of these goals and inform them when things are about to change and why.

  1. Set realistic and achievable goals

As important as it is to always work towards achieving some set goals, it is more important to make your goals realistic and attainable. There will always be great ideas from time to time. In the same way, there will never be an end to what must be achieved within a certain period.

However, ensure these ideas and goals can be easily met to improve organizational culture. Do not make the entire work environment unnecessarily tense, especially because of a project or an assignment that could be postponed or rescheduled for obvious reasons. This would put undue pressure on your employee and may affect their overall output in the long run.

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  1. Put in place feedback tools.

“Are you a listening employer? Do you seek the opinion of your staff’’? You should and this can be done through the use of listening posts. And you might want to ask “how can this be done’’? All you need do is set up a mechanism by which you get feedback from your employees. And you can do this by using drop boxes or suggestion boxes, surveys, seminars, and workshops.

Once you get the feedback, you can analyze such data and insight into what your staff thinks about the company culture. This data will guide you in making informed decisions that will enable you to improve organizational culture.

  1. Encourage interpersonal relationships in the workplace.

As part of your quest to build a positive company culture, you need to encourage interpersonal relationships in the workplace. Practicing diversity and inclusiveness helps improve company culture and enables a positive work environment.

Every employee should be treated equally by you and celebrated irrespective of their diverse background. Their diversity should be seen as a strength, and such should be harnessed by encouraging them to relate positively.


It is of utmost importance that you build a positive company culture as a Nigerian employer of labor. And this should be done across the board, from top to bottom management level. Taking steps to improve organizational culture gives you that competitive advantage over competitors.

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